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We all like to watch movies, series, and shows online. But investing money in all the OTT platforms is not worth it. Thus, Gomovies is the solution for such issues. It is a pirated platform with worldwide content on its server for free.

If you want to know more about this platform regarding the Gomovies and its safety point of view, read this article for 5 minutes! 

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What is Gomovies App?

Gomovies used to be known as 123movies in its initial stage. It is a pirated platform that consists of streaming movies and other online content for free of cost. The website changed its name from 123movies to Gomovies a few years back. 

This website, generally known as gomovies123, consists of around 22 thousand movies and shows collections globally. It has all the newly released movies, old classic movies, Contemporary series, and TV shows. They also have a Gomovies app for smart TV, which allows you to have the theatrical experience at home. 

Distinct Features of the Gomovies App

Gomovie’s website and app both have a fantastic user-friendly interface that makes the platform accessible to any person. However, it is ubiquitous in the field of pirated movie platforms. 

Thus, let’s look at the features of Gomovies, which increase its demand in the market. 

  • You can watch any content for free on this platform.
  • Go movies 123 app works smoothly with all devices, including Android, iPhone, Tablet and PC
  • It has all the content in high-end quality.
  • They have an extensive library of various languages.
  • You can benefit from both online streaming and offline download on this platform.
  • Its libraries are categorized into 26 parts and various genres to ease browsing efforts.
  • Gomovies123 provides any of the latest movies, shows, series, and episodes just a few hours after their original release. 
  • This platform doesn’t require you to create an account to access any movie, show, or series. 

How To Make Gomovies Free Download?

Downloading movies, shows, or series from Gomovies makes it easier to watch content without distractions. If you also want to download the film, it is better to take the help of StreamFab. 

It will help you download any movie, series or show from the Gomovies. All you have to do is copy and paste the film link on the software’s search bar. Then, you can easily download any of it based on your choice. 

How To Watch Movies On Gomovies App With Any Device? 

Watching movies or anything on Gomovies is very smooth and easy. It is always better to use a VPN while using this pirate site, as it will help you protect your IP address and hence your identity. You can easily install the VPN on your mobile and PC. 

Gomovies App For PC: We have mentioned a step-by-step process to watch movies on PC:

  1. Firstly, You have to access the Gomovies application through the browser on your PC. 
  2. Then, it would help if you went to the movie section. 
  3. You will get several options, including Recently added classic movies, HD Movies, and Most Recently Featured Movies. 
  4. You have to follow up by clicking on any of your desired movies. 
  5. You will be redirected to the leading streaming page. 

Gomovies App For Android: We have mentioned a step-by-step process to watch movies on Android:

  1. Firstly, download the Gomovies application on your Android device
  2. Access the application and click on the Settings
  3. Click on App 
  4. Press the Special App Access
  5. Click on the unknown application
  6. Accept the Gomovies app then
  7. Launch the application
  8. Now, you can freely enjoy any of the content of Gomovies

Go Movies App For iOS: We have mentioned a step-by-step process to watch movies on iOS:

  1. Once you’ve launched the Gomovies app on your iPhone
  2. Accept the app, then
  3. Click on the “Menu”
  4. Go into “Settings”
  5. Go into “General Settings”
  6. Click on the “Profile” 
  7. Go to the “Movies”
  8. Follow up with the acceptance
  9. Now, you’re ready to watch the free movies on the Gomovie app on your iPhone. 

How Does Gomovies Work?

Gomovies is a pirated platform which makes all the original or paid content available for the users for free. As this platform acts as a torrent site, all the users have uploaded their unauthorized and pirated content as a link. At the same time, Gomovies becomes a bridge between these links and the audience. They make them available through a secure cyber blocker or any other such source so that any piracy policy won’t be violated. 

How Does The App Earn From Its Free Service? 

Simply, the Gomovies platform earns through advertisements. When the audience watches any movie, an advertisement pops up on display, and whenever any person taps the ads for further processing, the website gets monetary benefits. Thus, the Gomovies business is sustainable in the long run. 

What Are Gomovies Alternatives Domains Used For?

Despite being banned in several countries, Gomovies has various alternative domains, including Gomovies info, Gomovies tv, Gomovies org, and many more. These multiple domains help them to bypass any legal hassles. Thus, you would often see a shift of domain extensions of this Gomovies app.

Is GoMovies Legal?

Since all the pirated platforms don’t have authentic information regarding uploading and streaming this content, thus, it makes they fall into the legal offence of using copyrighted content. However, this is why the Gomovies mainly work from the country where the piracy policy is so lenient. Therefore, such a platform successfully runs on the internet. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • Is GoMovies safe to use?

These websites have a probability of DNS leaks and the configuration of the killswitch function. These websites have significant security issues; thus, it’s better to steer clear.

  • Is go movies a free app?

Gomovies is one of the best-pirated platforms for absolutely free. You will get enough series, films, and shows to your taste on this platform. This website has a massive database of excellent quality. 

  • What happens to GoMovies?

A few weeks back, GoMovies was shut down despite being the biggest pirate site globally by the MPAA. This incident has made Gomovies disappear from the entire internet. 

  • Does GoMovie have an app?

Gomovies indeed have an app. The best thing about it is that it is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and PC. The application has all the high-definition content. You can easily find this application on PlayStore. 

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