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Who is Allan Kassenoff? Examine the controversy surrounding Allan Kassenoff and acknowledge the different perspectives.

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Allan Kassenoff: Who is he?

Allan Kassenoff is a highly experienced trial lawyer with more than two decades of experience. He specializes in complex legal issues within the technology and industrial sectors. His areas of expertise include intellectual property disputes, ANDA Hatch Waxman litigation and post-issuance proceedings.

Allan studied chemical engineering as an undergraduate. Later, he attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School and earned his law degree there in 1998.

Catherine Kassenoff and Allan Kassenoff both worked as attorneys in New York. Catherine, however, decided to quit her job to devote herself to raising the couple’s daughters. Catherine Kassenoff has been diagnosed with cancer three times, as shown in different videos. These videos show Allan criticizing his daughter and wife, and using abusive language.

Warning about content: This article contains descriptions of abusive behaviors. Please be aware of the fact that some content could be disturbing. Please use your discretion when reading.

Who was Catherine Youssef Kassenoff?

Catherine Youssef Kassenoff married Allan Kassenoff on November 2006, while she was serving as the Senior Counsel and VP at Citigroup Inc. They welcomed three daughters to their family. Catherine was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and 2017 and has just received a devastating third cancer diagnosis.

In February 2016, Catherine was first accused of being physically abused by Allan. Catherine then lost custody of her kids about three years ago. This marked a major change in the family dynamic.

Catherine’s Facebook profile has taken a worrying turn. She has described the incidents in detail and attached court documents that outline her experiences. In order to protect the information, we have taken screenshots of the posts in case Allan’s lawyer decides to seize them. The posts provide a detailed look at Catherine’s struggle to keep her composure as her husband destroys her reputation, and her mental health. Allan appears to have considerable power, money, and connections that allow him to commit these crimes.

Catherine Youssef Kassenoff’s Story

Online, a video that captures the heartbreaking psychological abuse suffered by Catherine Kassenoff who was terminally sick at the time has been widely circulated. The video, widely shared on platforms such as TikTok, by @therobbieharvey sheds light on Catherine’s shocking circumstances. She was a Westchester-based former federal prosecutor who advocated for reforms in family courts.

Catherine allegedly recorded video clips of herself describing the abuse that she endured. This allegedly led her to consider assisted suicide. Viewers are appalled by the content and are deeply concerned about her wellbeing.

Catherine, who bravely battled breast cancer on Sunday, May 28th, 2023, shared her final message in a touching Facebook post. “It’s with a profound sadness, which I hope you never experience, that i write my last post.” Today, I’m going to end my life. In a beautiful and dignified setting in Europe, I will end my life. “There are no other choices.”

She expressed in her message the “unbearable” pain she felt as a result losing custody of her kids during divorce proceedings and her third devastating cancer diagnosis. Catherine said that she felt “no choice” in these circumstances. She shared with her a Dropbox link that contained evidence she thought would help shed light on the situation.

This tragic situation is a reminder that it’s important to address domestic abuse and support individuals who are facing difficult circumstances. This sensitive issue must be approached with empathy and compassion, as the impact on both individuals and their families can be profound.

Greenberg Traurig released a Facebook statement as the story gained media attention. Allan Kassenoff works at the firm. The firm announced that they would be launching an internal investigation. They also revealed that Allan Kassenoff was taking a voluntary leave of absence.

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