Dawn Pack Arrested: Know What Happened?

Dawn Pack Arrested: Dawn Pack was arrested on March 22, 2023. Dawn Pack is a school counselor at Battle Ground High School. The arrest was in connection to an assault on a child and sent shockwaves through the community. Many people are still wondering about Dawn Pack’s fate after the incident attracted attention from multiple media outlets.

Dawn Pack Arrested

According to reports Dawn was taken into custody for an assault on a child on March 22, 2023. According to reports, the incident occurred at Battle Ground High School where Pack was a school counselor. Although the identity of the victim has not been revealed, reports suggest that the child was admitted to a local hospital.

Dawn Pack: What happened?

Dawn Pack is currently in limbo. There is still an investigation underway and more information will likely be available in the coming days or weeks. The school district released a statement about the incident, saying that they are working closely with law enforcement to collect all facts and ensure safety for their students.

Parents and students are both concerned about the safety of their schools following this incident. Parents were assured by the district that they are taking this matter seriously and that they are working hard to keep their schools safe.


  • Who is Dawn Pack?

Dawn Pack is a school counselor for Battle Ground High School.

  • Dawn Pack was arrested.

Dawn was charged with assaulting a child.

  • What happened at Battle Ground High School

As the investigation continues, the police have not provided any additional details.

  • What can the Battle Ground School district do about this situation?

Battle Ground School District released a statement stating that they fully cooperate with the police and take any allegations of misconduct very seriously. They also stated that their top priority is the safety and well being of their students.

  • What information will be available about this incident?

As the investigation continues, it is not clear when additional information will be made public.

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