What Will Magento SEO Services Involve?

You have a store on Magento, but there is one problem. Your products are not selling as well as you thought they would. You have tried your best to provide variety, give good product descriptions, and really sell your products. But, they are just not flying off the shelves like you thought they would.

Well, know that there could be a good reason for this. Your store might not be getting discovered on the Magento platform. Just like any other website, you need to be working on SEO. This is how you get discovered on Google. So, if this is not something you are doing, this could explain your low sales numbers.

If you are not sure what you are doing when it comes to optimisation, you might want to explore Magento SEO services. An expert team that specialises in the Magento platform will know the best ways to boost your ranking and make sure the right users find your products. Here is what you can expect from Magento SEO services.

Complete an SEO Audit

First, most SEO agencies are going to complete an SEO audit. This involves going over your website with a fine toothcomb and seeing what is going on. In particular, they will be looking for common SEO issues that can happen on the platform. The team is going to find out what could be going wrong and affecting your Google ranking overall.

Note that some SEO agencies will work differently. Indeed, some can be more thorough and professional than others. For example, ClickSlice offers a free SEO audit, which you can take advantage of if you have a Magento website. This is a great offer to take advantage of, and you can see if you like how the team works with your business. Head to https://www.clickslice.co.uk/magento-seo-services/ to learn more about their detailed strategy for Magento SEO services. Plus, enquire about the free SEO audit to get started.

Work on Technical SEO

If you are not sure what technical SEO is, do not worry. This is something that a Magento SEO service is going to deal with for you. Essentially, the team deep dives into all of the technical stuff you might not have thought about when it comes to your website. They will identify problems that affect your Google ranking, such as duplicate titles and 404 errors. Essentially, it is the technical on-page elements of your site.

Of course, the team is going to do more than just identify technical SEO errors. They are also going to create a strategy to correct them. This means fixing the problems and making on-page adjustments in order to see positive results with your ranking.

Boost Website Speeds

Have you thought about how fast or slow your website is before? Most people do not give this a second thought. But, it is very important since customers lose interest in a business if they have to wait just a few seconds for the site to load. They leave and choose a competitor. So, realise that customers are impatient, and sometimes, you do not have time to convince people you have a great business. You must make an immediate impression.

Again, this is where a Magento SEO service is useful. They have the right tools to test website speeds, as well as the knowledge to know how to improve it. So, if you do have a slow website, it can be optimised so that you are not driving customers away. Plus, you are going to get on the good side of Google too. Your ranking can be boosted when you have a fast-loading website.

Monthly Progress Reports

Any good SEO agency is not just going to promise results. They are going to show you they are achieving them. Indeed, you can expect to enjoy monthly progress reports, which will allow you to see a breakdown of what is happening with your website. For example, this can include the keywords that have been targeted, as well as what campaigns are running. A good monthly progress report keeps you in the loop, showing you want has been achieved.

Therefore, always ask an SEO agency about progress reports. They are a great way to put your mind at ease when you are paying for Magento SEO services. You know what is happening behind the scenes and what results are being achieved. What’s more, it can show you what progress has been made from the beginning and what direction your business is heading in.

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