Who is Mel B Married to: Who Is Mel B Husband?

Who is Mel B married to? Find out about the amazing love story of Mel B and her fiance, Rory McPhee, and discover more about their romantic story.

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Mel B? Mel B?

Melanie Janine Brown MBE, popularly referred to Mel B, also known as Mel B or Melanie B is a well-known English artist who was born on May 29, 1975. Her fame is due to her multifaceted talent that includes music, singing, TV hosting as well as acting. The meteoric climb of Mel B to fame was evident in the 1990s, when she joined the wildly famous girl group Spice Girls. In the Spice Girls she got the iconic name “Scary Spice.”

Her extraordinary journey as part of the Spice Girls brought her to a dazzling successes, with the group having an incredible record of more than 100 million albums sold across the globe. This accomplishment secured their status as the most successful female group of all time. Mel B’s dynamism in the Spice Girls made her a iconic figure in the world and an example women’s empowerment within the industry of music. Her influence remains strong across pop culture, and she is a renowned celebrity in the entertainment industry.

NameMelanie Janine Brown
AgeAged 48
Date of BirthMay 29 April 1975
ProfessionSinger, Actress
BirthplaceHyde Park, Leeds, United Kingdom
ParentsMartin Brown and Andrea Brown
SiblingDanielle Brown
Marital StatusTwo-time Divorced, currently engaged

Who is Mel B’s bridesmaid?

In October 2022 Melanie “Mel B” Brown, also known as Scary Spice from the Spice Girls has made public her commitment with Rory McPhee, a hair stylist. The announcement came after three years of being together. Mel B excitedly shared the details of McPhee’s wedding on the episode on October 28 of The U.K. chat show Gogglebox. Although the couple kept their relationship private but they often showcased their relationship on Instagram frequently tagging one another.

In September 2023. Mel B is still engaged to Rory McPhee, and they are planning their wedding. Mel B has expressed her she would like to marry in London’s famous St. Paul’s Cathedral, the same venue that was famously used by Princess Diana was married Prince Charles (then Prince Charles) in 1981.

The wedding that is scheduled for this year will mark Mel B’s 3rd wedding. She previously was tied to Jimmy Gulzar from 1998 to 2000, and then to Stephen Belafonte from 2007 to 2017. At the time of writing, September 2023. Mel B has not yet been married to Rory McPhee but is looking at the wedding plans of Rory McPhee.

What is Rory Mcphee?

Rory McPhee is not only engaged to Melanie “Mel B” Brown but also plays an important part in creating her hair’s stunning look. Rory McPhee and Mel B share the same home town, Leeds, which is located in northern the UK. Mel B moved back to Leeds in the year 2019 after having lived for 15 years in Los Angeles for 15 years. In addition to his role as Mel B’s fiancee, Rory is deeply involved in the family business of his parents. Rory runs his own salon in Leeds called “Rory James Salon,” where he does his best to offer clients amazing hairstyles. Mel B’s amazing hairstyles recently give credit for Rory for his skills in hairstyling.

Rory McPhee is 13 years younger than Mel B, but their age differences have not stopped their close and loving bond. Mel B has even expressed on Instagram that Rory is her “favorite hairstylist in the UK,” highlighting his amazing talent. However, Rory McPhee isn’t just a random hairstylist. He has been in contact for a long time with Mel B and her family. He’s best friends with Mel B’s cousin the actor Christian Cooke, which makes him feel like a part in the circle of family.

What distinguishes Rory out is his choice to remain far from the limelight. In contrast to many in the world of entertainment He doesn’t want the spotlight or gain fame. In addition, Rory has managed to earn the love and respect of the Mel B’s family which demonstrates the strength of his relationship to Mel B’s family.

