Why Did V and Jennie Break Up: Why Did They Split Up?

The possibility of a breakup between the BTS’s V (Kim Taehyung) and BLACKPINK’s Jennie is a mystery and has not been confirmed by an official source. There are speculations that point to V’s imminent army service being a probable reason. Despite the rumors about their relationship the agencies have never acknowledged the relationship.

Why Did V and Jennie Break Up?

The report of a breakup between V (Kim Taehyung) of BTS and Jennie from BLACKPINK is the subject of speculation without any formal confirmation coming from either of their organizations. One possible reason for the split is V’s scheduled military service set for 11 December. The time of the service suggests that military service may have played a factor in the couple’s choice. In addition, the couple gained interest in September 2022 when pictures of their trip to Jeju Island went viral, and later, photos of them of them in New York fueled dating rumors.

Their agencies have not verified the connection. The news of the breakup came in conjunction with BLACKPINK members signing new agreements to YG Entertainment, dispelling earlier news of their disbandment. Some fans are denying the breakup, claiming the fact that V and Jennie weren’t in a relationship but the reason for it is undetermined, and the celebs have not responded to the allegations in any way.

Who is V?

V Kim Tae-hyung, who was born in December 30th, 1995 is an South Korean singer renowned as part of the world popular boy group BTS. Since his debut in 2013, V has played a crucial role in the success of BTS and has been instrumental in the creation of hit songs, and receiving the recognition he deserves for his solo work. In particular his solo tracks such as “Stigma,” “Singularity,” and “Inner Child” have risen to the top of charts at the South Korean Gaon Digital Chart.

In addition to his musical pursuits, V ventured into acting by playing a character in the series “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” and showcased his talent on his own through the self-written song “Scenery” in the year 2019. In 2023, he made his debut as a solo artist further establishing his position as an influential and multifaceted artist on the South Korean entertainment industry.

NameKim Tae-hyung
Date of BirthDecember 30, 1995
Age27 Years
Place of BirthDaegu, South Korea
EducationKorean Arts High SchoolGlobal Cyber University
HonoursHwagwan Order of Cultural Merit (2018)
GenresR&B, neo soul, indie pop, K-pop

V Early Life

V was born December 30th, 1995 within Daegu’s Seo District and raised in Geochang County, V, originally Kim Tae-hyung, was the oldest of his three sisters. His musical journey started in the elementary school years when V hoped to be an artist. In the direction of his father, V started saxophone classes in middle school, establishing the stage for his quest to pursue music career. His talent helped him become a musician with Big Hit Entertainment after a successful audition in Daegu.

After graduating in Korean Arts High School in 2014, V furthered his education at Global Cyber University, completing his studies in Broadcasting and Entertainment by August 2020. He is currently enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University in 2021 and is working towards an MBA in Business Administration in Advertising and Media.

V Career

V, who is also known as Kim Tae-hyung has enjoyed a vibrant and diverse career that includes acting, music and international recognition. In the beginning, as known as the “secret BTS member” in BTS, V made a remarkable debut on June 13 in 2013 by releasing the track “No No More Dream.” His time in BTS has been a significant part of albums, including co-writing and producing “Hold Me Tight” and making his first single track, “Stigma,” for the album of 2016 Wings.

Outside of the activities of the group, V pursued solo projects and received acclaim for tracks such as “Singularity” in the year 2018. His acting debut was in 2016 with a part as a character in “Hwarang A: the Poet Warrior Youth.” In his own way, he has released powerful songs such as “Scenery,” “Winter Bear,” and “Sweet Night,” showcasing his songwriting and production skills.

V’s influence extends to international diplomacy. In 2021 V was appointed as a Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Cultural Affairs by South Korean President. Twenty-23 is when V reached a major landmark with his first single album “Layover,” breaking records for the most first-week sales of a solo K-pop artist.

With a wide range of talent, V has also ventured into reality television, acting as brand ambassadors for high-end brands such as Cartier, Celine, and SimInvest. His professional career is not just about great music but also an impact that goes beyond entertainment and makes him a revered persona in the global scene of culture.

Who is Jennie?

Jennie Kim, also known as Jennie is an South Korean singer, rapper and actress born on the 16th of January 1996. She was raised within South Korea, she spent five years of study and studying in New Zealand before returning in the year 2010. In 2016, she made her debut as an integral member of the renowned girls band Blackpink with YG Entertainment, Jennie gained enormous acclaim. The year after, she stepped into solo fame by releasing the chart-topping song “Solo.”

Famous for her versatility in music, Jennie achieved further solo success in 2023 when she released the smash hit “You and Me.” It was also the first Korean soloist female to be the top of the UK Singles Downloads Chart. In addition to the music industry, Jennie made her acting debut in The telecast on HBO’s The Idol. Through her illustrious career she’s won the highest honors and awards as she embodies”the “Human Chanel” as a worldwide ambassador for Chanel’s iconic fashion label.

NameJennie Kim
Date of BirthJanuary 16, 1996
Age27 Years
Place of BirthSeoul, South Korea
Other NamesJennie Ruby Jane (a)
OccupationsSinger, Rapper, Actress
GenresK-pop, Dance-pop, Hip Hop

Jennie Career

Jennie Kim’s professional career is a fascinating story of talent, flexibility and international fame. Her introduction was made to the world by YG Entertainment in 2012, Jennie’s career accelerated through videos for cover songs, leading to her debut performance on G-Dragon’s “That XX” music video. After joining Blackpink in the year 2016 She not only performed as a rapper and vocalist but also took on key decisions within the group.

The turning point occurred in the year 2018 when she released her debut solo, “Solo,” a chart-topping success that won her praise and awards. Jennie’s popularity reverberated throughout the world and reached a milestone when she performed at Coachella in 2019. It marked Jennie as being the very one of the first Korean Solo artist ever to perform on the stage of Coachella.

Expanding her horizons Jennie began acting in 2023 on The HBO program “The Idol” and collaborated with The Weeknd for the soundtrack. The solo career of Jennie hit highs when she released “You And Me” which was a hit song that reached the top spot on the charts worldwide.

The acclaim continued, and she was awarded an Honorary Member of Order of the British Empire (MBE) designation in 2023 to acknowledge her contribution on a global level. Being one of the most prominent performers in K-pop, her professional career is an example of her creative talent and long-lasting influence on the global music scene.

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