Who is Ben Azelart Dating: Is Ben Azelart Dating Hannah?

Ben Azelart has many fans who wonder about his relationship history.

Ben Azelart: Who is he?

Ben Azelart, an American YouTube star, skateboarder, and actor, was born on January 10, 2002 in Texas, United States. Born in Texas on 10 January 2002 to parents Jill Azelart and Lionel Azelart. Ben spent the majority of his childhood with his brother Julien in Hawaii, where he attended Kailua Intermediate School.

Ben Azelart started his social media career in 2014 by creating funny videos for Vine. He moved to YouTube after Vine closed, where he made videos about skateboarding and pranks. His content was very popular and attracted a lot attention, which allowed him to build a large following on social media.

Ben’s channel on YouTube has more than 8 million subscribers and his videos are viewed in excess of 1 billion times. Ben is also active on TikTok where he has 16 million followers, and has amassed over 1 billion Likes. Ben Azelart, in addition to his career on social media, is also a professional skating and has taken part in many skateboarding competitions.

He has worked on advertising campaigns for various companies and brands, such as Red Bull and Sony. Ben Azelart’s popularity is growing with every passing day, thanks to his entertaining and creative content on social media.

Who is Ben Azelart dating in 2023?

Ben Azelart recently dated Hannah Thomas, an Instagram model who has over 120k followers. Ben Azelart has thanked Hannah for being in his life in a number of pictures. The couple has collaborated in various YouTube and TikTok video, which showcases their playful and fun relationship.

Ben Azelart announced his relationship with Hannah Thomas in a Facebook post on February 15, 2020. He shared romantic photos taken of the two on Valentine’s Day. It is clear from their social media updates that they love spending time together. Hannah and Ben competed in a kissing contest on Ben’s Facebook page. They made it to finals, but lost the $10,000 prize.

Ben Azelart Dating History

Ben Azelart, then 16 years old in May 2018, was said to have been romantically involved with the actress Brighton Sharbino. It is unclear how or when they met but it appears that they became close over time. Brighton posted a picture of the two on her Instagram account, captioned “Prom with Benazelart”, with two heart emojis. They appeared to be posing as a couple.

Brighton confirmed their relationship in June 2020, when her sister Saxon Sharbino pranked her in a video on YouTube titled, “I filled my Sisters room with pictures of Her Ex-BOYFRIEND(Ben Azelart). SHOCKING reaction.” Brighton said that the couple had been together for nearly a year and their breakup “was one of the smoothest you could have experienced.” The two appear to be on good terms.

Ben’s relationship with Brighton ended and he was linked to the social media personality Lexi Hensler. The two were just friends who worked together and appeared in videos. In a September 2018 video titled “WHAT IS MY RELATIONSHIP ACT? SINGLE?! Ben confessed that he was in love with someone.

Some speculated that it was Lexi Rivera. They created a lot together and Lexi called him her “boyfriend” or “crush” on some of their videos. Lexi Rivera admitted that she was not dating anyone in May 2020 in a video Q&A titled “Lexi Rivera answers the Internet’s most searched questions about herself”. It is possible that Lexi denied their relationship in order to keep it private.

Is Ben Azelart Dating Hannah?

Hannah Thomas is Ben’s girlfriend. Ben Azelart (age 19) began dating Hannah Thomas in mid-2021, after he broke up with Lexi Rivera, a model on Instagram and a member of Fashion Nova, in late 2020. Hannah Thomas is 22-years-old, was born August 30, 2000 and has more than 120k Instagram followers.

Ben and Hannah have been together almost two years, which is longer than his previous relationship with Lexi. Ben didn’t make their relationship public at first. He posted a photo with Hannah in 2021 on Halloween, and then on Valentine’s Day 2022 he sent her valentine gifts and shared a polaroid picture.

Ben has shared several pictures of the two of them kissing on New Year’s Day 2023. Ben and Hannah adopted a Labradoodle, named Roger after Ben’s middle-name. They seem to have a good relationship and we wish the best of luck for their career and future together.

Ben Azelart Biography

NameBen Azelart
AgeAs of 2023, 21-year-olds
ProfessionYouTube star, actor, and skateboarder
Birth PlaceTexas, United States

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