Who Is Sandra Maas Husband Jim Burgess: How Many Children Does She Have?

Jim Burgess, the husband of American journalist Sandra Maas. The couple has been married nearly 40 years and is proud to be parents.

Sandra Maas was born Sandra Lynn Maas. She grew up with her parents, Frank Maas and Dorothea Maas in Mission Viejo.

Her father owned a window tinting company, and her mother was a principal at an elementary school.

The beautiful lady has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California State University Chico.

Maas is active in this field since 1983. She is also an activist for women’s issues. She is also a film director.

Maas is nominated for 14 regional Emmy Awards. Sandra filed a suit in June 2019 against KUSI-TV General Manager Mike McKinnon Jr. and the station for alleged discrimination.

Her case was tried on 3 February 2023. A Superior Court jury awarded Sandra Maas $1.5 million in early March 2023 for discrimination based on gender, lost wages, emotional distress, and past and future.

Her case has attracted significant public attention. The article today is about the personal life of an American journalist, including her marriage, husband, family, and children.

Who is Sandra Maas’s husband Jim Burgess

The journalist Sandra Maas and her husband Jim Burgess enjoy a happy marriage. The 60-year old journalist is also a mother of four, and enjoys a successful career in broadcast journalism.Sandra Maas married her husband Jim Burgess in 1986.

They have been together almost 40 years. Sandra and Jim were married in 1986. The adorable couple have been together ever since.

Sandra Maas Burgess also shared pictures of her husband on social media. The flame between these two lovers hasn’t dimmed in the least. The couple appears to be in love.

Sandra shared a picture with her husband, in June 2022. She wrote: “Cheers for 36 years of blissful marriage with this man.”

They also appear together at many public events. Jim Burgess’ profession is also unknown. The two don’t miss any opportunity to spend time together.

In 2022, Maas and her husband will both turn 60. Sandra will also be 60 in 2023. The couple is of similar age.

How Many Children Does Sandra Maas Have?

Sandra Maas, a journalist, is the proud mother of two children, a son named Jacob Burgess, and a girl called Brianna Burgess. Jim Burgess, her husband and partner in life, shares the journalist’s two children.

The children of the Maas-Burgess family have grown and lived their lives on their own. The Burgess sisters are active on Instagram. They prefer to remain out of the spotlight.Sandra Maas, Jim Burgess and their children Brianna and Jacob Burgess make up a proud family.

Jacob and Brianna have private IG accounts. The newscaster’s daughter and son are often featured on their mother’s social media page.

Sandra is an adoring mother to her kids. As a mother she cares about more than just her children. The mom of the Burgess children uses her position to help other children.

Maas posted a throwback photo of her daughter on Christmas 2021. The young Brianna appeared to be excited and joyful. The activist wrote in the caption: Brianna, healthy and happy, “making fun” many years ago. It is not true for all children. Especially those with life-threatening illnesses.”

She encouraged her fans, who are tax-deductible donors, to make a donation to a nonprofit organization that helps save the lives of children.

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