2023 Is The Year Of Green Energy

The year 2023 has been set aside for Green Energy. Countries are enforcing the change to promote sustainability for both businesses and consumers to ensure that the environment is healthier and stable enough to keep living. 

The UK is fully on board, with plans to make the year 2050 their net zero carbon emissions year by eliminating their carbon footprint. It has now become part of their government laws. For more information on how you can help make the switch to green energy, go to website to view utility providers that offer great comparison deals that can aid in abiding to the new environment laws. 

Green Hydrogen Has Become A Reality 

The UK Government has started subsidising companies who have made the switch to renewable energy resources, with many projects up and running to manufacture and produce green hydrogen, and many of them still in development. 

These projects are a long-term investment that can have companies benefiting from tenders and financial support moving forward. 

However, what is green hydrogen and what makes it the most important aspect of business deals today? 

Green hydrogen is produced using water and renewable energy instead of creating hydrogen from fossil fuels which adds in the release of greenhouse gases. 

This hydrogen can be used as fuel to power heavy machinery and large vehicles. 

The Different Types of Hydrogen 

It is important to know the different types of hydrogen other than green hydrogen that are manufactured.

Grey Hydrogen 

This type of hydrogen is produced from using natural gasses and the emissions here are released into the air. 

Blue Hydrogen

This hydrogen type is also created from using natural gas but these emissions are captured using carbon capture and are stored. 

Brown Hydrogen 

Brown hydrogen is manufactured using coal and its emissions are released into the air, just as the grey hydrogen. 

The United Kingdom’s Green Hydrogen Plans 

The Contracts for Difference, also known as CfD has been announced in April 2022 as a subsidy scheme to manufacture clean hydrogen before the year has ended, also they have extended the application to companies that have been manufacturing green hydrogen to become a part of the subsidy scheme. 

The subsidy focuses on offering the difference between the cost to manufacture and the selling price of it. 

How is Green Hydrogen Manufactured?  

The cleaner method is using electrolysis which is a method that uses a strong electrical current to split the molecules of water stored within a tank to get two constituent elements. 

The oxygen molecules pair up and the hydrogen molecules pair up as well which is then stored in separate bottles. 

The electricity can be harnessed using solar or wind resources which is a form of renewable energy and also emits the release of greenhouse gas emissions. 

How is Green Hydrogen Used?  

Green hydrogen can be used to produce heat and be in a fuel cell to make electricity. There are a few potential uses of green hydrogen that have been outlined. 

  • Liquid ammonia can be manufactured from hydrogen that can power container ships. 
  • Green hydrogen can be used to power electric cars. 
  • Using green hydrogen as a heat source instead of burning coal. 
  • Use green-hydrogen turbines to power electricity grids. 
  • Can also be used for cooking and heating purposes. 

These are all benefits of using green hydrogen as a main power supply instead of old fossil fuels such as coal to generate electricity. 

Why The Need For Green Hydrogen Energy?

Besides the need to decarbonise the country from all the carbon emissions in the air and ensure that the environment is cleaner, the war in the Ukraine has led to the current rise in cost which has led to people in the UK struggling to meet the costs of paying for both electricity and gas. 

This has led businesses and governments trying to find sustainable methods of still operating as normally but at a cheaper cost. 

This has led to the development of green hydrogen, a cleaner gas that has multipurposes and although costly to manufacture can be stored for later use. 


Sustainable energy is the future, using new technology to create newer resources can have positives on the cost of living and help businesses thrive in their industries. 

It also opens up a whole new market and allows for newer businesses to open and switch to resources that will have them operating for a long time. 

Green hydrogen is just one of the many new changes that the UK government has been looking to implement and use to achieve their goal of being a net zero carbon country.

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