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This post on Games Medal com tally will provide updates to the readers about the ranking and events at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Are you going to the Commonwealth Games 2022? This is the most beloved tournament for sports enthusiasts. This tournament saw many participants from New Zealand and AustraliaUnited Kingdom and India also participated. You want to find out which country is first? Games Medal Tally will give you information about the positions of each country in the game. You will also find out when it began. Keep following us until the end.

Commonwealth Medal Tally, 2022

The Commonwealth Games began on July 28, 2022. Twelve days of tournaments saw athletes from all parts of the globe perform their best for their countries. The games will conclude on August 8, 2022. The games will be held in Birmingham, England. We will also keep you updated on the position of the countries. Keep reading.

Countries Rank In Games Medaltally 2022

Many people are eagerly awaiting the start of the commonwealth games. Every athlete dreams of winning medals for their country. They showcase their talents to represent their country. We will be sharing the top 10 nations.

  • Australia is at the top of the list with 132 medals.
  • England won 118 medals.
  • Canada got 59 medals.
  • New Zealand got 37 medals.
  • Scotland holds 34 medals
  • South Africa, which was in sixth place, received 22 medals.
  • India won 20 medals
  • Wales has received 18 medals.
  • Nigeria has won 11 medals.
  • Malaysia won 9 medals in Games Medal Comp Tally.

Participation at the Commonwealth Games

The commonwealth games saw participation from 72 countries. Around 280 events were organized to build the glory of the game. This year, a women’s cricket tournament was started. It will give women the chance to show their skills. This tournament will feature around 20 sports. Birmingham is also organizing this tournament for the first time.

Medal Table in Commonwealth

The number of gold medals won by each player determines the order of the medal tables. Next, the number silver medals won is taken into account. After counting the silver medals, Games Medal Tally counts the bronze medals. Any country that wins the same amount of medals during the game is given equal position. Bronze medals cannot be awarded in women’s marathon and cycling. They are however awarded in judo and wrestling as well as boxing.


This concludes our post on commonwealth games. The ranking of countries. Australian players are putting their best effort to achieve the first rank. The final results of the games are still to be determined.

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