Who is Brad Keselowski Wife: Is Brad Keselowski Married?

Discover who Brad Keselowski wife and meet his children. Learn about the personal aspect of Brad Keselowski, the NASCAR driver and his family.

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Who is Brad Keselowski?

Brad Keselowski is a prominent name on the scene of American stock car racing. Born on the 12th of February 1984, he has made himself a renowned professional driver team owner, team owner, and businessman. Keselowski participates on the NASCAR Cup Series, where he is the driver of the No. 6 Ford Mustang for RFK Racing. Additionally, he’s partner in the ownership of RFK Racing.

The racing career of the driver began in 2004 and throughout the years, he has accomplished remarkable feats which include being the winner of his first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship in 2012, as well as winning the Nationwide Series championship in 2010.

Which Brad Keselowski’s spouse is she?

Paige White, also recognized as Paige Keselowski, is the wife of Brad Keselowski. The couple was married on April 6, 1988 and is from Plymouth, North Carolina. Paige has a degree in psychology and a pre-med major that she obtained through East Carolina University in 2010. Growing up in a family that was racing-oriented and her dad Louis White being a former short-track racer, Paige met Brad Keselowski in 2004. They began to meet and wed in the year the year 2017. Their marriage is marked by mutual love and values they share.

Who is Paige White?

Paige White, born on April 6 1988, has been a major person to the story of Brad Keselowski. She is an educated individual who has an undergraduate degree in psychology with an emphasis on pre-med from East Carolina University. Paige has the parents of Louis White and Vanessa Furlough White. With a race heritage within the White family tree, Paige has an enduring relationship and friendship with Brad Keselowski, whom she began dating in 2004.

Paige’s involvement goes beyond family’s activities She actively contributes to Brad’s philanthropic efforts especially by donating to her involvement with the Chequered Flag Foundation.

What happened when Brad Keselowski and Paige White meet?

The exact story of the moment that Brad Keselowski and Paige White first met is obscured by mystery. It is believed the fact that their shared passion for racing was an important role in their coming together. Their relationship started in 2004 and, in time, their common desires and deep connections resulted in a strong and long-lasting connection. Their relationship journey culminated with their engagement in 2016, and then their wedding on February 10 in 2017.

Brad Keselowski Children

Brad Keselowski and his wife, Paige White, are happy parents of 2 gorgeous children. Their family is set to expand even more due to the excitement of having the birth of a third child. The journey of parents started with the birth of their youngest child, Scarlett who was born on the 19th of May in 2015. The birth of her daughter brought great joy and was a significant event for Brad as well as Paige’s life. Their devotion and love for each other as parents was evident when they dealt with the challenges, which included health concerns that surfaced shortly after the birth of Scarlett.

In the year 2019, their family grew again, thanks to the birth of the second child, Autumn, on November 30. The arrival of Autumn brought more joy and love to their family strengthening the close-knit relationship that makes up their Keselowski family. With a new exciting next chapter in the pipeline, Brad and Paige have announced the imminent arrival to their 3rd child. A little boy who is expected to arrive in November 2023.

The joyous news has brought an anticipation and excitement as they are preparing to welcome a new addition to their family. While Brad Keselowski excels on the racetrack, and Paige White contributes to philanthropic projects Their roles as loving parents will remain at the center of their relationship.

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