Who are Anna Deguzman Parents: Where Is Anna Deguzman From?

Anna DeGuzman is of Filipino heritage, and is the sole daughter in the family. While there is no information regarding her father’s name, however her mother’s Filipino roots have likely had an impact on her childhood and identity.

Who are Anna Deguzman Parents?

Anna DeGuzman, known for her extraordinary skills in cardistry and tricks, is a single child of Filipino origin. Although information regarding her father isn’t easily accessible however, her mother’s Filipino background has been a major factor in her education and the identity of her culture.

Anna’s ability to master sleight-ofhand tricks has earned her the respect of many and has earned her appearances of the MTV show “Amazingness,” showcasing her talents on a bigger stage.

Who is Anna Deguzman?

Anna DeGuzman is a renowned magician out of America. United States .With a net value of around $5 million on the 1st of June, 2023 she has solidly made herself one of the more well-known and affluent magicians in this business.

Anna’s skills go beyond the traditional tricks for cards; she is also a skilled sleight of hand magician, renowned for her extraordinary skills at playing cards. Her talents have been recognized by”Amazingness” on MTV “Amazingness.”

Either way, Anna DeGuzman was invited by the Sacramento Kings to join their media day. She impressed the players of the team by her dazzling talent. Despite all her accomplishments her success, she’s still a single child and her Filipino roots add to her distinctive background.

Anna’s partnerships together with illusionist Paul Vu further solidify her standing as an influential name in the world of illusion and magic.

NameAnna DeGuzman
Date of BirthAugust 21, 1998
Place of BirthUnited States
Net WorthApproximately $5 Million (as of June 1, 2023)
SkillsCard Tricks, Sleight-of-Hand Magic
Notable AchievementsFeatured on MTV’s “Amazingness”
CollaborationsPaul Vu

Anna Deguzman Career

Anna DeGuzman has carved a extraordinary career in the field of cardistry, a art that revolves around the ability to manipulate playing cards using one’s fingers. What makes her stand out isn’t just her exceptional talent, but also the fact that she is one of the few female card players in the world. Her path to fame has included appearances on famous platforms such as”Amazingness” on MTV “Amazingness,” CW’s “Penn & Teller Fool Us,” “Australia’s Got Talent,” and “The Steve Harvey Show.” These shows have given her respect and recognition for her impressive card manipulative skills.

Apart from her TV appearances, Anna deGuzman demonstrates her knowledge of cardistry through the YouTube channel on which she regularly uploads videos demonstrating techniques for cards and card tricks.

Anna Deguzman Early Life

Anna DeGuzman’s childhood was born to the United States to parents of Filipino descent. As a child living in New Jersey, she attended school and discovered her love for magic. Anna is proud of her heritage is a believer in diverse perspectives on magic.

She attributes her interest in tricks of the card due to YouTube videos, and claims to be able to master them thanks to online tutorials. Influenced by magicians like Paul Vu, she embarked on a journey of awe that ultimately made her an influential name within the world of magic.

Anna Deguzman Net Worth

Anna DeGuzman is considered one of the richest magicians of the United States. She has a net worth believed at around $5 million.

Anna has amassed a significant sum of money due to her career as a magician which has made her financially secure in her field.

Anna Deguzman Age

Anna DeGuzman was born on August 21 the 21st of August, 1998. She is now 25 at the time of her 2023 birthday. As a well-known magician she’s already gotten notoriety and fame in a short time.

Anna shares her love for cardistry on her website, offering one-on-one coaching as well as online classes that are aimed at educating and encouraging aspiring players. Anna’s passion and dedication to the field of cardistry has been recognized as a leading persona and source of inspiration to many.

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