Where is Betty Broderick Now: What Does Betty Look Like Now?

Here is an article that answers the question of where Betty Broderick is now. It also provides other information about Betty Broderick.

Who is Betty Broderick?

Betty Broderick was an American woman who is responsible for the murders of her ex husband, Daniel T. Broderick III and his second spouse, Linda Broderick on November 5, 1989. On December 11, 1991 her second trial started, and she was convicted of two counts of murder in the second degree. She received a prison sentence of up to 32 years. This case was widely covered by the media, including a two-part television movie and an eight episode miniseries that aired in 2019.

Elisabeth Anne Broderick was born in Bronxville on November 7, 47. She was raised by strict Catholics. Marita Bisceglia, her parents, owned a successful plastering company. She was the third of five siblings, including Marita Jane, Francis, Clare Gerard and Michael Bisceglia. She was raised like many other young girls in her day, with the hope of becoming a good wife.

Where is Betty Broderick now?

Betty Broderick is still incarcerated today for the 1989 murders of her ex husband, Daniel T. Broderick III and his second spouse, Linda Kolkena Broderick. Betty Broderick is currently incarcerated in the California Institution for Women, Chino (CIW), California. She shares the prison with Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel, and other members of the Manson Family. Betty spoke about her time behind bars in a 1998 interview she gave to The San Diego Reader. She also discussed her participation in 12 volunteer organizations, such as tutoring GED-students and recording Braille books.

She worked as a prison cleaner, stating that she had been “the queen” of housework in her former life. Betty Broderick met Dan for the first time in Indiana at Notre Dame University in 1965. Dan and Betty Broderick both came from large Catholic families. Her parents approved Dan as the right husband for her. The couple married in April 1969, and their first child was a daughter called Kim the following year. Betty had four more children, including a son named Daniel Rhett and three sons, Lee, named after Betty. A fourth son, who died four days after his birth, was born in 1970.

What does Betty Broderick look like now?

According to The Express, Betty Broderick is still alive, and she’s serving her prison sentence at the California Institution for Women, in Chino. She has been denied parole two times at 75 years of age. Her next hearing for parole is set for 2032, when she will turn 84. She was described by the Deputy District Attorney as a woman who has no regrets for her crimes.

In a letter addressed to the producer Murder Made Me Famous Betty claimed she had been a victim domestic abuse, and that her parole was denied for political reasons. In her memoir from 2015, Betty mentioned that she talked to and saw her children. Her children’s opinions about her release from prison in 2010 were divided.

Betty Broderick Kids

Kimberly and Lee, Daniel IV and Rhett, Betty and Dan’s four children have all spoken out about the crime committed by their mother. Many of Betty’s children now have their own families. They have now grown up and shared their stories of their turbulent childhood. Kim and Lee, Betty’s two daughters, testified in court at the trial of their mother, Betty, in 1991. Betty’s murder of Dan Kolkena and his new spouse, Linda Kolkena in 1989, was the result of tension between their parents. Betty was sent to prison where she is still today.

In her memoir of 2015, Betty expressed how much she loved her children, and that she wanted them to enjoy a happy childhood. This was not what Betty had hoped. Betty and Dan married in April 1969 and welcomed their first daughter, Kim, the following year. Betty had four more children, including a daughter, Lee, three sons, Daniel, Rhett and another who tragically died just four days after his birth.

Betty Broderick is a real person.

Betty is 72 years old and was sentenced to 32 years in prison in 1991. She is currently in prison at the California Institute for Women. Betty was angry with those who refered to Dan and Linda’s deaths as victims. She said that her and her children are also victims. Betty says that despite the two deaths involved, there were five victims in total. Betty Broderick became a national celebrity on November 5, 1989 when she shot and killed her ex-husband Dan, as well as his second wife Linda at dawn.

Dan and Linda were married in April 1989, despite the denials. Betty was not present on the wedding day. They were concerned about their safety. She became a well-known figure in America, was interviewed by Oprah twice, and sought out by the media. Betty became an inspiration to many women. Betty seemed to have moved past what appeared to be a perfect marriage prior to the incident.

Betty Broderick, Where is She?

Betty is serving time for second-degree homicide. She was sentenced to 32 years in prison for her crimes, including two sentences of 15 years each. Betty is currently being held in the California Institution for Women, and has been denied parole twice – once in 2010 and then again in 2017. She will be eligible to parole again in 2032. She may, however, be eligible sooner, depending on factors like good behavior.

Betty was given a sentence of 32 years to live in a California prison when her youngest child, then 12 years old, was born. Betty revealed in a 1998 interview that she was still involved with her children. She allowed her children to visit her only on Mother’s Day and her birthday, not at Christmas or during school holidays. Betty did not want her children to remember these special occasions as being spent only with their mother in prison.

Betty Broderick Net Worth

Betty Broderick’s net worth is $1.5 million. Betty Broderick was a dedicated wife who supported Dan as he completed his higher education. Betty worked various part-time jobs to support the family. Linda Kolkena was hired by Dan in 1982 after he became a lawyer. Linda Kolkena was only 21 at the time and a former flight attendant. Betty became suspicious of the relationship and, despite Dan’s claims, he left in February 1985.

Betty started to leave her children at Dan’s door, and he eventually gained custody during the hostile divorce. In the public eye, Betty was portrayed by the media as neurotic while Dan was seen as humble. Betty’s behavior changed dramatically after the divorce was finalized, in early 1989. She violated restraining order, vandalized Dan’s house, and left hundreds messages on his answering-machine. Her obsession grew more and more concerning.

Betty Broderick Story

Dan hired Linda Kolkena in 1983 as his personal paralegal. She was a 22-year old telephone operator working at the same building where Dan’s law firm was. Linda started working closely with Dan despite her lack of qualifications. Betty was obsessed with her husband and his every move. She investigated him relentlessly. Her implicit motto was “Alienation, or dependency.”

Betty, who was unannounced, showed up at Dan’s studio on his 39th birthday. She found the remnants of a party, but neither Dan nor Linda were there. Betty returned home and burned all of Dan’s suits and clothes in a large bonfire. Betty asked Dan to leave when he arrived but he refused and the two argued. In 1984, a large crack in the house they lived in Coral Reef La Jolla needed to be repaired. Dan returned six months later to the house and claimed he lived alone. Betty did not believe him, and tired of caring for the children, she left them outside the house. The divorce began in 1985.

Dan Broderick married Linda Kolkena on April 22, 1989. Dan hired guards to protect the wedding instead of wearing bulletproof vests as Linda requested. Betty, however, did not attend. Betty entered their bedroom in the early morning hours of the 5th November, unannounced. She took the keys from the eldest of her daughters, climbed a step ladder and shot five times with her.38 Smith & Wesson gun in the darkness. Linda was killed instantly by two bullets that hit her body and a wall. Another bullet struck a table next to the bed. The final bullet hit Dan who said “Okay, OK, you got me,” which was either a statement of uncertain truth, or a last ironic statement. Betty tore the phone from the wall and left. Dan was 44 years old and Linda 28 when they were murdered.

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