Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code (Jan 2023)


Finally, the Free Fire Advance Server was launched. All of you are familiar with this Advance server. As a result, you eagerly anticipate the Advance Server every two months. In essence, the advance server provides information about upcoming game upgrades. Before the game upgrade, this Advance server distributed once every two months.

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code 2023 

Game NameFree Fire And Free Fire Max
Game VersionOB36
APK NameFree Fire Advance Server
APK Size766 MB
Advanced Server Open1st September 2022
Advanced Server Close8th September 2022
Advanced Server Rewards3000 Diamonds
Advanced Server Activation CodeAvailable

The Update Results website makes it simple to get comprehensive information on downloading the Free Fire Advance Server APK. This webpage makes it simple to know about free fire games. Therefore, all the reliable data about the Advance server is provided here. Therefore, go on to learn about this content and Free Fire.

Free fire games must be well known to everyone. You are essentially informed about the upcoming upgrade to the Free Fire game by the Advance Server. With the help of this server, you can predict what the Free Fire game will show you next. Many of you don’t know anything about the Advance server. So, I’m hoping that this post will provide you some insight into the Advance server. You don’t have anything to say about Free Fire, but there are updates every two months for the game. You receive everything new in the Free Fire game with that update. Read on to learn more about this.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration

Free fire players are aware that Garena free fire continually receives updates after two months and is active for roughly two weeks (14 days). Garena strives to provide the player with the greatest Ux. Let’s look at the gerena ff advance server registration that will soon be taking place.

To redeem the coupon, would You like some free fire? why you do not verify the All unlimited online fire redeem code. We supply several free fire redeem codes every week. Get the free redemption code now. Please adhere to the instructions listed below in order to enter the Free Fire Advance Server. Remember to download the free APK for the fire advance server.

  • Visit the official Gerena website right away at
  • Click here to visit this website.
  • After visiting the webpage, you will then have two choices.
  • Login to Facebook.
  • Login to Gmail.
  • After that, you will select your preferred option.
  • The registration will then be completed.

Free Fire Advance Server Code

Are you looking for the server code for Free Fire Advance? You’re in the proper place if you didn’t get the Advance Server code. The code for the Advance Server will only be given to those of you who participate in partner programs. You must visit the Gerena Partner Program to obtain the Advance Server Code. Additionally, there are other YouTube channels where you can obtain the Advance Server code. So, I’m hoping you now understand how to obtain the Advance Server’s source code. Therefore, you must visit the free fire partner program. The activation code for the Free Fire Advance Server is 01C5BU16HWO8Z1OD. Therefore, the next activation code can be seen below.

  • CODE: 01C5BU16HWO8Z1OD (New)
  • CODE : 2W7E3H47J07TPYIPE (Old)

Free Fire Advance Server APK Download

The FF Advance Server APK download has begun. Are you familiar with the FF Advance Server APK download process? If you know how, you may quickly download your advance server APK from the website that displays the update results. You must first sign up for Free Fire Advance in order to get the server APK.

The advance server APK will then be available

for you to download, but you only have so much time. So, by following the link below, you can very quickly get Advance Server Apk 2022.

  • You register for an advanced server first.
  • So, following advanced registration, you will receive an activation code.
  • After some time, you will have the choice to download the Apk.

Free Fire Advance Server 2022 ob36 Download

Every piece of information offered by Advance Server is updated by Free Fire ob36. a head server All the information that will be shown in the OB36 game can be known in advance. Through this page, you may learn how to download Advance Server 2022 ob36. Therefore, inshallah, you can register and obtain the ob36 advance server code through the update result page. The ob36 advance server will then be aware of upcoming game upgrades. I thus hope that using the update result page allowed you to obtain Advance Server 2022 ob36 without too much difficulty. Above are more details regarding Advance Server.

  • Characters have undergone the biggest alteration in the OB36 release.
  • Then there are various variations in noise.
  • The OB36 update is then freshly mapped.
  • New song, and “Skin,” added

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