Finding My Daughter: Read The Cast Name Here!

Finding My Daughter

“Finding My Daughter” explores the bond between mother and child. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. Molly Hagan and Sofia Vassilieva are the leading roles in this movie. Richard Brancatisano is also featured. The story centers on a mother who will go to great lengths to find her daughter. This article will discuss the plot, cast and reviews for this Lifetime movie.

Finding My Daughter’s Plot

Lifetime released this gripping thriller film in 2020. The story follows Michelle (a single mother) and her close relationship with Taylor (Sofia Vassilieva). Michelle goes on a search for Taylor after she is involved in a car accident. Her daughter’s life isn’t what she expected, and she discovers she has to confront her past and uncover her hidden secrets in order to find her daughter.

Michelle is on the hunt for her daughter and the story takes many turns. Michelle finds herself caught in a web filled with lies, deceit and betrayal. She discovers shocking truths that could threaten her family as she gets closer to the truth.

Finding My Daughter Lifetime Movie

The movie was premiered by Lifetime on October 31, 2020. Jeff Hare directed the movie and Peter Sullivan wrote the script. The movie runs for 1 hour 30 minutes. The movie received both positive reviews from critics as well as audiences. Its suspenseful plot and strong performances have made the movie a favorite among thriller fans. calls the movie a “gripping thriller with a huge shocker that is worth waiting until the end.”

Finding My Daughter Cast

The following are the cast members of “FMD”.

  • Michelle as Molly Hagan
  • Sofia Vassilieva is Taylor
  • Richard Brancatisano as Matt
  • Ken Tremblett as Detective Porter
  • Jeff Gonek is Carl
  • Holly Constible is Sarah Constible
  • Lisa Durupt as Karen


  • Is there a place where I can watch “Finding My Daughter?”

You can watch FMD online via streaming services like Amazon Prime Video or Lifetime.

  • What is the running time of “Finding My Daughter?”

The film’s running time is 1 hour 30 minutes.

  • Who stars in “Finding My Daughter?”

Molly Hagan and Sofia Vassilieva are among the cast of “Finding My Daughter”, along with Ken Tremblett and Richard Brancatisano.

  • Is “Finding My Daughter” based on a true story or fiction?

The movie is not based upon a true story.

  • Who directed “Finding My Daughter?”

Jeff Hare directed “FMD”.



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