Hurricane Ian Cuba Damage Know the most recent information?

Hurricane Ian Cuba Damage

The news here covers the Ian Cuba Hurricane, the Ian Cuba destruction the extent of it, how it will move how it is affecting the government’s response, and many more information.

Did you hear about the news about storms lately? Which area was it that hit? What’s its name and is it causing any harm?

People from all of the United StatesCanada and United Kingdom continuously check for Hurricane updates. Hurricane Ian was a direct hit on Cuba and then moved toward Florida. Read about how is the Cuba damagesis caused by it, and more information.

What’s the most recent information?

Tuesday’s morning news brings severe damage in Cuba due to an Hurricane with a category of 3 hit at the western edge with the rate of around 125 miles an hour. The power grid in the entire country collapsed which forced evacuations and left more than 10 million without power. Many buildings and roofs were destroyed. collapsed, leaving two dead. Hurricane was moving towards Florida.

Following the hurricane Ian There was an alert for heavy rain throughout the area of Cuba. The forecast for national rainfall could reach 30 centimeters (12 inches).

Hurricane Ivan Damage in Cuba:

Many have said that it was the most bleak ever day in their lives. many homes were destroyed, and several buildings fell. However, close to five thousand residents were cleared and fifty-five shelters for the homeless were built to protect the population.

Furthermore the forecaster warns that the hurricane Ian is expected to get stronger as it travels along Southwest coasts of Florida. Forecasters warned about severe winds and flash floods in the region. In Florida as well, more than 2.5 million people have been evacuated. Regions such as Georgia as well as South Carolina are also warned of the possibility of flooding.

Meanwhile, for Cuba Hurricane Ian Footageyou can check here

Response from the Government:

The White House has declared it an emergency situation and President Trump’s administration has sent a disaster management team into Florida. The team has evacuated a lot of people from the coast’s lower areas and President Obama has advised people to follow the advice of local officials told them to do.

The president has stated that the public’s safety is more important than any other thing.


The hurricane Ian has moved towards the south towards Tampa Bay Tuesday evening. It is however likely to hit land as a Category 4 storm when it approaches the Gulf Coast. To find out the projected direction of Ian, click here. Ian you can click here.

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