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What is Riley Gaines all about?

Riley Gaines is a Tennessee native who represents the University of Kentucky NCAA swimming team. In 2022, she was named the Southeastern Conference Women’s Swimming and Diving Academic-Athlete Of The Year.

Riley Gaines, a high school student from Gallatin, Tennessee, attended Station Camp High School. Brad Gaines, her father, played football for Vanderbilt University while Telisha Gaines played softball in Donelson Christian Academy. Gaines, a junior high school student in 2017, won the 100-meter flyer and 100-meter freestyle events at the TISCA Championship High School Swim and Dive held in Knoxville.

Gaines is against transgender people participating in women’s sports. She has been lobbying state representatives for a law to prevent them from doing so. She participated in a protest at the NCAA Convention of January 2023. She also appeared in ads for Herschel Walke, a former US Senate Candidate, and spoke to a Donald Trump rally in support of her campaign. Gaines appeared in an ad for the US Senator Rand Paul campaign, in which she expressed her concern about transgender athletes in women’s sport.

Gaines addressed a Turning Point USA event held at San Francisco State University in April 2023. She publicly discussed her campaign to end transgender athletes from women’s sport. Gaines, escorted to a classroom by police officers for her safety after the event when protesters arrived. She said that she was physically hit twice by a demonstrator during the protest.

Riley Gaines Husband

Louis Barker is Riley Gaines’ husband. Gaines, a retired American professional swimmer who won 12 All-American titles as well as success at international competitions such the Pan American Games, is best known for her 12 All-American awards. Louis Barker is less well-known and there is little public information about his career or background. He has appeared in news stories as part of Gaines’ story, and he has defended Gaines in interviews following her attack by trans activists in San Francisco State University.

He has always been her strongest supporter, both during her swimming career and after. He has actively promoted her achievements and raised awareness of women’s sport issues. Barker, in an interview after the attack on Gaines, spoke out against the violence shown to her and the intolerance she showed. He also expressed his frustration at the lack of support he received from university officials.

He has been vocal in his criticism of the policies that surround transgender athletes, and their impact on fair competition. Gaines has been married to Barker for a couple of years, and they appear to be in a supportive and close relationship. The couple has been seen at events, posting photos to their social media pages, and giving interviews where they discuss their commitment to women’s sports. Gaines has a positive and strong presence in Gaines’ life. Barker offers support in both her professional and personal endeavors.

Riley Gaines Education

Gaines was recognized as an outstanding swimmer during her time at the University of Kentucky. She was named All-SEC First Team in 2019 and then made the All-SEC second team both in 2019 and 2020. Gaines participated in the 2021 NCAA Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships. She earned a second place finish in 4 x200m freestyle relay, and a 7th-place finish 200m freestyle.

In the same year, her impressive performance led to her being named as a member of the All-SEC first team. Gaines finished tied for fifth place in 2022 at the NCAA freestyle competition, with Lia Thomas of University of Pennsylvania who was the first transgender woman in history to win an NCAA title in the women’s category.

Gaines is from a sporting family. Her father Brad Gaines played football at Vanderbilt University while her mother Telisha Gaines played softball at Donelson Christian Academy, Austin Peay and other schools. She attended Station Camp High School in Gallatin. Gaines was a junior in 2017 when she won the 100-meter fly and 100-meter freestyle events at the TISCA High School Swim & Dive Championships held in Knoxville.

Riley Gaines Job

Riley’s successful career as an international and collegiate competitive swimmer is well known. She has received numerous awards for her swimming achievements, including the SEC Female Athlete-Scholar of the Year in 2022 and 12 All-American titles.

Gaines is also active in politics, particularly in relation to women’s sport. She has advocated for fair competition and spoken out against policies affecting transgender athletes. Gaines’ involvement in sports and activism may not be her current job, but her advocacy and career highlights have gained her respect and attention within the sports world and beyond.

Riley Gaines Swimmer

Riley Gaines, a former competitive swimming athlete from Gallatin in Tennessee, is well-known for her success at collegiate and international competitions. She was a member of the University of Kentucky NCAA swimming team, and won 12 All-American awards during her career. Gaines is a vocal advocate for women’s issues in sports and has taken part in political activism to promote fair competition.

She is also a strong advocate of traditional gender roles in sports, and she has spoken out against the policies that surround transgender athletes. Gaines became a national figure in 2023 when she was assaulted and physically attacked by trans activists during a speech at San Francisco State University. Gaines continues to be a strong advocate for women’s sports, and she has raised awareness of the challenges that female athletes face in today’s sporting landscape.

Riley Gaines Biography

NameRiley Gaines
Birth PlaceGallatin, Tennessee
SpouseLouis Barker
ProfessionAmerican Swimmer
Enjoy the SportSwimming

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