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Today, readers we’ll be discussing the Telugu language action film. Dear Readers, do aware that the film launched on August 5th? is an adaptation of an earlier Modern Version of King Bimbisara the emperor from the fifth century BCE?

Bimbisara Wiki confirms that the film is about time travel. In the film the king of the Trigartala Empire travels through twenty-first century. The film was planned to be released in theaters in India as well as the United States on platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

A brief description of the film

The film is directed by Mallidi Vaishtha and directed by Harikrishna k. The budget for this film stands at 40 million. The actor playing Bimbisara for the movie will be Nandamuri Kalyan Ram. Additionally, Samyukta Menon as well as Catherine Teresa are female cast members.

Bimbisara wiki Reviews –

The film came out yesterday. The film follows Bimbisara is a man who travels through the world of modernity in opposition to his wishes and destroys anyone who crosses his path. The reviews from the audience are favorable and some reviewers have said that Kalyan’s performance was outstanding. Kalyan was exceptional.

As per the IMDb rating the film is given an 8.1-star rating of 10 which is considered to be an acceptable score of any kind. We can conclude that this movie has received a positive response from the general public. But, critics have raised questions about the context for the movie Bimbisara’s wiki.

The film’s critics said that certain scenes resemble old school. It could’ve made more money if it was made available to pan India with proper plan.

The first-day box-office amount for the movie is greater than eight crore in India as well as 60 lakhs across the world. The first-day total gross collection from the production Bimbisara is 11cr. This is a great number and, furthermore, we can conclude that this film isn’t a failure one. In all likelihood, it is a film that can earn money in the event that Day 2 collection remains the similar or even higher than the day before.

Bimbisara Wikipedia film begins with King Bimbisara arriving at present in Hyderabad and concludes with his return to the present day with an enlightening drug that he received from Trigartala in order to rescue the princess. In the end, he is killed after helping the girl.


Q.1 who were you? Bimbisara?

A.1 Bimbisara was the emperor of Magadha which was part of the Haryanka dynasty.

Q.2 Does the film inspired by the true tale of the King Bimbisara?

A.2 This film is an action-fantasy. It’s not a true-life story.

End of the Story –

Bimbisara, the film Bimbisara was released in the world on the 5th of August 2022. The box office performance for the movie is remarkably positive. For more information on Bimbisara’s wiki you can visit this link for Bimbisara’s movie .

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