Why did Bronte and Harrison Split: Know What Happened!

Read on to find out why Bronte & Harrison split. After a stroll as a cute pair at MAFS their split made many Bronte & Harrison fans sad.

What are Bronte & Harrison?

Bronte, a petite 28-year old woman with trust issues is a victim of heartbreak. She is confident, loves to be adored and wants an alpha man who will spoil her with love and affection. Bronte is hoping to find love on Married At First Sight and to learn how to open her heart.

Harrison is a single dad with a dry humor and ridiculously strict standards of love. He hopes to have the same 33-year marriage as his parents. Harrison has been casually dating for two years and is now ready to settle down with the woman of his dreams and values.

Why did Bronte & Harrison split?

Harrison Boon, Bronte Schoffield and their relationship ended at the last dinner party of season. It was the controversial honesty-box task that sparked their breakup. They took jabs while answering questions. Bronte walked out of the table as tensions grew and dumped Harrison before the other couples. She declared that she had no desire to see Harrison again.

The couple knew that they would break up at the dinner. Harrison appeared anxious as Bronte arrived in the studio warehouse of the show, November. Bronte seemed elated. Alyssa and Duncan James fought over their future and Layton Mills questioned the sincerity of Melinda Willis’s love.

Are Bronte and Harrison, who were married at first site, still together?

No, Bronte is not with Harrison. Bronte’s and Harrison’s wedding was beautiful, as the couple shared a strong bond while exchanging vows. They left for the Hunter Valley to enjoy their honeymoon, hoping to forget the rough start of their wedding. According to reports from 9Now Nine, the couple enjoyed flirty banter after playing golf over a glass or rose during their honeymoon. Harrison was surprised by Bronte’s confidence and expressed his happiness that they could focus on their common interests. He assured her that he would be her husband and that her past did not matter.

Where are Bronte & Harrison now?

Bronte Schofield, who has kept a low-profile on social media, was seen having fun with MAFS star Lyndall at a Sydney party. According to Lyndall, it appears that Bronte Schofield and other brides have matching Roman numerals tattoos. She said that the women had bonded during their hens night and got ‘X tattoos to celebrate season 10 with each woman being a perfect ten.

Harrison is a mystery, but there are some details about the woman Harrison was said to be messaging. Reports suggested that Harrison may have been in a relationship with Abby Miller, who was a contestant of this year’s Bachelors. Sources close to Harrison, however, claim that this situation is exaggerated. The two had only known each other for one month before the rumors.

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