Where is Brix Ferraris Now: What Happened To Brix Ferraris?

Brix Ferraris is currently living in the United States. He has chosen to maintain a low-profile and distance himself from his former family, which included TV host Amy Perez.

Where are Brix Ferraris now?

Amy Perez revealed in a recent article that her ex husband, the musician Brix Ferris, lives in the United States. She was unable to find him and discovered that Brix has moved to the US. She didn’t go into detail about his life in the States, like whether he had a family there.

Amy Perez told Amy that Brix had expressed his desire to avoid any discussion about Amy Perez’s child. Amy Perez and her son Adi have therefore accepted the situation. Brix seems to prefer to keep a distance.

Brix Ferraris: Who are they?

Brix Ferraris, a well-known musician and singer is best known as the vocalist for the popular South Border band. During his time with South Border, Ferraris’ fame grew. Brix married TV presenter Amy Perez in 1995. Together, they had a child named Adi.

Their marriage was strained and ended in separation. The annulment was granted in 2014. Amy Castillo, a radio personality, has since married Amy. Brix’s musical accomplishments are not as notable in this context as the complexity of his relationship with Amy, their son Adi and his choice to keep a distance.

What happened to Brix Ferraris

Amy Perez shed some light on her struggles to maintain a relationship between her son Adi and Brix Ferraris. Brix is Adi’s estranged father. Adi’s last meaningful interaction with his father took place when Adi was a toddler. Brix had made a promise to return to Timezone after his visit, but he did not keep this promise. Amy and Adi tried unsuccessfully to find Brix in the future, even after conducting online searches.

Brix’s relocation to the United States made things clearer. Brix’s refusal to discuss his child with Amy has added to the tension in their relationship. Amy, Adi and their family are able to overcome these obstacles with love and resilience.

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