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What are you? Abbie Chatfield?

Abbie Chatfield is an established Australian media personality who is known for her varied career in the entertainment field. She has established herself as a TV host as well as a radio host and podcaster. Her fame is mostly due to her participation in reality TV in which she has played roles as both a contestant as well as a host. She currently holds the role of judge on the wildly popular show The Masked Singer Australia.

One of her memorable debuts was her role as finalist in seven seasons on The Bachelor Australia. Abbie continued her reality television journey when she appeared on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise Australia. In the early 2021 season, Abbie emerged as the winner of the seventh season of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Australia showing her versatility. The same year, she was the host of Love Island Afterparty Australia for the 9 Network.

Following her rise, in the year 2022 Abbie Chatfield was able to secure her own TV show called “Abbie Chats” as part of Network 10’s pilot show. After 2023, the actress began an exciting new project as the anchor of the reality show called “FBoy Island Australia” on Binge. Abbie was also host of her own radio show on national air, “Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield” hosted by Hit Network. Hit Network. Alongside her acting career she is well-known for her political activism within progressive politics. She frequently discusses the issues in the podcast she hosts, “It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield.”

NameAbbie Chatfield
Born day20 June 1995
EducationQueensland University of Technology
OccupationsRadio presenter, television personality, media personality, podcaster
Active for a long time2019-present
ParentsMom: Laura Junner
Public RelationsKonrad Bien-Stephens (2021-2022)

who is Abbie Chatfield dating?

Based on the rumors that have been circulating across social media sites, Abbie Chatfield may be dating Australian actor Ryan Corr. Abbie offered a few clues in the “It’s an A-Lot” podcast, triggering speculation among her followers. She described her mysterious man as an “super skilled” Australian actor and hinted that he might be involved in movies.

In addition, she said she’s been in contact to the “super gorgeous” mystery partner via Instagram and it was discovered it was revealed that Abbie and Ryan have a mutual follower on Instagram. Although Abbie did not specifically mention Ryan Corr’s identity however, the connections and clues strongly suggest that they’re in a relationship.

Ryan Corr is well known for his character Ser Harwin “Breakbones” Strong in “House of the Dragon” and has a substantial role in Australian as well as international movies, which adds to the excitement. Ryan Corr is best recognized for his acting work as well as his part as “Breakbones” Strong in “House of the Dragon” and a variety of films. It’s important to keep in mind that neither Abbie or Ryan has officially confirmed their relationship in public, therefore this is merely speculation basing on the hints and connections made by the fans and listeners to Abbie’s podcast.

Is Abbie Chatfield Gay?

Indeed, Abbie Chatfield publicly shared that she is now queer and not bisexual until 2021. At first, she came out as bisexual after the appearance she made as a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise in 2020, Abbie revealed this change in her persona via an Instagram post. Abbie mentioned that she had an “revelation” in her experience working with radio host Rowdie Walden. It prompted her to adopt the word “queer” as an appropriate description.

Abbie stressed that this shift in her terminology reflects her growing perception of her sexual orientation and even though she acknowledged that some people may still identify her as bisexual however she wanted her followers to understand her current identity.

The decision of Abbie to identify herself as queer is a reflection of her personal journey to self-discovery and illustrates the ambiguity of the sexuality. It’s crucial to acknowledge and help people determine and explore their own identities, which is what Abbie did with her courage by sharing her life to her followers.

What exactly is Abbie Chatfield about sexuality?

Abbie Chatfield’s sexuality can be described as fluid as she has publicly declared herself bisexual, and later accepted the label “queer.” The first time she spoke about her sexuality on July of 2020 after her departure of Bachelor in Paradise, when she posted the following on Instagram, “FYI I’m bi and… females, would you like to contact me? It’s not a good idea to target women since they are ethereal and men aren’t appealing, so it makes me extremely single and sexually attractive.” This statement emphasized her attraction to females and males that is a part of bisexuality.

Furthermore, Abbie has spoken about the internalized homophobia she experiences and imposter syndrome arising from being a part in an LGBTQ+ community, indicating her ongoing struggle with self-acceptance and understanding her sexuality. It is important to recognize that sexuality is fluid and can change in time, just like it was for Abbie who later adopted the word “queer” to define herself.

Abbie Chatfield Childhood

Abbie Chatfield was born May 20, 1995 and was raised on Brisbane as well as in the Gold Coast, both in Australia. Abbie began her education in St Rita’s College in Brisbane and laid the groundwork to her career. After graduating from her high school education, Abbie pursued higher education at Queensland University of Technology.

In 2018, she was proudly completed her degree at the university, earning an associate’s degree in economics of property. This academic achievement was the beginning of a significant phase in her life early on and set the stage for her career. Abbie’s early life within Brisbane along with in the Gold Coast, along with her academic pursuits had a major impact in influencing her future. These experiences helped to lay the foundation for her subsequent endeavors as well as her rise as a prominent public persona.

