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Who is Agathe monpays?

Agathe Montpays, 28, will take over the leadership role at France’s biggest DIY chain in September 2023. This was announced by Adeo, the parent company. Monpays, who is currently the managing director for Leroy Merlin Greece and Cyprus will replace Thomas Bouret (51) in his new role as director of Adeo’s international development.

Agathe monpays, a young executive with a lot of prominence in the world of business. Monpays started her career in Direct Marketing after she completed her studies. She joined Leroy Merlin as a Department Head in Valenciennes in 2016. She successfully managed the Tourcoing shop from 2020 to 2022. She spearheaded the implementation omnichannel strategy and helped facilitate a transition toward a positive balance of energy. Her abilities and achievements have helped her reach the top of the company.

Agathe Monpays Wikipedia

Agathe Monpays Mulliez, a French entrepreneur from the Mulliez family is known for her vast retail empire. She is 28 years old and recently took on the role of CEO at Leroy Merlin France. Agathe Mulliez Monpays comes from a retail-oriented family. She is Vianney Mulliez’s niece and granddaughter. Gerard Mulliez founded Auchan Hypermarkets.

She studied business administration at HEC Paris. Monpays Mulliez started her career at McKinsey & Company as a consultant after completing her education. She worked there for four years. She then moved to work for her family company, and was appointed Director of Corporate Responsibility at Auchan Retail.

Monpays Mulliez, in addition to her responsibilities as a businesswoman, is also actively involved in philanthropic efforts through her participation on the board for the Mulliez Family Association. The Mulliez Family Association oversees the family’s assets. She is also a member of the Mulliez Flory Foundation board, which funds education and healthcare programs in developing nations.

The Mulliez Flory Foundation supports numerous initiatives in Africa, Asia and South America. These include the establishment of schools and clinics as well as the provision of clean drinking water and sanitation facilities.

NameAgathe Monpays
Real NameAgathe Mulliez Monpay
Age28 Years Old
Work – OccupationEntrepreneur
EducationHEC Paris offers a Business Administration degree.

Agathe Monpays Family

Agathe Monpays does not reveal her family history or the names of her parents because she is very private. Agathe Mulliez Mari is from a family that has a distinguished history in the business world. The Mulliez family owns and manages a number of retail outlets, including Auchan Decathlon Leroy Merlin and Monpays Mulliez Mari.

Agathe Mulliez Monpays Mari is a board member for several organizations and actively contributes to the business empire of her family. She is known for her contributions to family philanthropic efforts, which include supporting many organizations and projects around the world. The Mulliez family is a well-established business owner, dating back to the 1960s. They opened their first shop in Roubaix.

The Mulliez family’s unique business model involves operating each business independently, while maintaining a shared ownership structure. The Mulliez family can retain control of their businesses while encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. The Mulliez family, despite their wealth and influence is known for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. They support local communities and promote environmental projects.

Agathe Monpays Linkedin

Agathe Montpays, currently the Managing Director for Leroy Merlin Greece and Cyprus will be the new leader of Leroy Merlin France, starting September 1, 2023. This change is part a larger family partnership that includes Bricoman Weldom and Alice Delice. Thomas Bouret will be replaced by Monpays, who will oversee Adeo’s global expansion.

Agathe Montpays, aged 28, has been named General Manager at Leroy Merlin France. Leroy Merlin France is France’s number one DIY brand and employs over 30,000 people. LinkedIn has been flooded with positive reactions to her appointment. She follows Ouarda ECHCHYKRY (34), who was appointed manager of KIABI – another brand in the association of the Mulliez family. Monpays’ new role will see her advancing the omni-commerce and introducing innovative living options such as energy upgrades.

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