Where is Amy Robach Now: What Happened To Amy Robach?

Where is Amy Robach? Since being fired from GMA she hasn’t made any public appearances, which has led people to wonder where Amy Robach has gone.

Where is Amy Robach now?

Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes and their respective positions at GMA were removed in January 2023. Since then they have not appeared on television. A spokesperson for ABC stated that, after discussing various options, both parties agreed it was best to move them on from ABC News.

In spite of this, the talent and dedication they have shown to the network throughout the years has been recognized and appreciated. Amy reactivated Instagram after rumors of a relationship with her co-star. In February 2023 the former 20/20 host and CNN alumnus were seen in Mexico enjoying a vacation and sharing romantic moments at the beach and pool. At this time, neither journalist is announcing their next career.

What happened to Amy Robach

Amy began her journalism career at WCBD in Charleston, South Carolina after graduating from University of Georgia. She then moved to WTTG, and ultimately landed a position as a reporter at MSNBC.

Amy started co-hosting Weekend Today back in 2007. She held this position until 2012, when she joined ABC News to be a correspondent for GMA. She was promoted in 2014 to be the official co-host of GMA where she became one if the most recognized faces on morning TV.

Amy Shue was married to Andrew Shue, an actor from Melrose Place during her tenure at GMA. In 2010, the couple married, making this their second marriage. Andrew and Jennifer Hageney were married from 1994 to 2008. They had three sons. Amy McIntosh was married to Tim McIntosh between 1996 and 2008, and they have two daughters together: Ava and Annalise.

Amy and her GMA cohost T.J. Holmes were spotted together several times in New York City during November 2022. This sparked rumors about a possible relationship. Amy and T.J. both deactivated Instagram accounts and their representatives declined to comment.

T.J. filed a divorce petition in December 2022 from his wife Marilee. In the same month, Amy Fiebig and T.J. was benched by GMA and their future in the show was uncertain pending a review. Closer confirmed in the same period that Amy and Andrew had sold their NYC apartment to Closer for $5.2 Million. ABC News officially removed Amy and T.J. from GMA in January 2023.

In spite of the rumors about their relationship and their departure from GMA neither news personality announced their next career move.

Amy Robach and TJ Holsey Still Together?

The reported romance between GMA3’s Amy Robach, and T.J. Holmes in November 2022 made headlines. Both TV personalities were married at the time. They were photographed together on various dates throughout the month.

The Daily Mail published the first pictures of the couple holding hands in a vehicle, laughing in a New York City bar, and spending some time together in upstate New York. Holmes is seen in one picture putting his hands on Robach’s rearside. Robach and Holmes documented their friendship on social media before they disabled their Instagram accounts following the scandal. In 2020, the ABC personalities will begin hosting the third half-hour of Good Morning America.

Holmes suggested they train for marathons and travel for business. They covered events for GMA3 including a trip to Britain in June 2021 for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

According to a source exclusive who spoke with Us Weekly in November of 2022, their relationship “bloomed out of a close friendship.” Source: “They had a spark, and their trips together on business brought them closer.”

A second insider confirmed that they have “talked” about moving in together and getting married. The source stated that “friends” believe they will be engaged soon, as they have been friends for a long time. “They share a strong relationship.”

Robach and Holmes did not want to rush into their next chapter. Source: “Amy hadn’t felt so strong for someone since a long time.” It’s a serious matter for her.” Insiders also said that Robach was “genuinely happy” to be with the Arkansas native.

Amy Robach: Who is she?

Amy Joanne Robach, born February 6, 1973, is a former American TV reporter who has worked for both NBC News as well as ABC News. She became famous as the coanchor of 20/20, as well as a fill-in anchor at Good Morning America and a news anchor.

Robach started her career on national television in August 2003 at NBC News, where she served as a correspondent for the national news until 2007. She went on to co-host the Saturday edition of NBC’s Today Show, and was an anchor at MSNBC from May 2012 until May 2013.

Robach left NBC News in May 2012. She worked at ABC News until January 2023. She began as a contributor to Good Morning America, before hosting Pandemic: what you need to know from March to September 2020.

The show was launched in response to COVID-19 and later renamed GMA3 : What You Need to know, which Robach hosted until December 2022. Robach co-anchored ABC News’ 20/20 with David Muir between May 2018 and her departure in Jan 2023.

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