Who is Jenna Ortega Dating Now: Does Jenna Ortega Have A Boyfriend?

Jenna Ortega’s boyfriend is a popular question among fans. If you’re also curious, read this article about Jenna Ortega’s Boyfriend.

Jenna Ortega is who?

Jenna Ortega was born September 27, 2002 in America. Her career began as a child actress. She was recognized for her role as Jane the Virgin, the comedy-drama television series. Ortega was the first to play Harley Diaz in the Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle (2016-2018), where she received an Imagen Award. She also appeared in the second season, in 2019, of the thriller series You.

Ortega’s role in The Fallout, a teen drama film (2021), was critically acclaimed. She then starred in Scream VI (2023) and Scream X (2022). Ortega stars in Netflix’s horror-comedy Wednesday as Wednesday Addams. She has been nominated both for Screen Actors Guild Awards and Golden Globes.

Jenna Ortega is currently dating?

Jenna has not been in a relationship since 2023. Jenna is well-known for keeping her romantic life secret and has not revealed any details about her current relationships. In an interview with Dax Shepard (an actor), she discussed her dating approach and why she doesn’t want to pursue a romantic relationship. Jenna says that her career is her main priority and she doesn’t feel comfortable being vulnerable or trusting someone in a relationship. She mentioned that she was in a previous relationship for several years, but it got too chaotic. Jenna admits that she may need to focus on her work more, but it is her main focus right now.

Jenna Ortega Cousin:

Jenna Ortega, an American actress, is well-known for her roles on TV and in movies such as “Jane the Virgin” or “Wednesday.” Her outstanding performances have earned her numerous nominations and made her a household star.

Manuel Boza is a well-known YouTube personality and content creator. He has amassed a large following through his channel. He has also collaborated with YouTubers to create entertaining videos that show his life.

Fans have speculated about Jenna Ortega’s possible relationship with Manuel Boza. Some even wondered if they were cousins. There isn’t any evidence that supports this claim. It is more likely they share a friendship or professional relationship. This possibility may have been sparked by Boza’s viral video, “I Asked Jenna Ortega on a Date,” which received significant attention via social media.

Jenna Ortega Dating History

Jenna Ortega, a talented actress, gained fame for her role on the TV series Jane the Virgin. She also appeared in “Stuck In the Middle”, a Disney Channel series, and “You,” a Netflix series. Jenna’s acting career is booming, but her romantic life remains a mystery. Jenna spoke out on a podcast in February 2019, and clarified her relationship history.

Jenna has been linked to a few people, including Jacob Sartorius, Asher Angel and Isaak Pressley, her “Stuck in the Middle”, co-star. Jenna was Jacob’s love interest in Jacob’s “Chapstick” music video. The two were friends, but did not enter into a relationship. After Jenna and Asher were photographed together in couple’s costumes at Just Jared’s Halloween party, a fashion show and the premiere of “Venom”, fans began to speculate about a possible romance. The allegations were denied or confirmed by neither Asher nor Jenna. Jenna was also rumored as being with Isaak Presley during filming of “Stuck in the Middle,” however, they remained close friends.

Does Jenna Ortega Have a Boyfriend?

Jenna Ortega has seen a rise in her acting since landing the role of “Wednesday”, a Netflix spinoff called The Addams Family. Despite the fact that the 20-year old actress from California had previously shown her talents in movies such as The Fallout (2021), Scream (222) and X (222) and on TV shows like Jane the Virgin (2014-2018), Stuck in the Middle (2016) and You (2019), Ortega’s popularity skyrocketed after she played Wednesday Addams.

The show’s director Tim Burton directs Wednesday to investigate a series murders at Nevermore Academy, a fictional school for freaks, outcasts and monsters. The show also focuses Wednesday’s love triangle between Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), and fellow psychic Xavier Thorpe, (Percy Hynes White).

Fans were impressed by the chemistry between Ortega and Doohan as well as White’s characters. Many fans were curious if Ortega was dating one of her co-stars or if she is with another partner.

Ortega is not known for being open about her private life. After attending the 2023 Golden Globe Awards together, some fans speculated that Ortega is in a relationship with Percy Hynes White (her co-star on “Wednesday”) and are currently engaged to be married. On the red carpet, White referred to her as her “friend”. White and Ortega will also be co-starring in a romance movie.

Ortega is rumored have been with actor Asher Angel and singer Jacob Sartorius in the past. Angel and Ortega were often spotted together. They even dressed up as Ariana Grande or Pete Davidson at a Halloween party in 2018. Ortega was also seen with Sartorius, after sharing a kiss in his 2017 song “Chapstick”.

Ortega, however, denied any dating rumors in her 2019 appearance on Just Between Us podcast. According to the internet, she dated six men, but she said that she dated none of them. Sartorius also called Ortega his “friend” and denied any romantic relationship with her. Percy Hynes White also refers to Ortega in interviews as his “friend”.

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