NameRory Mcphee
Engaged to“Mel B” Brown

Mel B and Rory Mcphee Timeline of their relationship

Melanie “Mel B” Brown’s romance to Rory McPhee has been a experience filled with love, trust and a new beginning. Here’s an outline that outlines their love affair:


Mel B, known as Scary Spice from the Spice Girls Mel B, also known as Scary Spice from the Spice Girls, along with Rory McPhee hail from the same town of Leeds. They first came across each other when Rory is the best friend of Mel’s cousin Christian Cooke. Mel was struggling with trust issues due to her divorce and abusive relationship with Stephen Belafonte. Rory was a key player in assisting Mel to regain her confidence in males. They began dating in the year 2018 through mutual acquaintances from Los Angeles, including makeup artist Renee Camilleri.


Mel B and Rory Mcphee’s their relationship grew stronger in the year 2019 after Mel came back home to UK to join Rory Mcphee’s return to the UK for Spice Girls reunion tour. They both publicly acknowledged their love for each other at a wedding they attended in the autumn of 2019.


Rory does not want to be in being a celebrity and is a distinct persona from Mel’s prior high-profile relationships. Rory’s dedication and work in establishing his hairdressing business in Leeds was acknowledged. Mel who was a victim of domestic violence, was difficult to trust others. Rory’s trustworthiness, compassion, and reliable personality has helped heal her and believed in the good qualities of men.


Mel B and Rory McPhee were engaged in 2022 in 2022, Rory proposing using a PS100,000.00 wedding ring in a romantic getaway in Berkshire. The couple is currently preparing their future together, preparing their wedding and exploring possibilities for wedding venues, such as the London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Mel B and Rory McPhee’s romance has been a time of trust, love and personal growth providing a new beginning for Mel as she makes progress both in her professional and personal life.

Mel B Children

Melanie “Mel B” Brown, known for her stint in The Spice Girls and her role as judge on “America’s Got Talent,”” has been a proud mom of 3 daughters.

Phoenix Chi Gulzar

Mel B’s youngest child, Phoenix Chi Gulzar, was born in the year 1999. Mel B met Phoenix’s father, Jimmy Gulzar, during the Spiceworld Tour, and they were married in September of 1998. Their marriage was not long-lasting as Mel B filed for divorce in the year 2000, raising Phoenix predominantly as an unmarried parent. Phoenix has grown to be a strikingly similar with her mother’s famed image, and has established herself in the world of entertainment by appearing on screen in a variety of shows.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown

Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Mel B’s second child, was born in 2007, amid paternity dispute that involved the comedian Eddie Murphy. A DNA test conducted by a judge proved Eddie Murphy as Angel’s father and he signed a settlement of $7 million together with Mel B. Mel B insists on giving her children an ordinary life. She said that Angel being “pretty academic” and had no issues with school.

Madison Brown Belafonte

Mel B’s 3rd daughter, Madison Brown Belafonte, was born in the year 2011 following her wedding to producer of film Stephen Belafonte. Their wedding marked a new stage in the life of Mel B and she shared the joy of becoming a parent together with her partner. However, their relationship had issues, resulting in their separation in the year 2016 and divorce in the year 2017. It was a bit complicated and they remained co-parent. The COVID-19 virus caused difficulties when it came to seeing Madison because of limitations on travel and custody arrangements which made it an extremely difficult aspects of the life of Mel B as an unmarried parent.

The three daughters of Mel B, Phoenix, Angel, and Madison each has their own tales and experiences, all that have been shaped in the lightbulb of mother’s fame as well as the difficulties they’ve encountered throughout their lives. Through it all, however Mel B’s love and devotion to her children have never wavered.

Mel B Family

Melanie Janine Brown, famously popularly referred to by the name Mel B, was born in Harehills, Leeds, and had her early years in the Burley district of the city. Her parents are Andrea as well as Martin Brown. Her family’s history is varied as her father comes in Saint Kitts and Nevis and her mother having English origin.

