Who Are Jim Cregan And Neil Warnock: What Happened To Her?

Linda Lewis, an English singer, songwriter, and guitarist, died at the age of 72. We have talked about Linda Lewis’ husband and married life.

Linda Lewis is a name that you will recognize if you love music. She was an English singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

Some of her best-known singles include “Rock-a-Doodle-Doo,” “Sideway Shuffle,” as well as her 1975 version of Betty Everett’s “Shoop Shoop (It’s In His Kiss).”

Linda’s discography also includes solo albums such as Lark, Not a Little Girl Anymore and Woman Overboard. The following albums became famous internationally in countries such as Japan.

Linda Lewis produced some of the most memorable albums in her career. Her fans and followers still remember them.

Who Are Jim Cregan And Neil Warnock?

Linda Lewis, a popular music artist, was often in the spotlight for her married life.

Lewis was known for her many relationships. Her name was often associated with several artists in the past. According to sources, Lewis was married twice.Jim Cregan, Linda Lewis’s ex-husband.

Currently, people are searching for the husbands of Lewis, Jim Cregan, and Neil Waenock. Jim Cregan, a rock guitarist and bassist of renown, is currently being sought.

Linda and Jim worked together and Jim also worked as a producer for Linda. Jim worked with London Quireboys as well as Glass Tiger, Katie Melua, etc.

Neil Warnock, a music agent, and Linda Warnock were married in 2004. According to sources, Neil was the survivor of Linda.

Linda had a long and successful career, but she also enjoyed a vibrant love life. Jim Linda got married in 1977, after working for years. They divorced five year later.

Linda Lewis Married Life and Husband

Linda Lewis married twice during her active years. While exploring her marriage life, Lewis married Jim, an English music personality who was well-known in the English musical community.

Jim and Linda worked together, as Linda’s record producer. After five years together, the couple decided to separate.The late Linda Lewis and her husband at their wedding.

There isn’t much to say about their marriage, but the bond between them was cherished by all. Linda married Neil Warnock again in 2004 after a failed marriage with Jim.

According to the sources, Neil and Kinda were married in 2004. The late vocalist is survived by her husband. Niel is also a music agent.

Neil is also known for his work as the director of a booking agency in New York that has worked with Dolly Parton and Status Quo, David Gilmour amongst others.

Linda Lewis Death And Obituary

Linda Lewis, 72 years old, died on May 3rd 2023. Linda Lewis’ family broke the sad news about her death. Her family shared a video and the obituary with the public on Wednesday evening.

The death news left everyone devasted. Everyone was devastated by the news.Linda Lewis’s fans pay tribute to her on Twitter

Linda’s work won her many fans and she also received multiple awards. Genius Celebs also offers condolences and tributes to the late singer’s family and friends.

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