Why Do You Need to Choose FAB CBD Hemp Gummies for Sleep?

Having adequate, quality sleep ensures proper rest for the mind and body. Sleep medications and other treatments help people rest better. Nonetheless, people are also using natural alternatives like CBD gummies for sleep. The CBD market has a wide range of brands to consider buying, and FAB CBD is one of them. Why do you need to choose FAB CBD hemp gummies for sleep? Continue reading for essential details you should know.

FAB CBD Hemp Gummies for Sleep: Summary

FAB CBD hemp gummies are among the most popular CBD products, which are manufactured and commercialized by FAB CBD, which was founded in 2017 to give CBD users an easy time supplementing with hemp. The company has been around for a few years and competes with other leading CBD brands. Apart from CBD hemp gummies, it provides basic CBD products, including oil, gummies, and topicals. It has also improved its product line to include CBD capsules and CBG oil.

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FAB CBD Hemp Gummies for Sleep: Review

Moreover, while visiting the FAB CBD website, you may cross over two varieties of CBD hemp gummies. However, if your goal is to improve your sleep, then FAB CBD Hemp Gummies for sleep, aka nighttime gummies, can be an ideal option to consider. These nighttime gummies come with sleep-enhancing components like L-theanine and melatonin. The sleep gummies are specially-formulated for night use. They have an acai flavor and come in a 60-count jar. 


FAB CBD hemp gummies for sleep are affordable. A one-time purchase of these CBD gummies will cost you $89, and considering the ingredients in the edibles, they are worth the price. However, if you sign up for a subscription plan, you get a good discount. So, do you want to know how much discount you can get for CBD hemp gummies for sleep? Click here for details.


Every FAB CBD sleep gummy contains 12.5mg of CBD to support sleep. The manufacturer also includes 25mg of L-Theanine, 5mg of 5-HTP, 2.5mg of GABA, 2.5mg of melatonin, and 2.5mg of ashwagandha in each nighttime gummy.  FAB CBD took time researching ingredients to add to the hemp gummies for improved sleep quality. A bottle of these chews gives you 60 servings of CBD and other helpful ingredients. For example, the company adds 2.5 mg of melatonin while making their sleep gummies. Study shows that melatonin is a substance the human body makes to regulate the sleep-wake cycle, which signifies the fact FAB CBD hemp gummies can actually be ideal for sleep.


FAB CBD hemp gummies for sleep are high-quality and have organic ingredients. The manufacturer utilizes tapioca syrup, pectin, beet juice, and natural flavors in the edibles to protect your health. The gummies also have low calories and are third-party tested to ensure purity and safety for consumption.


  • Contain broad-spectrum CBD
  • Vegan and fat, dairy, and gluten-free
  • Have no artificial sweeteners or colors
  • Delicious with natural ingredients
  • Made using non-GMO, organic hemp
  • Chewy with a smooth taste


  • Available in one flavor
  • The 60-count jar can be too large for some customers

Reasons for FAB CBD hemp Gummies’ Popularity

FAB CBD hemp gummies for sleep are popular among users. Customers are happy with the brand for the following reasons.

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Hemp Sourced from US Farms

FAB CBD uses hemp from Colorado to make CBD. The hemp is organically grown to ensure manufacturers use chemical-free plants to make CBD. Hemp grown in the US is known for being high-quality, with the strict rules farmers have to follow. FAB CBD uses the best organic hemp to make CBD for its various products.

Extraction and Manufacturing Techniques

FAB CBD utilizes the clean CO2 method to extract cannabinoids and other beneficial components from hemp. Using CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a safe, green way to extract CBD from hemp plants. FAB CBD also follows industry standards when making the nighttime gummies to ensure customers get high-quality products. It has an informative website with details about its manufacturing techniques.

High-quality Ingredients

FAB CBD sleep gummies contain high-grade ingredients starting from CBD to colors. They contain organic broad-spectrum CBD to benefit your body with different hemp components. These hemp gummies for sleep also contain sleep-enhancing ingredients, including melatonin and L-Theanine, for improved rest. The colors, flavors, and sweeteners are from natural sources.

Third-party Lab-verified Products

FAB CBD gummies for sale are third-party tested at ProVerde Laboratories to ensure they contain what the manufacturer claims. Lab experts examine them for cannabinoids and contaminants like heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides. You can access the lab report on the brand’s website.

Brand Reputation

FAB CBD is one of the reputable brands on the CBD market. The company is praised for offering high-quality, tested products that provide relief. It also has a small product line, allowing it to focus on making the best products. After reading content on FAB CBD’s website, look at other online sites to establish how well the brand is doing.

Customer Satisfaction

FAB CBD customers are highly satisfied with the nighttime gummies, giving them a five-star rating. Users applaud the company for providing high-quality, tasty chews that help them rest better. You can read customer reports on the brand’s website and other online platforms.

How to Use FAB CBD Nighttime Gummies for Sleep

If it is your first time using FAB CBD hemp gummies for sleep, start with one gummy an hour before bed every night. Suck on the chews and savor the flavor before swallowing to boost the absorption of CBD through the capillaries in your mouth. Use the same dose for at least a week. If there is no change in sleep quality, you can adjust the dosage to two gummies every evening and monitor how your body responds.

Side Effects of Nighttime Gummies

FAB CBD sleep gummies are high-quality and contain premium ingredients. However, CBD has rare die effects, including drowsiness, fatigue, diarrhea, and appetite changes. CBD also interacts with some medicines. Ensure you speak to your doctor before using these sleep gummies if you are on medication. Moreover, it is prudent to buy CBD gummies directly from manufacturer websites.


  • Is THC present in FAB CBD hemp gummies?

No, FAB CBD hemp gummies do not have THC. The nighttime gummies contain broad-spectrum CBD, which is THC-free.

  • How should I store Fab CBD hemp gummies?

Store FAB CBD gummies in a cool, dry place to maintain their quality composition.  Keep the jar away from direct sunlight.

Final Thoughts

FAB CBD hemp gummies for sleep are premium chews to consider using. They contain simple, organic components to protect your body from artificial ingredients. Besides CBD, they contain other components that foster quality sleep. The gummies are third-party tested and have a mouth-watering acai flavor to awaken your taste buds. 

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