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who are Jorge Vilda? Learn about the fascinating journey that led to Jorge Vilda, a prominent coach in the world of football through his impressive career, to his loyal family and significant net worth. Find out the person Jorge Vilda is, what transpired during the coaching profession, as well as his background as a family member, his net worth and much more in this complete guide.

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who are you? Jorge Vilda?

Jorge Vilda Rodriguez, born 7 July 1981 located in Madrid, Spain, is a well-known name on the international scene of soccer. He is widely regarded for his work as a Spanish football manager and coach, currently chief coach for the Spain women’s national team since the year 2015. Although his coaching experience is notable however, what makes Jorge’s experience distinct is his transformation from being a soccer player, who was initially as a member of the youth teams of the most prestigious clubs such as Real Madrid, Rayo Vallecano as well as FC Barcelona, before shifting his coach’s focus due to severe knee injuries that he suffered at 17 years old.

His coaching experience is primarily a part of Spain’s women’s youth teams. Beginning in the role of assistant coach the WU17 and WU19 levels, he took on the head coaching position for Spain’s WU17s in 2009 the position that he held for five years. Jorge Vilda is not just an assistant coach, he’s an UEFA Pro Licence holder and is the director of sport for the Spanish FA’s (RFEF) women’s national team system. He is also an instructor of tactical skills at the National Coaching School. The couple is married to Maria, Jorge Vilda is an ardent participant in the world of football who is committed to both his sport and his work as coach.

What happened to Jorge Vilda?

Jorge Vilda’s coaching career has been full of successes and challenges. The month of September, 2022 saw a major disturbance occurred when fifteen of Spain’s women’s national soccer team players wrote letters in writing to Spanish football federation, expressing their discontent and threats to leave in the event that Vilda wasn’t removed from the position as a coach. The players voiced concerns about the effect of Vilda’s coach on their mental well-being as well as health.

The saga began after Spain’s quarter-final loss to England at the 2022 Euros which England won the competition. The players were said to be dissatisfied with a myriad of issues, including the selection of teams as well as training sessions and the management of injuries throughout the tournament. Despite this, Vilda remained resolute and was not averse to resignation.

The time has come to present Vilda’s leadership proved instrumental in steering Spain’s women’s soccer team into in 2023 the Fifa Women’s World Cup final an amazing change from the chaos that was threatening the team just a few months prior.

Jorge Vilda Wiki

Jorge Vilda Rodriguez, born 7 July 1981 from Madrid, Spain, is a Spanish soccer manager and coach who is renowned for his contribution to women’s soccer in Spain. He began his career as a player and was part of the teams for youth of famous clubs such as Real Madrid, Rayo Vallecano as well as FC Barcelona. But, his life was cut short due to two knee injuries major at the age of 17 which led him to transition to coaching.

Vilda’s coaching experience focuses around Spain’s women’s teams in which he began in the role of assistant coach the WU17 and the WU19 level. After 2009, he was appointed the position as the head coach for Spain’s WU17s. He held this post for a period of five years. In addition, he has as the coach for the Spain women’s national soccer team since 2015, leading the team through both success and difficulties.

In addition to his coaching position, Vilda is a UEFA Pro Licence Holder and serves as the sporting director for the Spanish FA’s women’s national system. He also serves as an instructor in the tactical area at the National Coaching School. In his private world, Jorge Vilda is married to Maria who is reported to possess two sons.

Jorge Vilda Wife

Jorge Vilda’s private life is defined by his union with Maria and the couple are being blessed with two children. Even though Jorge Vilda is celebrated for his outstanding achievements in women’s soccer as a manager and coach but his private life is exactly as private. Maria’s presence and role in his personal life have kept him off the radar of the media.

allowing Jorge to focus his relentless determination to his coaching career and constant dedication to the game. Behind the behind the scenes, Maria provides crucial support in assisting Jorge with the pressures and demands of the high-profile job her husband holds. Their devoted partnership is an unshakeable foundation for Jorge Vilda as he continues to lead and inspire on the field of football.

Jorge Vilda Parents

Jorge Vilda’s career in football is a direct result of his family, especially the father of his son, Angel Vilda, who is a major influencer in the world of Spanish soccer. But, despite speculation that Jorge’s coaching career might benefit from connections with family members, Angel has consistently refuted accusations of favoritism or nepotism.

Jorge’s climb from a junior player, who played for famous clubs such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona and now a well-known football coach is testimony to his unwavering determination, skill and love for the game. He has made his own path, and proved that his success is a result of his dedication to the game and his constant dedication to excellence instead of any perceived advantages of family. Jorge Vilda’s extraordinary journey stands as a testimony to his own merits and a deep enthusiasm for the game.

Jorge Vilda Net Worth

Jorge Vilda’s financial situation is an indication of his long and successful professional career in coaching football. The reports suggest that his net worth is in the amazing span between PS1.5 Million up to PS4 million. The wealth is a testament to the incredible story of a man that has dedicated his entire life to the game of football. The coaching career of Vilda has been characterized by numerous accomplishments and significant contribution to Spanish women’s soccer.

The value of his net worth not only confirms his financial success, but can also be a reflection of his unwavering devotion to the game. Through his time as a coach, Jorge Vilda has left an imprint on the field of women’s soccer in Spain. His passion for the sport as well as his tireless determination, has gone beyond any boundaries on the pitch.

Jorge Vilda Family

In Jorge Vilda’s personal life his family play an important and vital role. They have been the unwavering family that has stood at his side throughout his career in football. Alongside his wife, Maria, Jorge shares a full and fulfilling life as a family, and has had two children. Even though Jorge Vilda is a prominent player in the football world but his family is known to keep a low profile and prefers a quiet life away from the limelight.

The impact of the family members of Jorge on his journey is not to be understated. They are the emotional support that helps him overcomes the difficulties and triumphs that come with coaching. In a football world where the pressure to perform is constant Jorge Vilda’s family acts as a constant source of energy and motivation, proving his unwavering dedication to the wonderful game. Their dedication behind the scenes is a testimony to the value of family members in the career of athletes who dedicate all their time to the sport of sport.

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