Comparison between Himiway Step-thru and Lectric Bike

The e-bike industry is very competitive; this is why you discover many review articles and YouTube videos comparing e-bikes of different or the same brands. There are also platforms where fans can review their favorite e-bikes and compare models of e-bikes in the industry. More so, a fair comparison of electric bikes allows you to weigh your options and find an e-bike that best suits your needs. In addition, comparing e-bikes of various brands helps improve innovative capability and motivates the production of the best electric bikes to what is obtainable in the industry.

Himiway is widely known for producing high-quality and affordable electric bikes in the industry, and the company strives to maintain this position in the market. Therefore, this article gives a detailed comparison of the Lectric step-thru and the Himiway cruiser step-thru electric bikes to guide you in making an informed decision on which brand works for you.

Comparison of Key Features

A careful analysis of the features of the Lectric step-thru and Himway cruiser step-thru is a great way to begin this comparison. Both e-bikes have their distinctive specification. Therefore, this article looks at how the Himway cruiser step-thru battles the Lectric step-thru by comparing the electrical, mechanical, and physical specifications of the e-bikes.

FeatureHimiway Cruiser Step-thruLectric Step- thru
Battery17.5 Ah Samsung/LG Lithium battery (840 Wh)9.6 Ah Lithium Ion Battery (460 Wh)
ThrottleHalf twist throttleHalf twist throttle
Motor750 W brushless gear motor500W brushless geared rear hub
Range35-60 miles15 -35 miles
Pedal AssistYes (0   ̴ 5 level pedal assist)YES (0   ̴5 level pedal assists)
Front and Rear LightsYESYES
Brakes180MM Mechanical disc brakes160MM Mechanical disc brakes
Suspension Fork100mm of travel with lockout)40mm of travel with lockout)
Gears7 Speed Shimano7 Speed Shimano
Frame6061 Aluminum Frame, Folding6061 Aluminum Frame, Folding
Tires26ʺ x 4ʺ Kenda fat tires20ʺ x 3.0ʺ CST or Chaoyany fat tires
Weight72 Ib64 Ib
Payload Capacity350 Ibs330 Ibs
SpeedAdjustable to 20 MphAdjustable to 28 Mph
HandlebarAluminum 650mmHigh Rise Handlebar, 630mm
WarrantyTwo yearsOne year


The capacity of an e-bike’s battery determines the distance it can cover. The higher the battery capacity, the longer you can ride without recharging. The Himiway cruiser step-thru comes with high-quality 17.5Ah and 48V Samsung/LG batteries with 840Wh compared to the 460Wh batteries with 48V and 9.6Ahin the Lectric step-thru.


The charging capabilities of both products are similar. The chargers use electricity to recharge the bikes.


These e-bikes have the same type of throttle. The half-twist throttle offers a more comfortable ride since you don’t need to use your whole hand to accelerate. It also helps you brake quicker, especially during emergencies.


The Himiway cruiser step-thru indeed comes top with this feature. The Himiway cruiser step-thru has a powerful 750W gear motor compared to the 500W gear hub in the Lectric step-thru.


Without debate, the Himiway cruiser step-thru has a better battery capacity, translating to a more extended range of up to 60 miles per charge.

Pedal assist:

Both bikes have a similar pedal assist that is customizable. You can adjust your power and pedal assist levels. This function helps you be in charge of your speed.

LCD screen:

The LCD screen provides real-time intelligence on your speed and battery power. While riding your Himiway e-bike, the backlight display provides all vital information. The display includes the speedometer, wattmeter, battery meter, odometer, and PAS level indicator.


The controller receives information from the sensors and controls the battery to transmit the information to the LCD screen for the rider’s use.

Front and rear lights:

Both bikes have front lights and brake lights. The light helps you be visible while riding, ensuring your safety on the road.


Both electric bikes are fit for the road after passing road tests. The brake reduces your speed and stops power while biking. The Himiway cruiser step-thru has a superior disc brake than the Lectric step-thru.

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Suspension fork:

The suspension fork is a feature that helps you absorb bumps while riding. The Himiway 100mm suspension fork can help you ride through harsh terrain or rough roads better than the Lectric step-thru.


A good e-biker knows the importance of shifting while riding, and both e-bikes have similar gears. The 7-speed Shimano provides a wide gear range for both on and off-road riding. 


Both e-bikes use the industry standard step-thru frame.


The tires on an e-bike are important features to aid stability. The tires determine how well you perform on your e-bike. The Himiway cruiser step-thru has superior tires providing more strength than the Lectric step-thru.


The weight of an e-bike can affect its speed. The Himiway cruiser step-thru uses a standard industry weight of 72Ib, while the Lectric step-thru weighs 8 pounds lesser.

Payload Capacity:

The Himiway cruiser step-thru has more power than the Lectric step-thru. Battery capacity often determines the power of the electric bike. As we pointed out, the Himiway provides a larger battery power than the Lectric step-thru.


The Lectric step-thru has a top speed adjustable to 28mph compared to the 20mph of the Himiway cruiser step-thru. This is because the Himiway has more weight and power than the Lectric step-thru.


Both e-bikes come with fenders. Fenders prevent mud and debris from flying off the wheel onto the rider.

Rear Rack:

The rear rack provides space for cargo where you can keep your bags and accessories in your e-bike. Both e-bikes come with a standard rear rack.


Both e-bikes come with a handlebar to offer a comfortable ride.


A warranty is a binding offer that amazes customers when choosing an electric bike. All of Himiway’s e-bikes come with a 2-year warranty length, which signals strong confidence in the company’s quality. On the other hand, the Lectric step-thru comes with a 1-year warranty.


Customers seek to find affordable e-bikes in the market, but getting the best value for your money is more important. The Himiway cruiser step-thru starts at just $1,599, while the Lectric Step-thru prices at $1,149.

Himiway Cruiser Step-thru Vs. Lectric Step-thru

It is evident from the comparison that the Himiway Step-thru competes well against the Lectric Step-thru. Despite having a lesser speed and weight, the Himiway Step-thru comes top in its range per single charge, battery power, payload capacity, mechanical brakes, suspension fork, and warranty length. Therefore, we can conclude that the Himiway Step-thru is superior to the Lectric Step-thru.


Hopefully, you can decide on the next e-bike brand you buy from this comparison. The Himiway Step-thru is excellent if you want a similar e-bike to the Lectric Step-thru but with higher specs. You get value for your money when you purchase the Himiway Step-thru. There’s also a two-year warranty if anything goes wrong and your bike needs specific repairs. Check out the Himiway fat tire electric bike series with excellent specifications and see what other customers say about the Himiway Step-thru from the customer reviews.

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