Are Tayler and Chance Still Together: Read More Here!

Is Tayler still with Chance? Check out the full story of Tayler and Chance, who were featured in the TV show “Love After Lockup”

What are Tayler Chance and Tayler?

The reality show “Love After Lockup” featured Chance Pitt and Tayler’s love story. The reality show documented their first meeting while Chance Pitt was in prison, and how their bond grew stronger even though they were separated. Chance was released from prison and moved in with Tayler, her three daughters and their mother.

Some fans, however, questioned the couple’s compatibility. Their struggles as a pair were captured in the spin-off show ‘Life After Lockup’. Chance has always professed love and dedication to Tayler despite these challenges. It remains to be determined if Chance is still with Tayler and if the relationship can withstand the pressures that reality outside the show brings.

Tayler and Chance still together?

Chance and Tayler are able to share a common understanding and have found a level of comfort. Chance and Tayler’s relationship, which started on the show “Love After Lockup,” faced many challenges, as documented in the spin-off series, “Life After Lockup.” Fans questioned whether they were meant to be together.

Chance was steadfast, however, in his determination to make things work for his love. The couple have managed to remain together despite the fact that the cameras were turned away. Tayler’s social media updates about her life show this. Chance is clearly an important part of Tayler’s family and her kids have adopted him. Tayler publicly declares her love to her fiance, which is testament to their strong bond. We wish them all the very best as they continue their journey together.

Taylor and Chance After Lockup

Chance and Tayler met while Chance was in prison for burglary, grand theft auto and other crimes. Tayler fell in love with Chance despite his uncertain future. While Chance was in prison, they maintained their relationship to show their loyalty. Chance was released from prison and moved into Tayler’s home with her three children. However, trouble quickly followed.

Chance told Tayler that her sister was living with them and was struggling with addiction. He asked Tayler to get rid of her. Tayler was not happy when her sister moved into the garage despite Tayler’s protests. When she relapsed it caused Tayler a lot of pain. Chance took out loans and spent money on expensive gifts without telling Tayler.

They felt resentment and tension between them as Tayler felt she didn’t have a say in decisions that affected the whole family. Some viewers even asked if Chance was abusive. Chance became distrustful when Tayler became pregnant, although there was no proof of this behavior.

He demanded that she take a paternity check and accused her of having contacted her ex-boyfriends, which was upsetting to Tayler. The incident further strained the relationship and it seemed that they couldn’t understand each other. They eventually improved their communication skills and achieved mutual understanding despite all of the obstacles they encountered.

Tayler and Chance: Where are they now?

Even though some Life After Lockup fans dislike Chance, they still support Tayler Mason. Tayler took Chance in immediately after his release from prison. The couple met when Chance was still in jail. Tayler had a tough time adjusting to her new life, but the couple overcame it. There are rumors that Chance is hiding something in the current Love After Lockup season.

The couple is still going strong in Season 4. Tayler and Chance were engaged at the conclusion of Love After Lockup Season 6 and welcomed their first baby in November 2023. Their relationship has remained strong despite all the difficulties they have faced. Tayler is active on social media, and she loves to share the special moments with her family.

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