Who is Zonnique Pullins Baby Daddy: Who Is Zonnique Pullins?

Learn about the rapper behind Zonnique’s”baby” Bandhunta Izzy his actual identity is Israel James. Discover how he went through his previous fatherhood experience came to light and the way he shared his understanding with Zonnique.

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Who is Zonnique Pullins Baby Daddy?

Zonnique Pullins Baby daddy is the rapper who goes by the name of Bandhunta Izzy. Bandhunta Izzy who’s identity is Israel James, is the father of Zonnique’s baby. Zonnique stated that Bandhunta was excited about the prospect of having a child together. Notably, he has the experience of a father from an earlier relationship that provided him with insights into the role of the role of parenting. This previous experience has added to his confidence as he navigates the path of parenthood again.

Zonnique has shared with People that Bandhunta’s experience with the role of father before their marriage has been an advantage. He has shown a level of understanding regarding parenting that is in tune with Zonnique. In addition, Zonnique’s background with a large family, thanks to the parents T.I. and her mother – has given her exposure to the world and influence of kids throughout her lifetime. The combination of these experiences has created an environment of shared knowledge and provides a safe environment to help them navigate the journey of parenting together.

Who is Zonnique Pullins?

Zonnique Pullins, 24, is a artist who became famous due to performances on reality TV. She debuted in the VH1 show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” in 2011 and is a look at the life of her family members which includes her parents, T.I. and Tiny and her sister Tiny, who reside in Atlanta. The show spawned a variety of spin-offs and Zonnique has been part of each. Zonnique is currently a part of the cast on the VH1 spinoff show “T.I. & Tiny: The Friends & Family Hustle.”

In addition to her fame on reality TV, Zonnique is also known for her talent in the field of music. Recently, she made headlines for declaring her pregnancy in the early part of August. the father of her baby is rapper Bandhunta Izzy and she revealed that she’s expecting the birth of a girl. in an interview HollywoodLife, Zonnique mentioned that her pregnancy is going without issue thus far. Zonnique even posted a picture on Instagram that showed her baby bump at five months pregnant, which brought delight from her fans.

Zonnique’s life was affected through her experience in the realm that is entertainment. From reality television to her career in music and her new job as a mother. She is able to handle various elements of life that are in the spotlight has led to her rising fame and influence.

Full NameZonnique Pullins
Stage NameMiss Star
ProfessionR&B Singer
Birth DateMarch 20, 1996
Birth SignPisces
BirthplaceGeorgia, USA
Age27 years old
Height5’7″ (170 cm)
Family– Father: Zonnie Pullins
– Mother: Tameka Cottle
– Siblings: Deyjah And Heiress, Domani, King, Major, Messiah
Notable Achievements– Formerly a participant of girl band OMG Girlz
Solo tracks released such as “Pretty Hustle”
– Starred in the reality reality TV Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta
RelationshipsDated rapper Zoey Zuko
Has a child in the rapper Bandhunta Izzy
Associated Performances– Part of the Scream Tour: Next Generation in 2011
– Co-produced in collaboration with R&B performer Jacob Latimore
Notable TV AppearanceGrowing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta (2017)

Zonnique Pullins Age

Zonnique Pullins Zonnique Pullins, the R&B singer was born on the 20th of March in 1996. She is 27 years old today. She was born to the Pisces zodiac sign, Zonnique is a native of Georgia. Her birthdate is the midst of Pisces season, which is which is associated with imagination, creativity and compassion.

Celebrating her birthday on the 20th of March Zonnique has been through different stages of her life, from her childhood until her current position as an artist aged 27. The Pisces are recognized as artists and have the ability to feel emotionally connected with other people, traits that could affect her musical and other creative pursuits. While she strives to develop as a person and artist the age of 27 places her at a stage in which she is able to expand her horizons and help further her personal and musical growth.

Zonnique Pullins Height

Zonnique Pullins is 5’7″ (170 centimeters). Her height puts her in that category with taller people particularly females. At this tall, Zonnique has a noticeable presence, which often shows elegance and confidence.

At 5’7″ Zonnique has an appearance that is elegant and powerful. Her height is generally regarded as above the norm for females and enhances her physical appearance. It is worth noting that her height can be a factor in her stage presence and also in her performance as an R&B singer.

The height, 5’7″ corresponds to the range of heights that are seen in individuals which highlights the fact the fact that people come in a variety of dimensions and shapes, all possessing distinctive characteristics. Although her height might be a factor in her image on the internet however, it’s her talent, achievements, and uniqueness that make her an artist and a persona in the world of entertainment.

