What Is Lucas Ex-Girlfriends Gaslighting Scandal: Who Is Lucas Ex-Girlfriend?

Lucas is the most famous K-Pop icon. He was involved in a scandal. The public is curious about this scandal. Get all the details on Lucus’ scandal with his ex-girlfriend. Continue reading to learn more.

What is the scandal surrounding Lucas’s ex-girlfriend?

Lucas is alleged to be involved in scandal. His former girlfriends claim that they were cheated and gaslighted. Everyone has praised him for being one of the most popular K-pop icons. K-pop scandals are not uncommon. Recently, the scandal involving Lucas made headlines. He was accused of gaslighting and cheating on his ex-girlfriend. Bullying has also been a part of his life. The public is curious about this scandal. Take a look at the Lucas’s gaslighting.

What happened in the gaslighting scandal?

A Korean woman revealed that Lucas had gaslighted her. She claimed that she was abused and made scathing accusations against him. Other people came forward after reading the woman’s post.

A Chinese woman also made allegations. Lucas was also accused of misbehavior, as NCT is one of many fandom groups. Who made the accusations? According to reports, Twitter user @ooooshiiim was the first person on the internet who made allegations. She was in an affair with him. In the beginning, they were having a great time.

They began dating as he approached. In the relationship, he also gave surprises and expensive gifts. He broke up with her later, saying he had a busy schedule. She wrote a lengthy Twitter thread to explain everything in detail. She shared all the conversations and hotel bills. He wants her spend money on himself. He said that if he used his own credit card it would be tracked and he would be caught.

The controversy quickly died down, as his supporters were in his favor and said that she was fake all the chats. They were able to prove that the chats had been stolen from Bubble’s account. Next, the next victim appeared on Twitter. She claimed that he had forced her to purchase branded clothing. She is a Chiese internet user. She said that they split up because he was busy. He apologized to all.

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