Why is Chris Jones Not Playing: Where Is Chris Jones Now?

Why is Chris Jones Not Playing? Find out why defensive lineman Chris Jones is not playing for the Kansas City Chiefs and the contract holdout issue that has kept him off the field.

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Why is Chris Jones Not Playing?

Chris Jones is not playing in the season opener with the Kansas City Chiefs against the Detroit Lions primarily because he is unable to attend training camp and hasn’t made it on the roster. The reason for this is the desire of his to reach a long-term deal for the Chiefs. Jones is a very important defensive lineman for the Chiefs and has decided to resign his services as a way to negotiate a better contract that will meet his needs.

In the wake of his decision to hold out, he’s not attended all of the team’s training camp sessions as well as summer training sessions. This has resulted in significant penalties that exceed $2 million, which reflects the financial impact of his decision not to take part in group activities. Although the Chiefs recognize that their defense will not remain the same with Chris Jones on the field however, they are prepared for the future with other players with potential who have to take on the role of filling the gap. The coach of the team, Andy Reid, has stressed that it is important to focus on players that are ready and using their strengths to the fullest extent.

Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach, expressed hope earlier in the week that Jones could be back for the season’s opening game, however, as of the moment at the time of the conference there was no information on when or when Jones will be a part of the team. The uncertainty around Jones returning has made it necessary for the Chiefs to change their approach and collaborate with the players available. If and the time comes that Jones decides to come back to the team the Chiefs will need to evaluate his physical fitness and ability to participate in the NFL game.

Reid stated that the team will be able to work with Jones if Jones is in good physical form throughout the absence, they can begin working on getting him back in fitness for football once he is back. Chris Jones is not playing due to an agreement holdout and is seeking a new contract with the Chiefs as well as not been in contact with the team during the training camp and preseason leading to significant fines and the fact that he was not present for the opening game of the season with the Detroit Lions.

Who is Chris Jones?

Chris Jones is an American football defensive lineman who is a player with the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League (NFL). Chris was born the 3rd of July 1994. Jones began his football career in Houston High School in Houston, Mississippi, where he was a member of the Hilltoppers and earned recognition as a highly rated five-star recruit within his own class.

After graduating from high college, Chris Jones committed to Mississippi State University to continue his football career at the college level. While in Mississippi State, he showcased his ability as a defensive lineman. As a freshman He played throughout 13 of them having three starts, and registering 3 sacks as well as 32 tackles. The second season of his career saw him perform well, recording three sacks and 26 tackles during 13 contests.

In his junior season, Chris Jones took his game to the next level, playing for all of the 13 matches, amassing the total of 44 tackles, and 2.5 sacks. After this impressive sophomore season, Chris Jones took the decision to skip his senior year and join into the 2016 NFL Draft. Jones was then selected with the Kansas City Chiefs in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Jones has since become an important defensive player for the Chiefs and has been recognized among the best team defensive players, and gaining praise for his work throughout the NFL.

NameChris Jones
ProfessionFootball Defensive Tackle
BirthdayJuly 3, 1994
Birth PlaceHouston, Mississippi, U.S.
Marital StatusMarried

Chris Jones Parents

Chris Jones’ journey to NFL superstardom was certainly affected by the encouragement and direction by his parents Chris Jones Sr. and Mary Woodhouse. They are proud of their parents. they’ve had a huge impact on his life, instilling his passion for football from a young age and encouraging his talent.

With a collection of plaques, trophies, as well as scrapbooks of his college and high school years it’s obvious how Chris Jones’ parents have been proud of his accomplishments each step of the way. Their constant encouragement and admiration for their son’s achievements has been an inspiration for the gifted NFL defensive lineman. The memorabilia and trophies represent the sacrifices and dedication of his parents who have contributed in his path to professional football achievement.

Chris Jones Wife

In addition to his accomplishments in the field of football, Chris Jones is also enjoying his marriage alongside Sheawna Weathersby. Their long-standing relationship is an evidence of their love and devotion to each other and has won the hearts of many of their fans. Sheawna Weathersby, as you can see from her Instagram profile, isn’t only an ex-wife of a popular player, she is also licensed Esthetician, with her own distinct identity.

Chris Jones Children

Chris Jones and his wife, Sheawna, have built an enduring and loving family. Their journey began when they got married at New Year’s Day in 2014 and, despite enduring a variety of difficulties and joys through the years They have enjoyed nine years of marriage. They have two adorable kids.

They are sure to bring a lot of satisfaction and happiness for family members of the Jones family. Although Chris Jones is a dominant player on the field of football however, he also serves an important role as an adoring husband and caring father. Together, they make an intimate family unit, enjoying their time together and helping one another in the highs and lows of life. The Jones family’s life is the beautiful mix of personal and professional happiness.

