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Who is Ian Book? Learn more about Ian Book, a 25-year-old American football player, and find out about his height, age family, nationality, parents and the relationship with his partner Kendall Moore.

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Who is Ian Book?

Ian Book is an American football quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles who has made an important mark in the world of American football by being a skilled quarterback. He is a graduate of his home at the University of Notre Dame, Book displayed his outstanding capabilities and leadership during his time in college football. His ability to read the rules of play, making swift judgments and making accurate passes made him stand out as an exceptional player.

in 2021. Book’s work and commitment to his work led to a pivotal event in his professional career. He was chosen in 2021 by the New Orleans Saints in the fourth round of the NFL Draft. This was a testimony to his dedication and determination in developing his talents. Now, as a part of the Philadelphia Eagles, Book continues to show his love for football and his determination to succeed at the highest level instilling confidence in football fans and athletes who are aspiring.

Ian Book Bio

Ian Book, born on March 30, 1998 located in El Dorado Hills, California and is now a 25-year-old American football player. He received his education at the University of Notre Dame, where he worked on his football skills. He previously went to Oak Ridge High School. The journey from high school to college, and then the professional NFL highlights his dedication to the sport as well as his constant improvement as an athlete.

NameIan Book
ProfessionFootball Quarterback
BornMarch 30, 1998
BirthplaceEl Dorado Hills, CA, U.S.
Marital StatusUnmarried

Ian Book Age

Ian Book, born on March 30, 1998 at El Dorado Hills, California He is now 25 years old when he turns 2023. The football player began his career by playing football in high school playing at Oak Ridge High School. Interestingly, Book’s dedication towards his career in football changed after he signed up for Washington State but eventually changed his decision towards Notre Dame. This was a crucial event in his progress to becoming a renowned football player.

Ian Book Height

Ian Book stands at a height of 6 feet and 0 inches, which equates in height to 1.83 meters. This is an important physical feature that is a key factor in his status as a football player. At this high point, Book possesses a balanced combination of agility, vigilance as well as athleticism in the playing field. In the world of American football the quarterback’s height could affect their game.

The height of six feet permits Book to enjoy an expansive perspective of the playing field. This makes it much easier to see defenses, evaluate the situation, and then make precise passes. Furthermore, it gives him a good position from which to make quick decision-making, whether it’s finding open receivers or staying clear of opponents’ defenders.

Ian Book Net Worth

Ian Book’s principal source of income comes from his work playing professional soccer player. As a player of the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League (NFL), the player earns a salary as well as bonuses in accordance with your contract. This is in addition to the compensation he receives for his performance during games, practices and other team-related activities.

As well as in addition to his NFL earnings, Book might also earn money from different endorsements, sponsorships, as well as promotional events that are standard to professional athletes. These opportunities let him increase his stature and fame for his position as an NFL player to work with companies and brands. Ian Book’s income is derived mainly from his football experience which includes his position as an NFL quarterback. NFL which could be supplemented by other opportunities related to partnerships and endorsements.

Ian Book Net Worth
NameIan Book
Net Worth$1 Million – $5 Million
Professionfootball quarterback
Income sourceThrough His Sports Career

Ian Book Parents

His parents, Rick Book and Kim Book both played major role in his life. He was born on the 30th of March, 1998 located in El Dorado Hills, California, U.S., Ian was raised in a household which has remained largely private with regard to the amount of details. Despite the enigma about Ian’s parents Ian did not provide any extensive information to the public about them. What is known is Rick Kim Book and Rick Kim Book share a special relationship, since they were high school lovers. Their relationship lasted for a long time, which resulted in their marriage after a few several years of living together.

Being from an established family His mom, Kim, pursued a career as a registered nurse and his father, Rick was a professional as a former police officer. With a solid background Ian’s parents have supported his soccer ambitions because he was attracted to the game. Ian always displayed a distinct determination to follow his career as well as his family has been unwavering in their support.

