Who is Carla Crummie: What Happened To Carla Crummie?

Carla Crummie, a Christian therapy and author, well-known for her skills in Christian counseling as well as the time she was married with the Dr. Robert W. Crummie she is currently married to Dr. Tony Evans, the revered pastor of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.

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Who is Tony Evans?

The Dr. Tony Evans is a popular person within his Christian community. Pastor, writer and a public speaker who has had a major impression through his preaching and his leadership. With a lengthy and impressive career in the field, the Dr. Evans has earned recognition for his inspiring messages and dedication to spreading the gospel of faith. Through his entire life the Tony Evans has been a tireless advocate for the gospel. Tony Evans has been determined to serve people with his ministry.

He has been honored with numerous recognitions and awards in recognition of his work, such as recognition as Father of the Year as well as The Marian Pfister Anschutz award. He is a Dr. Evans’ work extends beyond the pulpit, as he has also been a chaplain for both the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks. His influence on the world of faith as well as his desire to help others has been a renowned figure for believers, and an inspiration to many.

NameTony Evans
BornSeptember 10, 1949
AgeAge 74
BirthplaceBaltimore, Maryland, United States
SpouseLois Evans
ChildrenPriscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans, Chrystal Evans Hurst, Jonathan Evans
ParentsArthur Evans, Evelyn Evans
GrandchildrenJackson Shirer, Jude Shirer, Jerry Jr. Shirer
OccupationChristian Pastor, Author, Speaker, and Radio Broadcaster

Dr. Tony Evans is Engaged to Dr. Carla Crummie?

The Rev. Dr. Tony Evans, the revered pastor of the prestigious Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, recently announced his wedding with the Dr. Carla Crummie during a Sunday service on September 10 2023. The happy news was announced alongside an emotional tribute to his wife of a few years, Lois, who had died four years earlier. The Dr. Evans was joined on the stage by his kids, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans Jr., Crystal Hurst as well as Jonathan Evans, as he announced the news to his family and friends.

When as Dr. Tony Evans celebrated his birthday in Dallas The announcement of his wedding with Dr. Carla Crummie added an extra ray of happiness the celebration. He emphasized the need to pray during this difficult time, particularly as he neared 4 years since his wife’s passing. Their close family unit and strong bond have aided each other through the challenges and the ups as well as The Rev. Evans emphasized the profound impact that Lois has had on his life, family and his work. This marriage marks a beginning of a new phase in his story and is a celebration of love and hope following a time of sorrow.

Tony Evans Age

Dr. Tony Evans is currently at 74 years old. He celebrated his birthday on the 14th of July in Dallas, Texas, amid celebratory celebrations and news of his wedding with the Dr. Carla Crummie. Through his lengthy and influential career that included Dr. Evans has been a prominent figure in the field of Christian leadership and ministry. Despite his age his commitment and passion to his family, faith and the community remains unwavering.

It is Dr. Evans’ age also is a reflection of his wisdom and experience that which he brings to his job as Pastor and leader. Through his career, he has been a source of inspiration for many through his sermons, books, and lectures. While he continues to influence and impact positively in the lives of countless people, his age can be a proof of his unwavering devotion to his faith as well as his mission to share faith and guidance.

Who is Carla Crummie?

Carla Crummie is a Christian writer, therapist and Kindness ambassador for The Urban Alternative. She is renowned for her experience on Christian counseling, with a specialization in helping blended families and couples deal with their issues. Carla is certified as a coach for life from John Maxwell and has built an extensive clientele. Prior to her wedding with Dr. Tony Evans, she was prior to that, was married with the late Dr. Robert W. Crummie and they worked together until the passing of their husbands in the month January of the year 2020.

Carla Crummie’s dedication to her profession and the position as a Kindness ambassador demonstrate her commitment to encouraging positivity and encouragement within the communities she serves. The work she does with Christian Life Coaching and counseling is a testament to her love for helping people build healthy and strong relationships, while dealing with the challenges of life.

NameCarla Crummie
OccupationChristian Therapist, Author, Kindness Ambassador
Marital StatusEngaged to Dr. Tony Evans
Previous MarriageDr. Robert W. Crummie
Collaborative WorkI worked together with the Dr. Robert W. Crummie until his death tragically in January of 2020.

Carla Crummie Family

The family of Carla Crummie is a significant aspect to her existence. While the specifics of her family’s background might not be well-known but it is clear that she cherishes family connections and bonds. As a Christian Life coach and therapist she is likely to bring her understanding of the importance of family interactions into her work, helping others deal with the struggles and pleasures of living with family.

Carla’s marriage with the Dr. Tony Evans also signifies the importance of family to her life. It is also a sign of the importance family plays in her life. Evans, who has four children, has been transparent about the part his family has in his ministry and life. When Carla Crummie becomes a part of this family that is close, it demonstrates the importance in family bonds as well as the support throughout their journey.

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