When is Big E Coming Back to WWE: Check Details Here!

Big E is the WWE famous Big E making a comeback to the ring remains uncertain due to an injury that he suffered during the year prior. He suffered a neck fracture during a match in a match against Ridge Holland in a match that took place in March 2022.

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When is Big E Coming Back to WWE?

WWE star Big E’s return is undetermined due to a serious injury he suffered in the last year. He suffered a fractured neck in a fight against Ridge Holland in March 2022 The doctors have advised that he not to make a comeback. As a prominent figure for the WWE’s New Day and a former powerlifter, Big E has been forced to miss a long time after the incident on SmackDown.

The injury resulted from a wrongly executed belly-to-belly slam outside the ring, which resulted injuries to the C1 as well as C6 vertebrae. Even with nearly a year and two-and-a-half years from the incident the 37-year-old wrestler has admitted that he’s not sure regarding his possible return to action. Big E shared during a press conference prior to wrestling’s Summerslam the premium event live that his year-long exam showed positive results however, he isn’t sure about his future in the WWE world.

Will Big E Ever Wrestle Again?

Certain medical experts have suggested to Big E refrain from wrestling at all. The enduring memory of the neck injury which he sustained in a fight is still weighing heavily in the minds of this famous WWE star, causing Big E to speak out about his differing views. Recently Big E’s revelations which came out on a Friday revealed the advice he’s received from medical professionals.

The experts have urged caution, directing him away from returning to the rings. The injury occurred during a match with Ridge Holland in March 2022 and was caused by a wrongly executed belly-to-belly slam that was executed outside of the arena. The unfortunate incident resulted in fractures to the C1 as well as C6 vertebrae. Although Big E has consistently showcased his grit throughout his lengthy career, and has won the hearts of numerous fans, the extent of the injury has sparked questions about the possibility of his return.

Where is Big E WWE?

At present, Big E, the former WWE Champion, has been not wrestling because of a serious injury he suffered during the year. When he was in a match with The Brawling Brutes on the March 11th, 2022 episode of Smackdown the attempted belly-to-belly slam resulted in Big E landing on his head which resulted in a fractured neck as well as fractures to the C1 vertebrae and his C6. Despite his absence the speculation has been swirling about whether he’ll be able to return or not. Big E himself has indicated that he’s feeling fine but there’s not a specific timetable of his expected return.

Although his return could be possible however, it’s not known when it’s expected to occur. But his absence as a former WWE Champion has raised questions about the potential rivals he’ll face in the future. When we think about possible scenarios, we’re anticipating the day that Big E is back in the ring. Hopefully, that it’ll be sooner than later.

What Happened to Big E?

Big E, a highly well-known WWE star, is well-known for his outstanding talents and prominence in the world of wrestling. Big E is a prominent member of The New Day faction together with Kofi Kingston as well as Xavier Woods, and has even been awarded the honorific designation that carries the title of WWE Champion. But his career turned dark because of a serious injury that he suffered in the year 2000.

In a tag-team match in a tag team match against Sheamus as well as Ridge Holland on the March 11th 2022 episode of SmackDown in 2022, a plan to aerial Belly-to-Belly Suplex that was planned for the overhead went wrong which caused Big E to land on the top of his head. The incident ended up causing fractured neck injuries that was suffered by the former WWE Champion, specifically fractures in the C1 vertebrae and his C2. The injury is undeniably tragic, in light of his age and size, it could have resulted in an even more devastating or life-threatening scenario.

Big E Langston Injury

Big E, who is 37 years old, was confronted with an incredibly difficult setback in his professional wrestling career because of a neck injury that occurred on March 11th show of SmackDown. The incident was a major obstacle to his career. But, in spite of the obstacles that he faced however, there’s a hint of optimism in the latest update regarding his condition.

As an active member The New Day The New Day, he was injured in of his vertebrae C1 as well as C6. an injury that has raised legitimate questions regarding his capability to wrestle. The issue took a more worrying turn after Big E hinted at the possibility that he would have a hard time to return to the arena. The uncertainty over his future with the sport has left the wrestling world in a sort discontent.

Who is Big E?

Big E, whose actual name is Ettore Ewen is an American wrestler with a agreement to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Most well-known for his name on the ring Big E, he has created a lasting impression on the world of wrestling. Born on the 1st of March, 1986, his life was marked by impressive accomplishments in WWE and has created a thriving career.

In his time the wrestler has won a variety of legendary titles, establishing his status as a leading wrestler. He holds the prestigious designation that is WWE Champion, as well as being the Intercontinental Champion, he boasts an impressive record of 8 tag team championships. He is a respected member of the famous trio, dubbed “The New Day,” that includes Kofi Kingston as well as Xavier Woods.

Beyond his title, Big E is revered for his extraordinary strength and experience in powerlifting, which have added an extra aspect to his wrestler’s persona. His amazing feats of strength and athleticism have drawn the fans of his countless numbers and established his place as an iconic figure in the world of professional wrestling.

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