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This article outlines the meme-based cryptocurrency token that was developed in the Polygon network. The network rewards holders of the token. Learn more regarding this token. Buy Pancat Token.

Do you know about a cryptocurrency project that has a connection to the cat meme? Are you interested in learning about the most prominent features offered by the platform for its users? Read on as we look into all of the crucial aspects that pertain to the token and the project.

NFT users in Australia and the United States are anticipating to purchasing Pancat Token to acquire their NFTs, and more. The rising demand for NFTs in the NFT market has opened the way for the development of this project, which has many uses.

about PANCAT

PANCAT is a project in crypto which is based on the cat meme. Aside from being a meme token without applications, PANCAT focuses on adding additional value to its holders by taking part in various crypto-related events.

The PANCAT COINs are available at the QuickSwap platform. The cost of the coin is subject to market conditions and holders of the coin have to buy according to the market conditions.

Purchase Pancat Token

  • Beyond being an ordinary token, the PANACAT COIN lets users to create NFTs by using the built-in NFT generator. Coin holders can create NFTs as per their imagination.
  • Since the concept is inspired by a meme about cats The developers decided to create the possibility of rescuing cats. In addition to rescue efforts the cats also receive shelter, food and other basic necessities.
  • PANCAT COIN holders are PANCAT Coin holders included in a huge community which discusses and initiates various development initiatives around the entire PANACAT community.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price of PANCAT COIN: $0.000000000186145894. Learn more about “How do I purchase Pancat Token?”
  • Price Change(24h) Price Change(24h): N/A
  • 24h Low: N/A
  • 24h High No Data
  • Trading Volume(24h): No Data
  • Volume/Market Cap N/A
  • Market Cap that is Fully Diluted There is no data
  • Market Cap $46,534,290.88
  • Market Position Market Rank: Not Available
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000,000,000,000 PANCAT
  • Circulating Supply: >250,000,000,000,000,000 PANCAT
  • Max Supply Max Supply
  • ATH No Data
  • ATL No Data

Founders and Team

The information regarding the names of the team’s founders and members are not available on the official website nor the whitepaper.

Where can I Buy the PANCAT COIN?

  • Visit the official site to learn more about the QuickSwap platform.
  • Connect your wallet to QuickSwap to purchase The Pancat Token.
  • Transfer USDT into your wallet. As of the date of this writing, you can purchase 5.71 billion PANCAT with one USDT coin.
  • Choose USDT as the first token.
  • Select PANCAT as a secondary token.
  • Make the swap.
  • After swapping is successful the wallet connected to the exchange is the PANCAT tokens it needs.


Q1: What are the next goals of PANCAT?

1. PANCAT is a company that aims at providing greater value to users through the introduction of innovative concepts like PANCATGAME, PANCATSWAP, PANCAP NFT PROJECT and PANCAT COIN MEGA ARMY OF CAT.

Q2 What are the benefits from PANCAT COIN?

2. PANCAT COIN can be more secure, transparent and strong. To purchase Pancat Token, the block time required is only 2 seconds. Furthermore the transaction costs are not even a penny. Users also benefits from the advantages associated with Ethereum. Ethereum network.

Q3: What proportion of the total supply of tokens is reserved for liquidity?

A3: According to the PANCAT whitepaper that is official 38 percent of the total supply is blocked to facilitate liquidity.


We’ve all seen the rise and decline of meme coins However, PANCAT projects are aiming to give more applications to token owners. To know more about the token, >> read the whitepaper that is published by Pancatcoin.

Have you looked up ways to purchase the Pancat Tokens? If so, please leave a comment and look into the best app to buy Cryptocurrency in 2021.



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