What Happened With Selena Gomez: Read More Here!

What Happened With Selena Gomez

What happened to Selena Gomez?- Selena Gomez, an American actress, singer, and producer, rose to fame on Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” as a child star. She has had many hit singles and albums and also enjoyed a number of successful acting roles. We will be looking at Selena Gomez’s life, relationships, age and net worth in this article.

What happened to Selena Gomez

There have been many incidents in recent years that have attracted the attention of media and fans. The most famous incident was the one between Selena Gomez (and Kylie Jenner), which caused Jenner to leave TikTok. Cinemablend reports that Gomez made a joke about Jenner appearing in a viral video. This didn’t go down well with Jenner and led to her leaving TikTok. The two are said to have reconciled their differences.

Selena Gomez Boyfriend or Husband

Selena Gomez’s past relationships have been the subject of speculation and media attention. Pagesix reports that she has had boyfriends including Justin Bieber and The Weeknd. She is also linked to Niall Horan, Orlando Bloom, and others. She is currently single and is not married.

Selena Gomez’s Age and Net Worth

Selena Gomez was 30 years old in 2023. Marca says that she has a net worth in excess of $75 million. This makes her one of Hollywood’s most successful young stars. Her success in music, acting and endorsements are the main sources of her net worth.


  • How much does Selena Gomez have in net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Selena Gomez is worth $75 million.

  • Selena Gomez is currently dating someone?

Selena Gomez is currently not married.

  • Selena Gomez is how old?

Selena Gomez was 30 years old in 2023.

  • What was the reason for the TikTok incident between Selena Gomez & Kylie Jenner?

According to reports, Selena Gomez joked about Kylie Jenner’s appearance on a viral video. This led Jenner to leave TikTok.

  • What were Selena Gomez’s past relationships?

Selena Gomez was a friend of Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber.



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