Application of Data Encryption in Computer Security

1. Application of data encryption technology in e-commerce

E-commerce is to require consumers to conduct all consumption activities online without worrying that their bank cards will be stolen. In the past, in order to prevent the password of the bank card from being stolen, people generally used the telephone service to order the consumer goods they needed. However, due to the progress of the times, people use encryption technology in various businesses, thus ensuring the security of bank card consumption, enabling consumers to make online payments. The use of encryption technology thus ensures the secure exchange of interests and information for consumers and both parties.

2. Data encryption technology is used in VPN

VPN, as its name implies, is a virtual private network. Most of these virtual private networks are used in international companies. These companies will have their own local area networks, but they are also easy to use and worry about the security of the local area network. However, due to technological rapid development, these are no longer a problem. People send all kinds of data they need to the Internet, and then the router on the Internet encrypts the information, and then transmits the information in the form of Internet encryption. When the information reaches the router, it will be decrypted by the router, which can prevent others steal information, and users can see the information they really need.

3. Data encryption technology is used in identity authentication

In recent years, identity authentication has been widely used in computers and networks. Identity authentication can use asymmetric encryption technology to confirm a series of problems such as authenticity and counterfeiting of digital signatures. Through the exchange of the entire technology, a verified signature, then the recipient decrypts its signature, and if decrypted correctly, it proves that the signature is valid, thus proving that the identity of the other party is true for further transactions.

4.Data encryption technology is used in data

The other party that uses this encryption technology uses the same decryption key, which can ensure the usefulness and integrity of the information if the two parties are not leaked. The general algorithm has an algorithm for encrypting the binary data source, and the information is encrypted. Divide into different 64 bits, arrange them into different groups, use 56-length decryption keys, and finally generate encrypted data. At the same time, the parity check code is used for verification, and then each group of packets is re-replaced and transposed, and further the process of mutation and operation is carried out, and finally the encrypted data source is generated. Then, nineteen steps of processing are performed on each group of groups. The current output of each step is the input to the next step, and after inverse initial permutation, all encryption processes are completed. This encryption process ensures the security of data transmission and realizes the security effect of data transmission.

The above are the main application fields of data encryption in computer security. It can be said that the application of data encryption can effectively maintain the security of the network and has received great attention when the network is so developed.

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