Who is John Summit: Check Her Biography Here!

The pseudonym John Summit, John Schuster is a well-known American DJ and producer of electronic dance music. He was born in Chicago on the 29th of July 1994, he has received praise for his exceptional talent in the field of EDM.

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Who is John Summit?

John Schuster, professionally known as John Summit, is a prominent figure on the American electronic music scene. He was born on the 29th of July 1994. Originating from the renowned city of Chicago John Summit has made his own niche as a renowned electronic DJ and producer of dance music.

With a stunning performance in the world of festivals, John has graced the stages of famous events such as Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland as well as the Detroit Movement festival.

In particular the collaboration he made together with Sofi Tukker’s track “Sun Came Up” soared into the top 40 of the charts which is testament of his ability to write songs that resonate and are chart-topping. The year 2022 was the time John Summit embarked on an exciting new venture when he founded his own label “Off The Grid Records,” a label that emphasizes his determination to nurture emerging artists and expanding into the realm of digital music.

With his song “Human” securing the number 1 spot on the US Dance Radio charts, John Summit’s musical journey stands as a testimony of his creative genius and lasting influence on the music industry.

NameJohn Schuster
Stage NameJohn Summit
Birth DateJuly 29, 1994
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, USA
GenreElectronic Dance Music (EDM)

John Summit Tour Dates

September 1,2023Electric Zoo 2023New York City, NY1:00 pm
September 1,2023ARC Music Festival 2023Chicago, IL7:00 pm
September 2,2023ARC After Dark on Radius with John SummitChicago, IL10:00 pm
September 3,2023EZoo AfterpartyBrooklyn, NY10:30 pm
September 9,2023Factory 93 Presents: Everything AlwaysSeattle, WA3:00 pm
September 14,2023Imagine Music Festival 2023Rome, GA1:00 pm
September 22,2023Life is Beautiful Festival 2023Las Vegas Downtown, NV7:00 pm
September 22,2023FWD Day + NightClubCleveland, OH9:30 pm
October 2,2023EDC China 2023Suzhou, China7:00 pm
October 7,2023SavayaKabupaten Badung, Indo1:00 pm
October 13,2023Defected Dubai 2023Dubai, United Arab Emir7:00 pm
October 21,2023III Points 2023Miami, FL3:00 pm
October 22,2023Club SpaceMiami, FL11:00 pm
October 26,2023HulaweenLive Oak, FL12:00 pm
October 27,2023Hell’s Gala 2023New Orleans, LA7:00 pm
October 28,2023Mardi Gras WorldNew Orleans, LA9:00 pm
October 29,2023Factory TownMiami, FL7:00 pm
November 3,2023OTG present: John Summit + Guests TBAStanford, CA5:00 pm
December 1,2023KaufleutenZurich, Switzerland11:00 pm
December 16,2023BMO StadiumLos Angeles, CA5:00 pm
December 30,2023Decadence NYE 2023Denver, CO11:00 am
December 30,2023Decadence AZ 2023Avondale, AZ7:00 pm
January 24, 2024Groove Cruise Miami 2024Miami, FL7:00 pm

John Summit Age

John Summit, the accomplished name in electronic dance music brings his energy and creativity that he has experienced over the last 29 years of existence. Born on the 29th of July 1994, John Summit is the crossroads between youthful excitement and mature artistry every year adding to his ever-growing musicianship skills.

At just 29 years old, John Summit has already left a lasting impression on the world of music. Despite his age the musician has a maturity that is beyond his years as apparent in his intricate melodies, beats and rhythms that he expertly weaves into his songs. This mix of youth and maturity give his music a distinctive and exciting edge that resonates with listeners across generations.

John Summit Girlfriend

John Summit is a figure who is a person of integrity in particular in his private life. The way he keeps an unassuming profile can be seen by his conscious decision to keep his private life private. Even though he’s active via social media platforms, John Summit refrains from posting pictures or other details regarding his relationship or dating status. Instead his social media presence is focused on his work and enthusiasm for music.

It’s clear that his commitment to his work is the most important thing in his personal life currently. The creativity and artistry that he puts into his music are a reflection of his dedication to his art. Instead of being the subject of speculation in the media His focus appears to be on developing his musical skills and sharing his work with his listeners.

John Summit Net Worth

The popularity that has been enjoyed by John Summit as a musical artist has not only earned his immense acclaim, but been a major contributor to his financial success. With a significant presence on the electronic dance music industry Many are interested in the magnitude of his financial accomplishments. Based on exhaustive studies John Summit’s wealth has been estimated to be about 1 million dollars.

His career in the world of music with its infectious beats and compelling melodies, has certainly played a significant part in establishing his wealth. With his dedication to his art and ability to connect with fans across the globe, John Summit has not just earned himself a loyal following but also a privileged spot in terms of financial accomplishment.

John Summit Career

John Summit’s life is one of dedication, homage and a well-earned position in the world of dance electronic music. He adopted the moniker “John Summit” as a tribute to his father who was a artist John Summitt, his journey is inextricably linked to the musical legacy of his family. Beginning his journey to pursue his musical journey by sharing his music through platforms such as SoundCloud along with YouTube. The captivating music he shared went by unnoticed, soon reaching the attention of DJs, promoters in the local area who appreciated his talent.

To help him achieve his goals, John Summit diligently reached out to established and well-known labels who he liked looking for suggestions and opportunities for sponsorship. It was his breakthrough single “Deep End” that transformed his career in the 2020s.

With a catchy vocal sample from Destiny’s child’s “Jumpin’ Jumpin’,” the track quickly became an instant hit. The track’s popularity through TikTok and Spotify helped propel it to the top on the US Dance Radio chart and earned a spot in the sixth position at the top of the UK Dance chart.

John Summit Height

John Summit’s physical appearance reveals the combination of charm and allure. At 5’8 tall, he has an attractive body which is in harmony with his captivating personality. In addition to his size his weight is estimated to be 71 kilos which contributes to his attractive and well-balanced appearance.

Although John Summit’s music is definitely the mainstay of his public persona however, his physical appearance and attractive appearance contribute the stage appearance and popularity. When he hits the dance floor and impresses his audience by his music, his size and manner of speaking enhance the experience which makes him an outstanding persona in the electronic dance music scene.

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