Helen Ewing Obituary: Know The Causes Of Death!

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Helen Ewing Obituary

Ethan Ewing won the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach in Australia. This was not an ordinary win for the young surfer. Ewing lifted the famous trophy and rang the bell to celebrate his achievement. This tradition is reserved for the winner. Ewing also paid tribute to Helen Ewing (nee Lambert), her mother who won the same event in 1983, when she was only 18 years old. Helen Ewing, a prodigal talent at women’s surfing and the Rip Curl PRO victory four decades ago made her a legend within the surfing community.

Helen Ewing: Who are you?

Ethan Ewing, an Australian surfer, paid a touching tribute to Helen Lambert as he won the Rip Curl Pro competition at Bells Beach. Ewing, who was competing against Ryan Callinan, rang the bell at Bells Beach to celebrate his victory, much like his mother 40 years ago. Helen Lambert, later Helen Ewing, was a pioneer in women’s surfing, having won the competition in 1983 at age 18.

Ewing treasured the trophy his mother gave him and keeps it by his bedside as a reminder of her legacy. Ewing has always longed to win the Bells Beach trophy, following his mother’s footsteps, and was thrilled to finally achieve this important career goal.

Helen Ewing Causes of Death

She battled breast cancer but she never gave up on her passion for surfing until Ethan was six in 2005. The Ewings are the first mother-son team to win the World Surf League (WSL), in a historic moment for professional surfing. Helen Ewing was a pioneer in women’s surfing but her career was cut short by a lack of financial support. Ethan Ewing, her son, has continued her legacy and is now a contender for the title of world champion surfer.

Helen Ewing had a spectacular debut in her first professional season. She won the Bells event in California and the Hang Ten Pro. She had to leave the sport to have a family, and she now devotes herself to coaching and administration. She was the founder of Surfing Mum’s social club and the president of Point Lookout Boardriders Club on Stradbroke Island. Her goal was to promote equality in the sport. Surprisingly, she won multiple state and national titles a decade later as well as a qualifying series in Nias, Indonesia.

How Did Helen Ewing Die?

Ethan, just six years old, lost Helen to breast cancer. Ethan had always wanted to do his mother proud. He worked hard to succeed in the sport that he loved. Ethan felt a special sense of pride when he won the Rip Curl pro, which is one of the most prestigious events of the World Surf League (WSL). Ethan knew that his win was not just his own but also the continuation of his mother’s legacy.

Ethan, in his post-event interview dedicated his victory to mother. He expressed his deep gratitude for her support and her love for surfing. His win at Rip Curl Pro was not only celebrated for his extraordinary talent but also the emotional meaning attached to it. The story of a son following his mother’s lead and achieving his goals in her memory inspired many surfers and fans.

Ethan Ewing’s win at the Rip Curl pro was a testimony to his skills and determination as surfer. It was also a poignant reminder of how a mother can make a profound impact on her child’s lives. Helen Ewing’s legacy of pioneering women’s surfing is still alive through her son Ethan, who made a lasting tribute to her with his incredible achievement at Bells Beach.

When Did Helen Ewing Die?

Helen Ewing died in 2005. In a touching farewell ceremony, hundreds of surfers including former world champions, scattered her ashes off Stradbroke Island. Ethan, her son, continued Helen’s legacy, despite her death. Ethan won the WSL event on Tuesday. The Ewing name shines brightly again in professional surfing. He spoke out about the significance of this moment and said, “It is so special.” Since I was on tour, I have been thinking about her.

She was my inspiration and I wanted to make her proud.” Ethan has been a major contender for the title of world champion surfer. He credits his mother for her influence and legacy. Helen’s legacy and impact on surfing are evident in the Ewings’ remarkable feat of becoming the first mother/son duo to win at the WSL event.

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