What Happened With Kyte Baby: Where Is Kyte Baby Now?

Kyte Baby faced public outcry over her firing of an employee who wished to work remotely when her infant was being treated in an NICU which led to CEO apology and a change in policy.

What happened to Kyte baby?

Kyte Baby, a Texas-based baby clothing business, was the subject of controversy when one of its employees, Marissa Hughes, requested to work remotely while her infant is in the newborn intensive treatment unit (NICU). Hughes has recently adopted a child born prematurely at the age of 22 weeks, and had several health issues. But, Kyte Baby denied her remote work request and later was fired. The incident was widely discussed via social media, leading an outrage from the general public.

As a response to criticism Kyte’s CEO, Ying Liu, issued apologies through TikTok videos. The apology was initially scripted and faced criticism for being unauthentic however, in a follow-up video Liu apologized for her blunders and expressed regret for her poor choice. The company announced that it will continue to provide benefits and the remote position that is being proposed for Hughes as well as Liu recognized the need to change the company’s policy regarding maternity leave.

Kyte Baby Company Popularity

In 2014, the company was founded. Kyte Baby is a Texas-based business that gained acclaim because of its bamboo-based infant clothing that offer a more sustainable and comfortable choice for infant clothes. The company was founded by the CEO Ying Liu, the brand went beyond baby clothing to include products for adults and toddlers as well as a collection for homes with blankets and sheets.

Liu’s idea for the business was derived from her daughter’s struggle having eczema that was chronic, which led her to explore the advantages of bamboo fabrics. The incident involving Marissa Hughes brought attention to the company’s family-focused values and the apparent conflict between the company’s public image and its actions in this specific instance.

What exactly is Kyte Baby Drama?

The Kyte Baby scandal unfolded as Marissa Hughes, an employee who had adopted a premature infant was denied remote access when the baby is in the NICU. The controversy grew more heated after CEO Ying Liu’s apology, written in script, was met with criticism which led to a follow-up video in which Liu acknowledged the mistake. The incident brought focus to the business’s actions that were not in line with its family-friendly image which prompted discussions about work-related empathy and the policies.

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