Alongside the parents of his, Ian Book has an older brother called Nick Book, also known as Nolan Book. As they grew up The siblings shared experiences and helped each other in their endeavors and contributed to the development of Ian as an individual and as a footballer. His family that includes his parents as well as brother, has certainly been a major factor in guiding Ian’s development from his early days to his achievements being a successful professional football player.

Ian Book Nationality

Ian Book holds American nationality and proudly represents this country as the United States. His nationality is a reflection of his home town located in El Dorado Hills, California in which was born on March 30th 1998. Being an American by birth, Book is part of the many people who are part of the vibrant sporting and cultural landscape of our nation. Book’s American nationality is more than an official designation. It’s a sign of his identity as well as a link to the nation’s past.

The nationality of his birth as well as the education he received and the opportunities he’s received which include the opportunity to pursue his love of football. As a representative of his country, the United States, Ian Book’s successes in football as well as his transition from his college days to professional play as a testimony to his commitment, dedication to work and the ideals that are commonly related to the American dream.

Ian Book Girlfriend

Ian Book has been in an open relationship with Kendall Moore since 2018, showing a bond that has grown stronger throughout the years. The couple’s journey has brought them together with each other, sharing their lives. In the present the couple hasn’t had any babies and aren’t expecting to have children in the near future.

Their love for each other is evident in the photos they often post on Instagram. Ian And Kendall’s photos express the happiness they feel in one another’s company, and provide glimpses of their experiences together and the milestones they have achieved. Kendall’s active support of Ian’s career is especially apparent, as is her presence regularly appearing on his games.

While they’ve had a great time over four years of being together however, they have not yet taken the first step toward wedding or engagement. But their ongoing relationship and apparent compatibility point to an optimistic future. Their love story serves as an inspiration to people who follow their journey hoping that their long-lasting bond will eventually take into the new chapter in marriage and commitment.

Ian Book Stats

TeamsYearRoster StatusTD-INTPassing YardsCompletion %Passer Rating
New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles2021-PresentActive0-213560.040.6

Ian Book Career

Ian Book’s journey in football began during his college years when he first wore the redshirt during his first year during his time at Notre Dame to preserve a year of eligibility. Through his first few years of college Book was a bit behind quarterbacks such as Malik Zaire, DeShone Kizer as well as Brandon Wimbush. But, during his 2017 campaign, the book’s opportunity was to start in place of wounded Wimbush in the game against North Carolina which led Notre Dame to a decisive victory. Book continued to make important contributions, leading his team of Irish in a dramatic comeback victory at the 2017 Citrus Bowl.

The 2018 season was the turning point in Book’s career. He was promoted to player of the team, and demonstrated his ability in both rushing and passing as he led Notre Dame to significant victories. In particular, his performance in the games against Stanford and Northwestern demonstrated how he could lead the team at crucial moments. Under the leadership of Book, Notre Dame secured a perfect regular season, and also qualified for the College Football Playoff, although they were unable to beat Clemson at the Cotton Bowl Classic.

The 2019 season was a time of Book’s continuing excellence, breaking records for touchdowns, and aiding in the team’s success. The ability of Book to throw several touchdowns in one half and the role he played in Notre Dame’s wins demonstrated his consistent performance and progress as an offensive player. The decision to play in 2020 being a redshirt junior has paid well, as he established his place in Notre Dame’s history of football by breaking records and helping the team reach winning the College Football Playoff once again.

Book’s stellar college experience led to his entrance in the NFL. He was drafted by New Orleans Saints in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. In spite of a tough beginning and a slow start in the NFL Book’s talent and determination were apparent. His time with the Saints was not without highs and lows that ultimately led to his departure in August 2022.

After his departure after his departure from the Saints, Book found a new job to join the Philadelphia Eagles. He was able to claim the waivers and began the next chapter of his professional life in hopes of making his mark like he had during his time in college. Book’s tale exemplifies the triumphs and tribulations of a footballer’s young journey, showing his strength as well as his resiliency and dedication for the game. In his time through the NFL Ian Book’s professional career is a testament to his progress determination, passion, and love for football.

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