Who Is Chie Kelly: What Happened To Chie Kelly?

In this article, we will discuss The Loch Ness Monster as it is once again making waves on the internet. Once the general public comes to be aware of this monster, they begin to browse the internet to find out more about the creature. For our readers, we’ve provided details on the creature within this post. We will also give information about the latest media coverage of them, since the general public is looking for it on the internet. Continue reading the article to learn more.

Who is Chie Kelly?

Chie Kelly’s incredible photos reveal the unnamed giant eel-like creature lying in a trance on the Loch’s surface. The fear of being a victim has made it difficult to reveal photos of them, the person who snapped the “most amazing” photographs of Loch Ness Monster to date was recognized. Chie Kelly captured some stunning pictures of an unknown Eel-like creature sloshing across the surface of the fabled Loch. The translator Chie 51, as well as her husband who is a businessman Scott who is 68, were taking pictures of the scenery at Dores when they spotted an odd creature that was that was moving from left to right at a distance of about 100 meters.

At the time of the incident, Mrs Kelly who hails located in Ascot in Berkshire was on holiday along with family members. The family later relocated to the Black Isle close to Fortose. “My husband was born in the Inverness region which is why Dores Beach is a very special place to me since it was the place I used to go when we first got to know each other,” said Mrs Kelly an American-born woman. “After having dinner with friends at The Dores Inn we headed out for a walk. The creature was about 200m off shoreline, and was moving from left to right it was exactly when I was taking photos of Scott and our daughter Alisa at the time, who was five, using the camera of my Cannon camera.

Sometimes it would be moving and twirling. A neck or head was not apparent. The head disappeared after couple of minutes and we did not see it again. We didn’t see a head and it didn’t come back up to air and I believed it might be an otter, perhaps a pair of otters or perhaps a seal. On the surface it moved in a strange manner. The sound was not at all around us. Under the water, were bizarre designs. It was dark and I was unable to tell the colour of the water. The two pieces visible were only two meters long when they were they were combined, but I was not able to gauge the length of each piece.

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