Are Caro and Ray Still Together: Where Are They Now?

Caro and Ray were former Love Island USA contestants who found love in The Amazing Race. However, they broke up because of commitment issues. Caro, who is now married and expecting a baby, has moved on while Ray continues to make TV appearances.

Are Caro and Ray still together?

Caro Viehweg, Ray Gantt and their Love Island USA meeting, joined forces in The Amazing Race Season 33. Their relationship did hit a snag. Caro announced on her YouTube page that the couple had ended their relationship. She said that she thought Ray was not as committed to their relationship as she is. The news was a shock to their fans, who supported them both on Love Island and The Amazing Race.

Caro and Ray have decided to not return to The Amazing Race after their split. They chose to not continue the competition because of a longer break than anticipated. Connie Greiner and Sam Greiner also missed the remainder of the show because Connie was pregnant. Caro, despite not being able to return to the race, kept herself busy by sharing her travels through vlogs.

Caro fell in love while she was moving on. She married Rene Lacaud, an entrepreneur. They are expecting their first baby in April 2024. Ray, on the other hand, remained active in reality TV, appearing on different shows and forming partnership with brands.

Caro and Ray are both thriving in their own pursuits, despite the fact that their romance did not last. Caro is married and expecting a baby, while Ray pursues opportunities in the entertainment business.

Who is Caro and Ray?

Caroline “Caro”, Raymond “Ray” Gantt and Caroline “Caro”, Viehweg are two couples who have appeared in the reality television show “The Amazing Race 33.” The couple first met in another reality TV show called “Love Island USA” where they came third. Caro is originally from Los Angeles in California and Ray hails from Toms River in New Jersey. They competed together in “The Amazing Race” to test their relationship and strengthen their bond.

Caro and Ray faced challenges during the race. Communication and blame issues were major problems. Despite their best efforts, Caro and Ray ended up splitting up due to a filming break caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Caro’s work visa was a problem, and she couldn’t return to the United States.

Caro and Ray both continued their journey in reality television after their experience on “The Amazing Race”. Caro played an ex on MTV’s “Ex on the Beach US 5” and Ray was a single contestant. Caro, however, was removed from the program due to a violation of a show rule after an argument with Ray. Ray took part in Peacock’s “Love Island Games.”

The Amazing Race 33

The Amazing Race 33, hosted by Phil Keoghan, is the thirty third season of The Amazing Race. The race featured eleven couples who were already in a relationship racing around the globe to win US$1,000,000. Filming started in February 2020, but was delayed for more than a year-and-a-half due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

In September 2021, the race was resumed with a new route and most of the original team. This season saw the contestants travel through seven countries and two continents, covering more than 22,000 miles. Racers began in various US cities and traveled to England and Scotland.

After resuming their journey in St. Gallen in Switzerland, the teams continued on to France, Greece and Portugal, before finishing in Greater Los Angeles. This season had a unique aspect: teams started from their own homes, rather than at a central location. The season premiered January 5, 2022 on CBS and ended with the finale on March 2, 2022. Kim and Penn Holderness, married internet personalities, were the winners. Second place went to flight attendants Raquel and Cayla Moore, and third was best friends Ryan Ferguson & Dusty Harris.

The Amazing Race 33 Participants

Sr. No.Contestants
1Michael Norwood
Moe Badger
2Arun Kumar
Natalia Kumar
3Taylor Green-Jones
Isaiah Green-Jones
4Caro Viehweg
Ray Gantt
5Connie Greiner
Sam Greiner
6Anthony Sadler
Spencer Stone
7Akbar Cook Sr.
Sheri Cook
8Lulu Gonzalez
Lala Gonzalez
9Arun Kumar
Natalia Kumar
10Ryan Ferguson
Dusty Harris
11Raquel Moore
Cayla Platt
12Kim Holderness
Penn Holderness

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