Abbie Chatfield Family

Abbie Chatfield is remarkably candid about her background as a family member and the relationship she has to her parents. Her father resigned when she was born and she has a tendency to make humorous and sarcastic remarks about it, especially during Father’s Day. She has posted on social media that humorously refers to the absence of her father, and even sharing photos of her “invisible” dad.

Abbie’s mother’s name is Laura Junner, and it is now known that Abbie plans to change her name, to the maiden name of her mom. But, she plans to use”Chatfield” as her first name “Chatfield” to serve professional purposes because she believes it’s more easy for her followers and the general public to understand. This is a clear relationship to her mother, and acknowledges the role that motherhood played in her life.

In public appearances and interviews, Abbie has expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement of her family members, particularly her uncle who is extremely satisfied with her achievements despite the absence of her father. She also has mentioned that people have tried to make use of the absence of her father to criticize her and she has responded to these criticisms with her signature humor and wit. In the end, Abbie Chatfield’s relationship with her parents, especially her uncle and mother has played an important part in her life as well as her public image.

Abbie Chatfield Career

Abbie Chatfield’s career path is characterized by a variety of endeavors and successes. Her first big media attention in the year 2019 when she won the title of finalist on season seven on Network Ten’s The Bachelor Australia. While in the program, Abbie faced criticism over her outspokenness and strongly feminist views. The same year, she launched her podcast “It’s A Lot” on LISTNR that consistently ranked in the top spot on the Australian iTunes Charts.

The year was 2020. Abbie participated in the fourth season of Network 10, Bachelor in Paradise Australia, but she was eliminated in the third episode. In the following year, 2021, she scored an victory on Season 7 of Network Ten’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and gave her winnings to the foundation Dementia Australia. Also, Abbie hosted the Love Island Afterparty Australia in 2021. She discussed the latest dramas in the series Love Island Australia, and there was talk that she would take over Sophie Monk as the host for the fourth season of the show.

In 2022, Abbie’s career was booming. Abbie was the subject of headlines for an infamous vaccination rant that was repurposed into a track named “Ketamine,” which became a contender for the Hottest 100. Abbie has also begun hosting her own nationally-telecast program on radio “Hot Evenings With Abbie Chatfield” which airs on The Hit Network. She also joined the panel of The Masked Singer Australia for the fourth season, and also created the brand’s own line of clothing, Verbose the Label with a focus on diversity and inclusive sizes.

Then, in June of 2022 Abbie announced her very own television show, called “Abbie Chats” in the first pilot showcase on Network 10, which premiered in July 2022. In the same year, she entered the world of brewing by creating her own line of beer named “Spill easy going lager.” On December 20, 2022 Abbie became host of a brand newly-created reality series on Binge known as “FBoy Island Australia” that was officially launched in May 2023.

The month of August was 2023 when Abbie took the decision to walk away from her wildly loved national radio show, she cited her personal decision and a full schedule as the reasons that led to her resignation. Through her life, Abbie Chatfield has ventured into numerous entertainment and media avenues, showing her talents and versatility.

Abbie Chatfield, Ex-Partner

Abbie Chatfield was a relationship open and was in an open relationship with Konrad Bien-Stephens, who also was a reality TV star on the reality show “The Bachelorette” which premiered in 2021. Being in a relationship that was open is a sign that they understood that they could meet and establish relationships with others in the outside world, not part of their relationship.

Their romance was a subject of attention because of their shared history in reality television. In September 2022, however, Abbie confirmed that she and Konrad were separated, indicating that their relationship ended. The reasons behind their split aren’t clear. In January 2023, it was a surprise that Konrad announced his new girlfriend known as Thelma Plum.

Abbie Chatfield Age

In 2023 Abbie Chatfield will be 28. Abbie’s career has seen tremendous expansion beyond reality TV. She launched her podcast successfully, “It’s a Lot,” which quickly gained attention and was consistently ranked in the top spot on iTunes Charts in Australia. Abbie has also taken on the world of radio hosting, clothing lines and even her own beer company showing her versatility and entrepreneurship. Abbie’s ability to broaden her horizons and take on multiple artistic endeavors can be viewed as inspirational for people looking to pursue different possibilities within their own professional lives.

Abbie Chatfield Physical Aspects

Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight60 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorDark brown
Body TypeSlim
Body Measurement42-32-14 inches

Abbie Chatfield’s Net Worth

Abbie Chatfield’s sources of earnings vary and cover a range of aspects of her professional career in entertainment and media. Abbie first gained fame through reality television shows such as The Bachelor Australia and Bachelor in Paradise Australia. Participants on these shows usually receive compensation as well as exposure which contributes to her earnings.

Abbie host the show “It’s A Lot” that has gained considerable recognition in Australia. Podcasting can earn money through sponsorships, ads and live events. Abbie Chatfield has hosted the show on her radio station “Hot nights with Abbie Chatfield” which could provide her with steady earnings through her broadcasting work.

Abbie Chatfield Net Worth
NameAbbie Chatfield
Net Worthfrom $1 million to $2 million
ProfessionTelevision presenter, radio host podcaster, media personality and radio presenter

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