Who Was Serena Karlan Late Bison Dele Girlfriend: Read Her Biography!

Miles Dabord is suspected of killing Serena Karlan. You can find out everything you need.

Serena Karlan, an American woman, rose to prominence in the media after her death. She is also known for being the ex-girlfriend of Bison Dele, a late professional basketballer.

Bison is an American professional basketball players who played for several NBA teams including the Denver Nuggets Los Angeles Clippers and Detroit Pistons.

Bison, a basketball star who played for the Bulls and won a championship in 1997 was also a notable athlete. He died at 33 in 2002. It is believed his brother Miles Dabord murdered him at sea.

Who Was Serena Karlan Late Bison Dele Girlfriend?

Serena Karlan is Bison Dele’s girlfriend. Karlan was born in Berkeley, California on April 4, 1973. She was 30 at the time she disappeared.

Bison and Karlan also had a relationship that was on-and-off in the years after the career ended. She also accepted his invitation in October 2001 to come sail the South Pacific Ocean after losing her job in New York City due to 9/11.Serena Karlan, Bison Dele’s girlfriend for many years.

Bison and Serena kept in constant contact with their friends, families and banks throughout the year they spent living together and sailing together.

Karlan’s mom began to worry about her daughter’s location in July 2002, when she did not receive a birthday call from her. Bison’s parents also began to wonder about Bison’s whereabouts during that period.

Serena Karlan Wiki, Bio and

Serena Karlan is an American woman that worked in the entertainment business. Karlan’s biography is also featured on IMDb. It shows that she worked in the make-up department of Heartwood.

The film was released in 1998. Karlan’s media fame grew out of her relationship with Bison Dele, the baseball player who died in 1998.The disappearances of Bertrand Saldo, Serena Karlan and Bison Dele.

Dele played multiple teams before retiring from the NBA at the age of 30. He was at the height of his career during that period.

Meet Serena Karlan New Boyfriend

Serena Karlan had a relationship going on with Bison dele. She didn’t yet have a boyfriend. But people wanted to know.

According to reports, Serena met Bison in Los Angeles in 1997. They began to talk and develop feelings for one another after that.

They later had difficulty communicating as they held different jobs. Karlan and Bison had many reasons to be out of contact.Bison Dele is an American professional basketball athlete.

The pair were reunited after almost three years of separation in 2001. We know that they went on a cruise together, but never returned.

Dele and Bertrand Saldo set sail from Tahiti aboard Dele’s Hukuna Matata catamaran. Dele’s brother Miles, also known as Kevin Williams, is the only one involved in the trip to have been seen or heard after July 8,2002.

All of them, therefore, are assumed to have been killed by Dabord. Miles died on September 27, 2002 in a Californian hospital.

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