What Happened to The Beast on The Chase: Where Is He Now?

What happened to The Beast in The Chase? We explore the reasons for The Beast’s departure from The Chase and his current adventures on Game Show Network’s Master Mind.

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Mark Labbett: Who is he?

Mark Andrew Labbett, born August 15, 1965 in England, is a professional quizzer and TV personality. He is known by his nickname “The Beast.” He has played a major role in the ITV game show “The Chase” since 2009 as a chaser under the name “The Beast.” In late February 2022 he will also be returning to the Australian version.

Mark Labbett is involved in the world of television quizzing beyond his role as “The Chase.” Mark Labbett was the only chaser in the American version of GSN’s show between 2013 and 2015. He was also a part of Australia’s version of “The Chase”, where he played one of six chasers, between 2016 and 2021. He also appeared in the second season, as one of four chasers of ABC’s American revival.

Mark Labbett, in addition to his role as a chaser on television, has also demonstrated his vast knowledge and his quizzing skills by competing on other TV quiz shows. He is also a regular in quiz competitions.

Mark Andrew Labbett is a well-known English quizzer, and television personality. He has gained wide recognition for his appearance on “The Chase” in the role of “The Beast”. He has also demonstrated his quizzing skills on other TV programs and actively participated in competitive quizzing competitions.

What happened to The Beast in The Chase?

Mark Labbett (aka “The Beast”), who was removed from the American version “The Chase” earlier this year, has announced that he’s secured a job. The 56-year old chaser appeared in the American version of the game show between 2013 and 2015, then returned from 2021 to 2022. He was eventually dropped from the line-up before the third year.

Mark announced his departure from “The Chase” in March. Now he’s revealed that he will be working for the Game Show Network (a cable channel based in the United States). The news came after a Twitter account for a game show mentioned that ratings for “The Chase’s” third series had decreased, prompting one fan to ask Mark’s return.

Mark announced his departure from the show in a tweet earlier this year. He expressed disappointment for not being invited to return, but also expressed excitement over the new lineup. Mark said he was eager to watch Brandon and Victoria wow the American audience. In another tweet he said that he was not given any reason for the non-renewal.

Mark Labbett and Shaun Wallace are the only two original chasers of the UK version “The Chase” to have remained on the show since it began in 2009.

Mark revealed that public appearances can be fun, but they also come with a price: “I’ve done many gigs across the country. Things like pub quizzes, bingo halls, and I’m sure it was great fun. But I’m confident that on any given show, I feel my a**e about four times. It’s true for every gig, and not just women.”

Mark Labbett Wife

Mark Labbett, a former husband of his second cousin Katie who is 27 years younger, revealed the story of their marriage in an interview. Mark Labbett’s relationship with Katie began after her grandmother mentioned Mark’s participation in the TV series “The Chase”. Katie wasn’t familiar with Mark at the time but was intrigued by the show.

Mark and Katie began dating in 2012 after Mark invited Katie to a celebrity-only episode of “The Chase.” Two years later, they were married at Arundel cathedral in West Sussex. It wasn’t until they were married that they realized their fathers are actually cousins. Mark revealed this during an appearance on “Loose Women” and said that the couple was unaware of the connection until after their marriage.

When Katie told me that her boyfriend was gay, I had a feeling. My attitude was pragmatic from the beginning — this was spilt-milk, what can we do to make it okay? He told The Sun that their son was the subject of his remarks.

Mark said, “It’s gotten to the point that I realize it’s best for us to separate and stay friendly without the stress of living together.”

The Beast The Chase weight loss

Mark Labbett (also known as The Beast), the TV star, has achieved an amazing feat by losing 10 stone. Mark Labbett, who weighed 378lbs when he was at his heaviest weight, documented his incredible transformation on Twitter through a series photos. These photos show the noticeable difference in Mark’s 6ft6ins frame, and his slimmer body.

Mark credits his weight loss to both diet and exercise. He proudly announced on Twitter in 2019 that he’d already reached his first goal by losing six inches from his waist and four inches from his chest.

The production team for the TV show, “The Chase”, even gave him a new suit in order to accommodate his newly transformed physique. Mark mentioned Lisa Riley who is a former Emmerdale actress and has lost 11 stones. He acknowledged that he was not yet at her level but has already dropped 2.5 stone, four inches from his chest and six inches from his stomach.

Mark Labbett Height

Mark Labbett is 1.98 meters tall. He is known for his role as “The Beast” in the TV show “The Chase.” Kylie, the host of an episode, asked Mark to get up because he was often seen standing in a high position on the show. Larry asked Mark about his exact height. Mark replied that he is one meter and a 99 centimeters tall, which is approximately six feet six to six-foot seven.

The host and the other participants were interested to know Mark Labbett’s exact height. Mark Labbett’s answer clarified that he was between six feet six and six foot seven inches tall, which is considered to be quite tall.

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