Where is Jason Orange Now: What Is Jason Orange Doing Now?

Find out what Jason Orange is doing right now.

Jason Orange

Jason Thomas Orange was born in Manchester, England, on 10 July 1970. Jason Orange, an English singer and dancer is best known as a former member of Take That, a popular British boyband. He left the band in September 2014 marking the end to his tenure.

He was a part of Street Machine in the mid-1980s. The crew won the Manchester round at the UK Breakdancing Championships in 1985. In the late 1980s he also appeared on The Hit Man and Her as a featured dancer, along with his partner in a dance duo called Look Twice. He attended South Trafford College in 2001 for two years and studied A-level English as well as an Access Course including Psychology, Biology, and History. However, he never continued his education.

Jason Orange was in the boyband Take That from September 1989 until February 1996. After the band reformed in 2005 as a quartet, they released two albums in 2006: a new greatest-hits album and Beautiful World, a studio record on which Orange wrote songs and sang lead vocals. In 2008, they released a second studio album called The Circus. The band released Progress in 2010 as a five piece. On 24 September 2014 it was revealed that Orange left Take That. He cited his lack of interest in continuing to record music and tour.

Jason Orange: Where are you now?

Jason Orange has been keeping a low-profile since he left Take That in 2014. Since leaving the band, he hasn’t released new music nor made any public appearances. He has expressed interest in pursuing an acting career, so he could be in this field.

He has been seen very rarely in public and is not active on social media. According to reports, he could be pursuing a DJ career in Manchester or the Cotswolds. Gary Barlow, a member of Take That, said in 2021 that Orange still calls them every now and then, but that it appears that he likes to keep his personal life hidden from the public. Orange seems to have chosen a quieter life away from the music industry.

Jason Orange, who left Take That in 2011, has kept a low-profile and has mostly stayed out the public eye. No reports have surfaced that he is returning to the music business or pursuing a career as a solo artist. Some sources claim that he’s currently focused on his family life and spending quality time with friends and family.

Is Jason Orange Still Alive?

He is still alive. Jason Orange’s representative has officially confirmed that he is still alive. They claim that he was the victim of a celebrity hoax. They have asked people not to believe the false information being spread online. Some fans are angry and distressed about the hoax. Others have said that it shows the singer’s huge popularity around the world.

The rumors about Jason Orange’s demise are untrue, since there is no reliable information that confirms his death. The ‘R.I.P. The ‘R.I.P. Jason Orange’ page on Facebook mentioned in the article is probably a fake, and no news outlet has reported his death. Be cautious when reading information on social media. Verify any claims made before sharing or believing them.

Many fans expressed their condolences via a Facebook page called ‘R.I.P. Others remained skeptical about the news that the English singer had died. Some fans knew that fake celebrity death stories are common and questioned whether the post was true. The fact that no major English news network reported the story suggested it was false. They pointed out that a prominent singer like Jason Orange’s death would be a big news story on multiple networks.

What is Jason Orange doing now?

Jason Orange is living a quiet, non-musical life since he left Take That in 2014. According to reports, he could be living in Manchester or the Cotswolds and pursuing a DJ career. Orange recently opened a new restaurant in Altrincham (Chester) called “Toast”. He has maintained a low-profile, and very little information is available on his current activities or location. Orange occasionally contacts former bandmates but it appears that he has chosen to keep the details of his private life hidden. It is unclear what he’s doing now.

Jason Orange has been largely out of the spotlight since he left Take That. It has been reported, however, that Jason Orange has pursued other interests outside the music industry. This includes studying as a psychologist and working as DJ. He was also seen attending events and spending time with his friends.

Jason Orange Net Worth

According to sources like Wikipedia, Forbes and Business Insider, Jason Orange’s net worth is $30 million. Formerly a member of Take That, Jason Orange is a well-known pop singer who is highly respected in the music industry.

Jason Orange, a founding member in Take That, signed his first contract at the age of 20. Jason Orange remained with the boyband until they split up in February 1996. In 1998, after leaving the boy band, he began acting. He appeared in the television drama Killer Net. He played the lead in the London production of Gob with Tom Hayes, in 1999. Orange’s acting abilities were showcased in the play written by Jim Kenworth, directed by James Martin Charlton.

Jason Orange appeared in a cameo role on Channel 4’s comedy series Shameless. In 1998, he played a major role in Lynda la Plante’s crime drama Killer Net. His appearance was an important selling point.

Jason Orange Wife

Jason Orange’s current marital status is not known. Orange is well-known for being a private individual, and has never revealed any information about his private life to the public. Orange’s current relationship status is not known. Jason Orange has been keeping a low-profile since he left Take That in 2014, so it is unclear what he is up to. According to sources, Jason Orange is now spending more time with his family and friends and concentrating on his personal life.

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