Her maternal lineage Mel B shares a significant connection to her family. Mel B is a first cousin of director and actor Christian Cooke in that Christian’s mother Di, as well as Mel B’s mother, Andrea, are sisters.

Mel B, a young girl

Mel B’s journey through school led her to Intake High School in Bramley, Leeds, where she learned about performing arts. Her first exposure to entertainment helped lay the foundation for her professional career.

Before becoming famous in the entertainment industry Mel B pursued a career as dancing instructor in Blackpool, Lancashire, gaining an invaluable knowledge of dance and performing arts. The first venture she took on marked the beginning of her path to becoming a well-known name within the realm of entertainment and music.

Mel B Career

Melanie Janine Brown, widely popularly referred to as Mel B, has crafted an impressive and diverse career that effortlessly moves between the worlds of music and television.

Music Career

Mel B’s journey into the world of music began with her debut solo album in 1998. It was marked through the releasing the single “I Would Like You To Return.” The debut single quickly climbed to the top spot at the top of the UK Singles Chart, signifying her debut into the world of music. In 2000, she took a leap into her own music career, releasing her first solo album, appropriately entitled “Hot.”

The album was an important milestone, with hits singles like “Tell me” and “Feels Good,”” each of which was able to achieve the top 5 spots within the UK charts. Mel B continued her musical endeavors when she released her second album by herself, “L.A. State of Mind,” in 2005 and was accompanied with the hit single “Today.” Her unstoppable talent and love for music was obvious throughout her professional career.

Television Career

In her transition to the television industry, Mel B embarked on the next stage in her professional career. Since 2007, she has been an established TV persona and highly sought-after judge for talent shows. Her journey on television began when she appeared on Season 5 of American dance show “Dancing With the Stars” in 2007. It was remarkable that she came in second place, along with her professional partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Between the years of 2011 and 2016 Mel B expanded her television presence by acting as an official judge and a guest on various versions of “The The X Factor” on Australia in the UK. She also presented the Australian version of “Dancing with the Stars” for a season that ran from 2012. In addition, her role as a judge grew into her role on the NBC reality series “America’s Got Talent” from 2013 until 2018 when she took on an important role in evaluating talent from a variety of disciplines.

She also volunteered to mentor for “The Voice Kids Australian” in 2014, and later took responsibility for judging in the shows “The Masked Singing Australia” as well as “Mask singer Spain” by 2022. Her participation on the UK television industry included co-hosting “Lip Sync Battle UK” along with singer Professor Green from 2016 to the year 2018. Mel B’s role as a judge continued when she was a part of “Queen of the Universe” in 2023, further establishing her position as a multifaceted and influential TV personality.

Mel B’s professional career is a testimony to her unfailing dedication as well as her versatility and achievements in the television and music industries. Her influence in these fields is appreciated by the masses around the world.

Mel B Age

In 2023 Mel B is 48 years old. As one of the most famous members of the female band Spice Girls Mel B played a significant role in inspiring women through music and spreading messages of girl power and unity. The group’s huge popularity and impact on culture continues to inspire musicians and fans all over the world.

As a solo artist, Mel B showcased her musical skills with her chart-topping hits as well as an impressive stage presence. Her ability to be able to reinvent herself and make return appearances after a break from the world of music is proof of her passion and dedication to her art. Mel B’s shift to television as a judge, and also a host illustrates her versatility and influence. She has coached and evaluated talent on numerous talent shows, and left an impression on the contestants as well as viewers.

Mel B Net Worth

The net worth of Mel B is $6.6 million. Mel B’s musical career includes her stint as a member of The Spice Girls and her solo musical endeavors. Singles, album sales, concerts, and singles have all contributed significantly to her earnings. Mel B has established herself as a TV performer and talent show judge on a variety of shows, including “Dancing with the Stars,”” “The X-Factor,”” “America’s Got Talent,”” as well as “The The Masked Singer.” These roles have brought her significant income. She has tried acting in television and film that have added to her earnings.

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