Zonnique Pullins Career

Zonnique Pullins began her musical journey through the guidance by her family who were musically inclined. Both of her parents were musicians, Zonnique’s love in music was nurtured at an early age. Her love of music led her to create”OMG Girlz,” a pop band “OMG Girlz” in 2009 together with other members such as Lourdes Rodriguez Breanna Womack, as well as Reginae Carter. Although there were some lineup changes early on The group’s career continued to expand, with wins in national competitions as well as noteworthy performances such as Scream Tour: Next Generation. Scream Tour: Next Generation.

The most significant turning point to OMG Girlz came with the release of their hit single “Gucci This (Gucci That),” that launched OMG Girlz to fame. The following releases, which included songs such as “Where The Boys At?,” “Baddie,” and “Lover Boy,” solidified their place in the world of music. Additionally, Zonnique was involved in the reality program “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” that gave viewers a peek into the family’s lives and the dynamics.

The year 2015 was the time that OMG Girlz announced their disbanding, causing Zonnique to launch an independent career. She released her first singles, including “Nun For Free,” “Cool Kids,” “My Nigga,” and “Can’t Trust Em.” The debut album “Love Jones,” released in 2017 marked her first solo venture into the world of music. Zonnique’s success is a testament to her talent in apprehension, flexibility, and ever-changing music career, from being a group member to a thriving solo artist.

From where is Zonnique Pullins where is Zonnique Pullins

Zonnique Pullins hails from the lively city of Atlanta located within the State of Georgia, USA. Born on the 20th of March 1996, she is an intense connection to her home and the state in which she was raised. As a Pisces woman, she has the creative and intuitive traits that are of the zodiac sign that could have had an impact on her creative activities in the field of music.

Atlanta is often known as”the “Capital of the South,” has a prominent place in the world of entertainment and music. The city is recognized by its extensive musical history and its diverse culture scene. Since her birthplace is Atlanta, Zonnique Pullins is part of an extended family of musicians, artists, and musicians that have brought their talents to Atlanta’s lively artistic scene. She was born in Georgia as well as her ties to Atlanta have shaped the influences which have shaped her an individual and an artist and artist, making her an eminent persona within the world of R&B music.

Zonnique Pullins Boyfriend

At present, there are no details available publicly about Zonnique Pullins’ relationship status or boyfriend. According to reports it is possible that she is single and not previously engaged. In January 2023, no evidence that suggests she’s been engaged.

Zonnique is keeping her private life private. There is no record of any past relationships with her. Although there could be reports or speculation about her relationship history, it is not disclosed. It is important to note it is possible that Zonnique Pullins’ romantic life isn’t widely or publicly available, and any information about her relationship would be from sources such as official publications or her own declarations.

Zonnique Pullins Husband

Zonnique Pullins, a gifted R&B singer has been a star in the spotlight, not just for her music but also because of romances with her. One significant relationship in her history of dating is her relationship with rapper Bandhunta Izzy who is also called Israel James. The couple’s journey started around mid-2018and their bond remains strong to this day. The couple’s bond and love for one another have been evident, drawing the interest and admiration from their followers.

Prior to her romance with Bandhunta Izzy Zonnique was associated with other famous celebrities. She was previously romantically associated with the musician Zoey Zuko as well as NFL football player Damian Swann. Like many other people who navigate the waters of romance, Zonnique has experienced dating and exploring relationships. While these early connections were a part of her journey however, her connection with Bandhunta Izzy has grown into an important and lasting section of her personal life. The couple’s appearances on the public stage and sharing moments have further affirmed their relationship status which has sparked interest and excitement from followers and fans.

Zonnique Pullins Family

Zonnique Pullins is a member of an extremely close and musically inclined family, and her heritage is interspersed with talent and creativity. Her father Zonnie Pullins and mom Tameka Cottle, a.k.a as Tiny Zonnique’s childhood was certainly in the direction of their musical backgrounds. Her stepfather is well-known musician T.I., her family is surrounded by the world of entertainment and music.

In the dynamic family structure Zonnique is with a diverse set of siblings all with distinct distinct personality. They include four brothers, Messiah, King, Major and Domani and Two sisters: Deyjah as well as Heiress. Their names represent the artistic flair and uniqueness that is a constant throughout the family. It’s obvious that the musical genes and the artistic spirit are the common thread that holds the family.

Outside of her family, Zonnique’s circle friends and family extends to her close friends, who affectionately refer to them “Nique Nique.” She also has had significant relationships in her romantic life, including her previous relationship of singer Zoey Zuko. But the most memorable moment in her family’s life started in December of 2020 as she gave birth to her daughter with her rapper boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy. This addition adds an additional layer of love and harmony to Zonnique’s diverse family tale.

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