Chris Jones Career

The 2016 NFL Draft, Chris Jones was chosen from the Kansas City Chiefs in the second round. He signed a four-year deal which began the NFL journey. In his first year, Jones started as a back-up, but he later was the right defensive player of the season. His first season saw him record 28 tackles in a row 2 sacks and four pass deflections. This earned his a spot on the NFL All-Rookie Team.

For the season of 2017, Jones had a standout performance against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 2 with three sacks, two forced fumbles, as well as an interception. He was awarded an AFC Defensive Player of the Week award. The season ended with 6.5 Sacks and 32 total tackles and astonishing stats for interceptions, defense of passes as well as forced fumbles.

This year’s season proved a memorable one for Jones because Jones established an all-time NFL record by gaining an 11-straight sack games. The season concluded with a record-breaking 15.5 sacks. This placed as the third-highest sacks in league. He also contributed 40 total tackles, interceptions, defense of passes and forced Fumbles. His efforts was recognized as second-team All-Pro.

In the course of 2019, Jones continued his impact and earned his very first Pro Bowl selection and helping the Chiefs get to Super Bowl LIV. In the Super Bowl, he played an important role in causing the turnover and preventing passes from being thrown and assisting in the Chiefs winning against their opponents, the San Francisco 49ers. The 2020 campaign, Jones was placed under the franchise tag of the Chiefs which highlighted his significance in the organization. Jones signed a four-year renewal in the month of July. Despite being briefly as a reserve player on COVID-19’s roster He had a solid year, racking up 7.5 tackles, sacks, passes that were defended as well as forced fumbles. He received the second Pro Bowl selection that year.

As of 2021 Jones was able to continue shining with outstanding performances, securing his AFC Defensive Player of the Week accolades during Week 11. He was awarded his third straight Pro Bowl selection and was highly praised by teammates, ranked 39th among the NFL Top 100 Players list in 2022. For 2022 Chris Jones had an excellent season and contributed for the Chiefs’ success by racking up the team’s 44 tackles. He also had 15.5 sacks as well as forced Fumbles, and recovering fumbles. Chris Jones’ efforts earned him the top seed in the AFC and the Chiefs eventually won the Super Bowl LVII.

In the year 2023 Jones’ professional career was taking another turn, as Jones did not attend the Chiefs training camp because of an unresolved contract dispute. His absence led to penalties that were mandatory and the issue remains unresolved, creating doubt over his future in the club.

Chris Jones Age

In the year 2023 Chris Jones is 29 years old. Chris Jones’s road to the NFL wasn’t without its challenges. His determination to improve his skills, dedication to training and fitness, and his determination to overcome challenges are an example of the work and dedication needed to get to the top levels in professional sport. Like all athletes, Chris Jones faced setbacks and hardships throughout his professional career. His ability to overcome injuries, setbacks and even tough losses shows resiliency and a trait that can encourage others to overcome their own challenges.

Chris Jones Height

Chris Jones stands at an incredible size of 1.98 meters and is 6 feet and 6 inches tall. This height is beneficial for defensive tackles in the NFL where strength and size are the most important characteristics. Jones is taller than average, which is not only a way for him to maintain a dominant appearance on the field, but gives him the reach and leverage needed to be successful in his position.

His height is definitely an advantage in thwarting offensive teams, whether it’s by snatching or directing passes as well as sacking quarterbacks and blocking running lane. It’s a distinctive physical feature that has helped him succeed within the NFL and has made him an impressive force in the league.

Chris Jones Net Worth

Chris Jones’ primary source of income is his football career with the National Football League (NFL). As a defensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs, he makes a substantial income from his NFL contract that includes bonus, salary and rewards dependent on his performance. As with other NFL athletes, Chris Jones may have chances to earn endorsement deals or sponsorships, which could further enhance his earnings. These endorsements typically result from collaborations with sports apparel firms and brands or local companies.

Chris Jones Net Worth
NameChris Jones
Net Worth$3 million 3 Million
The source of incomeThroughout his NFL career

What Happened to Chris Jones?

Chris Jones is currently not playing for the Kansas City Chiefs due to the holdout clause in his contract. Chris Jones has decided to withhold any services to the club in order to negotiate a new, long-term contract that will meet his financial needs. In the course of his standoff, he’s been absent from all team training camps and summer training sessions. This contract dispute has resulted in his exclusion from the team’s activities, as well as the opening game of the season with the Detroit Lions. As long as Jones together with the Chiefs are able to reach an agreement on a new contract his position with the team is not clear, and the date of his return is not known.

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