Did Maluma Die {Aug} Know The Relevant Details Here!

The guide provides information about the death hoax, and also helps readers understand whether Maluma die or is she alive.

Are you a big fan of Columbian singer and songwriter Maluma? Are you curious to know whether this death hoax real or fake? Many people spread fake news and death hoaxes via social media regarding the singer.

Fans across all of the United States are anxious and wondering if this information is real or just a hoax. After reviewing, we discovered certain facts regarding the singer as well as the joke shared below. If you’re interested in getting more information about the life of the singer read on to find out did Maluma die or is still alive!

Is Maluma Alive or Dead?

Maluma is an Colombian singer who has a large following of fans across his home country of the United States. Recently, a fake news story was being circulated on social media to confirm that the singer has passed away. The story spread in a blaze of fire, and many believed in the death hoax.

The name of the singer is used in the fake prank. However, on the 28th August 2022, a statement from the government confirmed that Maluma isn’t dead. The performer is alive and living an active lifestyle through 2022. It’s not clear who was the person behind the fake death rumours online and how it gained attention via social media.

Who is Maluma – Is Maluma Dead ?

Maluma (also known as Juan Luis Londono Arias is Colombia’s actor, singer and music producer. He is also known by the name Maluma as he was born on January 28, 1994. He was born in Medellin. Maluma began his love for singing when he was just a teenager and began recording songs when he was just 16 years old.

He has released numerous albums and also appeared in songs. Recently the singer has been on the news for an online death hoax that has spread in a blaze of. Someone published fake news online that confirmed that the singer had died. The news quickly began being shared via social media, a lot of people were searching for news to find out whether Maluma dead or alive.

After careful examination, we concluded we could confirm that the artist is not deceased. Some shady people have spread the false death rumors on the internet to annoy all his family and friends. On the 28th of August, an official announcement by Maluma’s representatives proved that Maluma isn’t dead and is in fact alive. The statement also advised the public to stay away from such falsehoods and to stop believing the information that is said online about Maluma.

Who Shared the Death Hoax?

It’s unclear how the hoax is being spread. People who read about the news online began believing that the singer was dead and wasn’t alive. However, an official statement was made public on Sunday, to clarify did Maluma Die?.

The statement also confirmed that the singer wasn’t dead. The statement also urged fans to put aside the death rumours and death hoaxes that were posted on the internet by unknown scum. It’s unclear who spread the rumors, causing confusion among fans.


A death hoax or rumor is being circulated online regarding the Colombian musician and singer named Maluma. A lot of people began believing that the singer died young, and people are still puzzled and are curious about the truth. Did Maluma die?. The singer isn’t dead and is alive. This was a hoax spread by a troublemaker in order to create confusion. Fans and their friends should ignore the online rumors of a conspiracy.

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