Who is Amy Slaton New Boyfriend: Check Her Dating History Here!

“1000-Lb. Sisters” star Amy Slaton finds new love after separating from Michael Halterman. We also learn about her story from a breakup to a burgeoning romance.

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Who is Amy Slaton New Boyfriend?

Amy 35 years old, is entangled in a romantic relationship that is blossoming with Tony the couple, a romance that has lasted “about three months” and is clearly becoming more serious every day. According to an unnamed sources close to the stars of 1000-pound. Sisters, the new relationship has been granted legal status with the relationship lasting for three months.

Despite the growing connection with Amy with Tony, the consequences of her divorce and ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband Michael Halterman, aged 40 and a father of two, has caused Amy to take care when publicizing her relationship with Tony publicly. This prudence has manifested in her refusal to openly acknowledge the relationship.

In revealing the secrets behind this guarded method, the insider revealed, “She’s been keeping him on the down low, but he’s been living with her in Kentucky.” The mysterious Tony comes in Battle Creek, Michigan, and, surprisingly, prior to the move into Kentucky, Amy made frequent trips to spend time with him.

One of the most important aspects of this new narrative can be seen in the children’s presence. The insider added, “From what I know, the kids live with them.” Amy is a mom to two boys who are young, Gage and Glenn who are two and one and both fathered by her former partner Michael.

The current state of the relationship between Amy and Tony sources confirm their relationship “going strong,” and they are investing significant time and effort into developing a relationship with the children of Amy. Recent footage posted on Amy’s YouTube channel was of Tony and his wife, who were celebrating Glenn’s 1st birthday at an Hibachi restaurant. In the video, Amy accidentally revealed her nickname for Tony”daddy. “daddy.”

The video captured a touching moment when Glenn joyfully blew out his candles for birthday celebrations, and was surrounded by a crowd of well-wishers. One thing that was missing from the celebration However it was Michael who didn’t appear to be a part of his son’s birthday party at the restaurant.

Who is Amy Slaton?

Amy Slaton is a YouTube celebrity, TV host as well as one of the characters on the reality show “1000-Lb. Sisters”. Her birth date was October 28th, 1987. She became famous for her YouTube videos along with their sister Tammy Slaton. The show is centered around the life of the Slaton sisters who weigh more than a thousand pounds and have always relied on one another for help.

Amy has also defied expectations by establishing her career in the entertainment industry and starting a family of her own.
Alongside her involvement in “1000-Lb. Sisters”, Amy is also active on YouTube and has a channel along with Tammy, her sibling. Tammy. Tammy and Amy have been creating videos since 2011 sharing their life and experiences to their followers. The videos cover a wide spectrum of topics, such as food fashion, beauty, and food and have accumulated thousands of viewers.

Alongside being active on social media, Amy has also been active in numerous charitable causes. She has contributed funds to organisations that help people suffering from illnesses and has been an active advocate for body positivity as well as self-love. Her message of body positivity and self-acceptance has been embraced by many of her people who admire her for being an inspirational role model.

Amy Slaton is a well-known name in the world of entertainment and is known for her honest and likable persona. She has been a source of source of inspiration for many who suffer from weight loss and health issues. She has utilized her platform to promote optimism and bring awareness to crucial issues.

When Did ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Stars Amy Slaton And Michael Halterman Split?

Amy and Michael got married in March 2019 and their family grew by the birth of their first son, Gage in November 2020 Then came an additional son born, Glenn, in July 2022.

While their relationship seemed content in Season 4 of this reality show speculation of a split began circulated in February 2023 after reports came out about Amy and her children had left the same Kentucky home.

The situation was confirmed when In Touch revealed three weeks after the fact that Michael had filed a formal application with the court in march. The records of the legal system from Kentucky courts, which were reviewed through In Touch, showed that Michael wanted to dissolve the marriage with a particular focus on their children.

As Petitioner Michael started a conference to manage the case that included him as well as Amy as described in the court papers exclusively obtained through In Touch. Michael also sought an order of civil restraining, in order to maintain an approximate distance of 500 feet between them.

Additionally, the documents outline his request for a temporary shared custody for their kids, as well as the condition that neither would be able to discuss divorce in public. The documents also set February 24, 2023 as the day they would be able to celebrate their official separation.

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