Which Casino Games Offer the Highest Winning Odds?

Which Casino Games Offer the Highest Winning Odds

Gambling at Thegamepoint non GamStop casinos is fun, but it can be extra fun if you get more winnings! So, why not choose the games with the highest winning odds? On this page, we will list the winning chances of the popular casino games for you, so that you have the best chance of winning in the online casino. But first an explanation about the return to player (RTP), also called theoretical payout percentage.

What Is RTP in the Online Casino?

The return to player (RTP) indicates how much you as a player receive on average when you bet €1 on a slot game.

Take for example the Starburst game. It has an RTP of 95%. If you do a spin on this slot with a bet of €1, you will be paid out on average 95 cents.

Of course you don’t win 95 cents every spin. Most spins will give you no prize at all. But there are also spins where you win €25, for example. The RTP is the average of what a slot pays out in prizes, calculated over millions of spins.

If you play a smaller number of spins, the payout percentage can be much higher or much lower than that 95% – a matter of luck or bad luck.

The reason that the RTP is not 100% is that the casino keeps a small part of the bets as a profit: the house edge. In the case of Starburst, the house edge is 5%, which is 100% minus the RTP of 95%.

Casino games usually have an RTP between 80% and 99%. In the long run, you will of course save the most money if you play games with a high RTP.

On this page, we will list the most played games and their maximum RTP for you below. Then a more detailed explanation about the chance of winning per game.

Blackjack – RTP up to 99.6%

The casino game with the best odds of winning is blackjack. This popular card game has an RTP of 99.6% at best. The house edge is then only 0.4%.

To get that high RTP, you have to play exactly the right way, namely according to the basic strategy. If you don’t play perfectly or if you occasionally make mistakes, the house edge will increase. So: the better you play, the higher the RTP.

The RTP of blackjack also depends on which game rules apply and with how many decks of cards are played. If you like to play live blackjack, Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack has the highest winning chance, with an RTP of 99.47%.

Blackjack side bets can be exciting, but all have a worse RTP than the main game.

Cash or Crash – RTP of 99.59%

After blackjack, the casino game with the best chance of winning is Cash or Crash. This is a new live game show from Evolution, which you can play in some Dutch live casinos.

Cash or Crash takes place in a zeppelin floating above a city.

In the middle is a sort of bingo machine with green and red balls in it. Each time a ball is drawn. If the ball is green, the zeppelin rises and your bet becomes worth more. You can get out after every ball and take your winnings. But don’t wait too long, because with a red ball the zeppelin will crash and you will lose all your money.

Slots – RTP up to 99%

Most online slots have an RTP of anywhere between 95% and 97%. That’s fine. In the non GamStop, slots have an average RTP of 92%. In land-based casinos, this can sometimes be as little as 80%. So you have better chances of winning in online casinos than on the slots in land-based casinos.

Unlike blackjack, you have no influence at all on your chance of winning on slots. Sometimes you get a bonus game where it seems like you have to try your best for a better prize.

Also important to remember: in online casinos, the RTP of a slot is the same every spin. So it doesn’t matter whether you’ve already won or lost a lot. Your chances of winning remain the same.

Many online slots have the same RTP in every online casino. So whether you play Gonzo’s Quest at Lucky Manor Casino or Winner Casino, it doesn’t matter. Your chances of winning are the same, with an RTP of 95.97%.

But beware: some slots have variants with different RTPs. For example, if you play Book of Dead, the RTP in one online casino can be 96.21% and in the other online casino only 94.25%. Starburst can have an RTP of 96.06%, but also of 94.05%. That makes a big difference to your chance of winning.

Also something to keep in mind: some games have a ‘progressive jackpot’, a meter with an amount in it that increases continuously. For example Mega Moolah, on which you can win many millions of euros.

Mega Moolah has an RTP of 96.98%. That’s pretty high. But for every euro you bet on Mega Moolah, 8.8 cents goes to the million dollar jackpot. Excluding that jackpot, the RTP is only 88.18%.

The following list gives you an overview of the best slots titles available at non GamStop casinos:

  • Miss Cherry Fruits
  • Midas Golden Touch
  • Book of Symbols
  • Bonanza Billion
  • Aztec Magic Megaways
  • Shake Shake Money Tree
  • Candy Monsta
  • Go Wild

The above slots are very suitable for clearing bonuses because of their high RTP, but please note: sometimes they do not count towards the wagering requirements. To be sure, check this in the general terms and conditions of the casino. With the best casino bonuses you can bet on all slots.

Book of 99 from game provider Relax Gaming is highly recommended because of the extremely high payout percentage of 99 percent. Fans of Book of Ra, Book of Dead and Legacy of Dead will definitely find this a fun slot.



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