Who Is Angelito Rencio: What Happened To Angelito Rencio?

In the recent reports, it was revealed that an alleged gunman in the vicinity of Makati Road surrendered during the fight. You must look up the story for more information and details about the incident. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest information and the latest updates.

Who Is Angelito Rencio?

The news reported that Angelito Rencio surrendered on a Thursday evening in the Makati City police station. According to the sources, an alleged motorcycle rider who was filmed during an altercation with a police officer surrendered to the Makati City police on Thursday. On the same day, around 7:45 p.m., Angelito Rancio was arrested to his Makati City Police Station. But, he went to his workplace and surrendered by pondering the charges filed against him as well as for safety motives, once he understood the motive and recognizing that his post was on social media, which was viewed by millions. The arrested person, Rencio allegedly introduced himself as a former officer of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that was later denied and disproved from the army.

In an audio clip that was released, the car belonging to Pasay Police Marson Dolipas allegedly almost collided with a bike of Rencio. A recent video interview Dolipas advised Rencio to be careful when driving, however, the driver cursed at the driver. When they got to Arrnaiz Avenue, Dolipas said that he saw the driver ahead of him, which raised his shirt and caused an incident that resulted in a gunshot. In an announcement that was released, the NCRPO spokesperson explained this incident had been reported to Makati police, however the desk officer and sub-station commander were found to have errors. Following an the investigation, they were removed from their positions which were being investigated. In addition, he had a number of allegations against him. they include:

  • The Republic Act No. 10591 also known as the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act.
  • The article 177 in the Revised Penal Code or disrespecting the authority.
  • Article 150 in the RPC or disobedience and resistance to an individual who is in authority.

The new complaints comprise:

  • RA No. 493 or the law preventing the use of military ranks to those who aren’t in the military.
  • Section 172, RPC or the falsification of documents that are public.

According to reports, on the 25th of August the video of the altercation that showed Dolipas holding guns in his hands and putting the rider to the ground became viral. We thank you so much for being such a loyal reader. As you are aware sharing is always welcomed.

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